Polar Opposites

Summary: Vlad is accidentally sent through the Fenton Ghost Catcher, splitting himself into Plasmius and Masters. But without his ghost half merged with his human half, Vlad is getting weaker by the moment. With the Fenton Ghost Catcher broken, will Danny and Vlad ever be able to find a way to change Vlad back to normal?

Pairings: Vlad/Maddie onesided

Author's Note: This is a challenge presented to me by CelloSolo2007. She is totally in love with Vlad and wanted me to write a Vlad-centered story where he gets split, and this is what I came up with. Hope you like is Sapphire!

Chapter 1

Ding dong! Maddie leaned back on the couch and glanced outside to see who was at the door. "Danny, dear, can you get that?" she finally called.

"But you're right by the door!" Danny countered. His frown turned into a sigh of defeat as his mother glared at him. "Fine, I'll get it." He walked from the kitchen to the front door and opened it. "Oh, it's you," he said dryly. "What do you want now, Plasmius?" He whispered that last part. Vlad Masters glared at the younger ghost hybrid.

"I can't drop by and see my old college pals?" Vlad asked, looking around Danny to see Maddie, who looked up momentarily before going back to watching the news. Danny frowned.

"No," he answered, then backed up and slammed the door in Vlad's face. Maddie looked up from the television and Danny shrugged innocently. "What?" Maddie sighed.

"Now Danny, I know that Vlad's a creep, but you still shouldn't slam the door in his face like that," she said, motherlike. An evil grin crossed Danny's features.

"Well, how should I have slammed it?" he asked. Maddie shook her head and turned back to her program. "Fine, Mom." Danny opened the door to reveal a very agitated Vlad with a bump on his forehead. "Sorry," Danny said softly. "My bad." He had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing at the growing red lump right in between Vlad's two eyes, which momentarily flashed red.

"No, not a problem, Daniel," Vlad mumbled. "Let's go down to the lab. We need to talk." He began walking, shoving Danny to the side with his elbow. Now Danny was curious.

"About what?"

"Follow me," Vlad said, clearly annoyed. Danny didn't budge. Vlad leaned in so only Danny could hear him. "It's about Dan." Danny's eyes widened and he was on Vlad's heels as they headed down to the lab. Unfortunately, Jack was down there. "Hello, Jack," Vlad said happily. "Do you mind if Daniel and I could talk in private? It's very important that nobody hears our conversation."

"Is it about ghosts?" Jack asked, his voice echoing through the lab. Vlad winced.

"No, it's about school," Danny answered, and Jack nodded, grabbing the equipment he was working with and heading upstairs. He turned around.

"Have fun talking about school!" he boomed before closing the door. Vlad sighed in relief.

"The bumbling idiot," he muttered, and Danny glared at him. "Now, about Dan..."

"How do you know about Dan?" Danny asked pointedly. He was now glaring daggers at Vlad, who was sucessfully ignoring the teen.

"The important thing is that you never turn into that monstrosity of a ghost," Vlad said. "And without any way to split you apart, there will be no way to become Dan. I got rid of those wretched gloves as soon as I saw what you could do with the right amount of power. There is no way that can ever... what are you doing, Daniel?" Danny had walked over to a device that looked like a giant dream catcher.

"This, Vlad, is called the Fenton Ghost Catcher," Danny said, leaning up against the machine. "Effectively separates a ghost from an overshadowed victim. Worked on Tuck like a charm when he was overshadowed by a ghost. However, it also works on hybrids. It splits the hybrid into two beings: ghost and human. It's happened to me once before. Also, both beings have different personalities. Each one is not whole, but only half, and without the other half is incomplete. Do you understand, Vlad, that if either of us were to pass through this that it would have the same effect as those gloves? My future is still possible as long as this is in working order. Too bad, huh?"

To the surprise of both hybrids, the machine began to tip from the weight Danny had put on it. The machine toppled over and passed over Vlad.

"First there was one, then there were two," Danny said, staring at the now two Vlads, one ghost and one human. The two of them looked at each other and screamed. Danny glanced down at the machine. "Oh crud," he muttered as he noticed that the device had broken. "Houston, we have a problem..."