Title: I Don't Need You!

Author:Trio Spade

Beta: Kime

Summary: During a spy mission, Severus finds out that his lord has taken a liking to him. This liking is not a good thing and in order to keep himself form being found out he must return the unwanted affections. Unfortunately it did not matter if Severus kept the sex part of his missions to himself when 'the-boy-who-lived' managed to accidentally get into his head through Voldermort during one of their couplings. Harry comes to feel the pain and sickness that the bastard has left Severus in. He is also the only one who knows of this consented rape. What is Harry to do when he starts to feel for Severus?

Paring(s): Voldermort x Sev, Sev x Harry, Remus x Draco (didn't see that one did you?)

Book/Movie: Harry Potter

Rating: R

A/N:All characters and idea's of the Harry Potter world do not belong to me. Storyline and plot are mine, along with any original characters though, so do not use without my permission please.

Heehee, guess what! I've been on a Harry Potter binge since the new book came out! And unfortunately I have writers block for a good portion of my stories. Every time I go to work on them I can only get maybe a paragraph done before an idea for my Harry Potter stories pops its ugly head. So do bare with me as I work out my block through torturing Harry and the gang.

P.S. I haven't been able to find any HP stories where Sev is the one having the child. I think I've only found one so that is why I had to write this, so if any of you know of any MP's of HP (hehe thats funny) that has a pregnat Sev, do send me the info! JA NE!



"Hey Harry, I'm going to go to bed. I'm just too tired to think straight mate." Ron stated as he shut his book before picking up his school work.

"Alright, I'll be going to bed in a bit." Harry replied, looking up from the parchment he had been scribbling notes down on.

"Right mate, see you in the mornin'." Ron gave a large yawn before heading up the stairs to the dorm.

Harry looked up at the tall grandfather clock on the side of the room, 10:49. It wasn't that late, and besides tomorrow was a Saturday, he could still continue studying for at least another two hours. Harry happily went back to the potions text in front of him, intent on finishing the essay by Monday. He was quite happy to continue working, but just as the clock struck eleven, his scar began to hurt. Harry knew this hurt, Voldemort was either very sickenly pleased, or very, very pissed.

Harry made quick work of his mess and was hauling it all to hisprivet room. Dumbledore had deemed it necessary with him having visions every night. Depositing his study material on his desk, he moved swiftly to the cherry wood cabinet that Snape, thankfully, kept stock with potions he needed. Healing potions, Dreamless sleep draft, Cruciatus recovery potion, and several others that allowed him to make it through his nights of torment. Grabbing a bottle of the anti-Crucaitus potion, a mild sleeping potion, and a bottle of healing potion, Harry sat them on his night stand. He stripped and slipped into bed. He had found that being hit with so many crucaitus' left him sensitve to touch. The cotton of his pajamas would irritate him to no end, making the nights worse. So he allowed himself this comfort.

Propping himself up with some pillows, Harry took a deep breath, relaxed and allowed tonights visions to come. Just like Snape had taught him. Fighting it will only cause you more pain. Harry remembered the lecture just as the vision pulled him to blackness. Harry was not ready for what he saw next.


The first person that Harry saw when the blackness spit him out was Severus. Turning around in a circle, Harry found the second person, the one who was always in the same room with him, Thomas Riddle. Harry watched the mad man closely, wondering what he was going to do to Snape. He watched them stand there, Snape looking out a crack between two of the boards that closed off the window, and Voldermort standing behind the Potions Professor watching him. Not being kept interested in the two, Harry looked around trying to find something to tell him when or where he was. Spying a clock he moved to it.

It was a date clock. Showing the date and any events that were pto happen on said day, the time being visible right underneath the text. It read Saturday, March twelth, 12:35 A.M. BLOODY HELL! This was happening as he laid back at Hogworts! Harry snapped around and watched Snape closely. It was too late to be able to send help. That and without knowing where they were, there would be no hope in getting to Snape if something should start to happen. He would just have to stay here and make sure, as best he could, that Snape made it back to the school in one piece.

"My dear Ssssseverusss," Harry whipped his head from Snape to Voldemort. "You have become quite sssstrong." Harry couldn't help but shudder at the way Voldermort drawled.

"My Lord, time does tend to do that." Snape replied, his tone and face remaing indifferent of the situation. A chill made its icy way down Harry's spine at the low chuckle that the reptile emitted.

"You know I favor you and Luciussss. Well that issss til Luciusss decided to betray usss." Voldemort's words struck something deep in Harry. He had known that both Snape and Malfoy senior had been working as spies for the light. Lucius had switched sides, apparently, when Draco was born. After learning of this, Harry had found it hard to be angry or mean towards the blond count. He had even started to be friends with Draco.

"You have decided on a punishment for him I take it My Lord?" Snape cut off Harry's thoughts and listened closely. Snape and Lucius were like brothers, Harry knew, he would get the information and pass it to Dumbledore who would secure Lucius and his famiy's safety.

"Yesssss," Voldemort purred, Harry wished he could vomit. "During hissss bratssss ssspring holiday, when they are all together, I will ssssend you and sssseveral othersss to. . .ssssumon the Malfoysssssss here." The smile on lizard lips face was one to rival the devil himself. Harry watched Snape closely, the man made no sign at all that he was worried.

"Is that all you wished to see me about, My Lord?" Snape asked when Voldemort made no move to speak again.

"No, Ssseverusss, I wissssh your company tonight." The spark in Voldemorts eyes was unmistakable. Harry's eyes locked on Snape willing him to say no and run. Harry knew exactly what he had planned for Snape. He had witnessed Lucius go through it.

Each time Harry had witnessed this vile reptile begin to touch Lucius, he had wanted to rip the blond away and apparate them away. But he couldn't, not in this state. So he did the next best thing, he watched Lucius closely during Order meetings, and when he came to the conclusion that no one knew, Harry cornered him in an empty class room. He had told Lucius as soon as he had casted a locking charm on the door and a silence charm on the room, that he knew exactly what happened when he was with Voldermort. The blond had merely looked at him, silently asking what he knew. Harry had stated simply that he was trained in Occlumency. From that moment on, Harry had become Lucius' confidant on the matter, and he could not be happier. He knew that being allowed the privilege to that secret kept Lucius from going mad.

". . . . .I do not think I'm worthy of your attentions." Harry came back at the stalled words that came from Snape's lips. Harry noted with great worry that Snape was trembling just slightly. The chuckle that came form Voldemort made them both gulp. Harry knew what was too come next.

"Oh, dear Ssssseverusss, you are perfect to take Luciusssss' place." Never removing his eyes from Snape, Harry watched as something flickered in Snape's eyes before going out.

"Now, come here." With a crooked finger, Voldemort beckoned Snape to him.

Snape stepped forward slowly untill he stood directly infront of the snake. Harry watched heplessly, wanting to scream, as Voldemort's snake tongue slithered out to wisp across Snape's cheek. Voldemort began to udress Snape. Harry noted morbidly, that Voldemort was more like ripping away Snape's robes. Once Voldemort had him undressed, Harry watched as the snake moved away from his professor. The look of slight relief from Snape, not being missed by Harry, but that relief was short lived when Voldemort tugged a rope and a large bed unfolded from the wall.

Voldemort pushed Snape down onto the bed telling him to 'stay' before undressing himself and moving to tower over Snape's prone body. Harry moved closer, he would try and give Snape as much comfort as he could. Harry willed Snape to look at him, but he knew that that was impossible when he wasn't really there to distract his teacher. When Harry got close he noticed the tremors that wracked thoughout Snape's body.

"What issss wrong my Viper? Afraid?" Voldermort was enjoying this too much.

"I have never been with anyone in this manner before, My Lord." Harry wanted to scream and shove the bastard off of Severus. How dare he do this to Severus! How dare he take away what Snape had every right to give to the person he fell in love with!

"I see, then you WILL be SO much better then Lucius was." With that Harry watched as Voldermort attacked Severus.

The demon rocked against Snape, causing his flesh to become inflamed without him willing. Harry continued to watch trying his best to do what ever he could to get back to Hogwarts, but until Voldemort finally passed out, he was trapped. So he opted to try and support Severus as tears streamed down his cheeks.

That sickening chuckle came from Voldemort when a soft moan slipped passed Snape's lips. Harry knew that that was what the snake had been waiting for. Without any warnning Voldemort flipped Snape over and had him on his hands and knees in a matter of seconds. Harry watched as Snape's confused look turned to one of morbid relization. Harry did not miss a single tear as they began to slip from deep twisting eyes. Then Snape arched, throwing his head back as a blood curling screem was released. Voldermort had entered him, had violated him.

"YOU BLOODY BASTERD! JUST LET HIM GO! Let him go!" Harry screamed and cried but to no avail. He turned quickly back to Severus who had dropped his head down into a pillow, his fists clenching and unclenching with the bastards every hard thrust. Harry noticed the blood that came from Snape's palms as nails bit into tender flesh. Looking back at the devil responsible, he mobidly watched the blood trickle between ivory legs and smear on both bodys.

With one last harsh thrust, Harry watched Voldemort stiffen, long nails cutting into Snape's ass before he let the man go. Harry knew exactly what to do as the blackness grabbed him and took him back to his body.

Back at Hogwarts.

Harry came to in severe pain. He had been so intent on Severus that he had not even remembered how his visions affected him. Downing two doses of Healing potiong put him back to normal. No time to waste he dressed quickly. Rushing about he grabed his duffle bag and put the needed items into it. A pair of pajamas and a change of clothes. Things he would need for a normal overnight stay. Then he rused to his potions.

Harry grabed two botles of Healing potion, a vile containing one dose of Dreamless Sleep Draft, a container of numbing salve, a container of healing salve, and six one-dose viles of calming potion. With everything packed he rushed to the dungeons. He knew that Severus would apparate to his room as soon as Voldemort was out and he intended to meet him there.

Why do I have the feeling that a lot of you wish to kill me right now? You know, my cousin was reading this over my shoulder as I wrote it, I think I killed him. He just started laughing uncontrolably, when he was able to produce cohearent speech I asked him what was so funny. He gleely replied, "You made SNAPE a VIRGIN!". Now my mina, what might I ask is wrong with that? Don't worry I have a plan! And it is a DAMN FINE one at that! JA NE!