The Lost Episodes... A series of three nonsensical short stories, one based on each of the three video games. Implied Shion+KOS-MOS.

Omake 03 Summary: Emotions are hard things to understand.

Quick Note: I will be using 'Maria' because I refuse to use 'Mary'. This Omake contains spoilers of Xenosaga Episode III. It's more fluffy than humorous; hope you like it.

---------- Episode 3: Those Things Called Emotions ----------

KOS-MOS was an android.

And she was confused.

That's right, KOS-MOS was a confused android.

First it had been T-elos, then Kevin, then Wilhelm. Why was everyone calling her Maria when her name was obviously KOS-MOS? After all, Shion called her KOS-MOS. Why would Shion call her KOS-MOS if KOS-MOS wasn't her name?

As previously mentioned, KOS-MOS was confused.

Maybe that's why she had felt the need to correct Wilhelm by crushing Shion's pendant. She was tired of being called Maria, and that's just what she said -- KOS-MOS was not Maria.

Now that she had managed to get past that little confusion, she would move on. Her thought processors quickly drifted over to Allen's big speech to Kevin. Allen had said a lot of probably meaningful things(had anyone been listening). KOS-MOS held some respect for Allen since he had helped rebuild her and since he was Shion's friend and all, but in KOS-MOS's opinion any romance between the two would have made no sense.

Allen wasn't right for Shion.

In fact, she felt a little bit jealous.

That's right, KOS-MOS was a jealous android.

But what was she jealous of? Allen liked Shion, but it was obvious that Shion only felt mild friendship toward Allen. KOS-MOS felt some satisfaction at that.

That's right, KOS-MOS felt satisfied.

So, maybe KOS-MOS's jealousy was toward Kevin instead. So many strange things. What were they called again? Ah yes, emotions. She had those now. But what about back then? KOS-MOS was confused again.

Why did she feel jealous of Kevin?

Why did she feel satisfied because Shion didn't like Allen?

Questions without answers. Yes, unanswered questions would always make the world go round. But enough of that. Since she had determined that she did possess those sweet little things called emotions now, how did she feel? Maybe it was that she was protective of Shion like she always had been.

Protecting Shion from Allen? Somehow, she didn't think that would be a problem. But Allen didn't seem like a threat, and Kevin was dead. Nothing to worry about there.

Maybe she had feelings of her own for Shion. Maybe that was why she had spent her android life up until this point living to protect Shion -- that was... her heart, wasn't it? That's what Shion said. Her heart. Ah, she had one of those. Even if it was made of metal, her feelings were not. She had a soul too, dang it! Dang it? Exclamation? Strange OOCness.

The feeling of being in love with Shion.

That's right, KOS-MOS had fallen in love.

The smile tugged at the beautiful red eyed, blue haired android girl's lips as she turned her head to focus her gaze on something unseen.

That's right, KOS-MOS smiled.


"I'm so happy..." Shion murmured as she stared up at the night sky from the top of a building, leaning her forearms on the railing. Her eyes fell half lidded as she thought back over the events of the previous days of hectic chaos... disorder, not Yeshua. "In fact, I don't think I've ever been happier..."

Why was Shion so happy? There were a lot of reasons. This was the perfect Epilogue to a life that had played out like an angsty drama novel. She and the others had left to find Lost Jerusalem. It had been a long journey, but they had found it safely. Now they were back; it had been pure coincidence that they had found KOS-MOS's remains while on their journey.

Of course, the green eyed, brown haired woman had worked day and night for two weeks straight to rebuild her as completely perfect as she had been before. Shion mirrored her lovely android friend's smile as she turned to look at her. KOS-MOS had been thinking a lot lately, Shion could easily tell.

The simple fact that KOS-MOS had emotions of her own now was enough to make Shion's heart swell with joy. And as Shion leaned over to press a chaste kiss on a very confused KOS-MOS's cool lips, she realized just how happy she was -- happier than she had ever been in the past.

Somehow she knew...

KOS-MOS was happy, too.

That's right, they were both happy.

---------- Owari: The End ----------

Notes: That's Omake 3/3. So ends the final one. I may, however, write more Xenosaga Fan Fiction in the future.

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