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Chapter 6

"I wonder why Danny didn't come over to my house today," Sam stated as they stood on the porch of the Fenton household. They had come to see where Danny was. When the door opened, Jack was standing there.

"Hi, Mr. Fenton, is Danny home?" Tucker asked. Jack shook his head.

"No, actually, Danny, Jazz, and Maddie are all gone somewhere. Vladdie was here earlier, maybe they all went somewhere together, but why didn't they take me with them?" he asked them. Sam and Tucker looked at each other.

"Wait, Vlad was here?" Sam asked. At the man's confused look, she smiled. "Well, how about we just come in and watch television. Is that okay, Mr. Fenton?"

"But what about Dan—" Tucker began, but Sam jabbed his ribs.

"We're going to wait for him until they get back from wherever they went," she said convincingly. Tucker blinked, then a look of realization dawned on his face and he nodded.

"Come on, let's go watch Dora the Explorer," he said happily, running past Jack and jumping on the couch. Sam stared at him incredulously.

"Okay, one, it's four o'clock, that comes on at nine in the morning. And two, why do you still watch that show?" she asked. Tucker turned on the television.

"Yeah, I know what time it comes on, but Danny has Comcast, remember? Which means we can watch whatever we want, whenever we want to," he said.

"Okay…" Sam said, walking over and sitting beside him.

"Let's count the rocks we need to jump on to cross the Crocodile River," the television said.

"Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho!" Tucker said proudly. Sam looked at him fearfully.

"I don't even know why I became friends with you," she said, taking the book from the end table. She opened up the book and started reading it.

"How long is this going to take you?" Danny asked again. Maddie fumbled around with equipment.

"Just a few minutes once I find everything. Goodness, he has so many things in this lab," she said to herself. "Aha!" She picked up a device and Danny stared at it. He recognized it, and he didn't like what it was.

I'm guessing if you could reach into me and rip out my humanity—which, by the way, is totally gross—you can get the medallion out, too. Then I'll pop back into the past like Sam and Tucker did.

Or I could just destroy you and prevent this future. Didn't think of that, did you?

All you wanted was to make the hurt go away. I honored your wishes. No more painful human emotions to drag you down.

"No," Danny whispered. Maddie put the gloves on her hands and Danny backed up. "Mom, keep those things away from me. Please."

"Dear, what's wrong?" Maddie asked. Danny finally remembered something.

I got rid of those wretched gloves as soon as I saw what you could do with the right amount of power.

"The bastard," Danny whispered. "He was going to use them against me. He knew that I would believe him, and he knew I would be caught off guard."

"Danny, are you okay?" Maddie asked. Jazz looked at Danny.

Are you okay? her eyes asked. Danny shook his head.

"Those gloves… turned me into a monster," Danny said softly. "You can use them, just… not around me. Please."

"Okay, Danny," Maddie said, smiling. "Jazz, could you let Plasmius out? Then I'm going to grab him and merge him back together with Vlad."

"Are you sure this is going to work?" Jazz asked. Danny rolled his eyes.

"It works," Danny said dully. Jazz hit the release button on the thermos and Plasmius was released into the room. He started to take off through the ceiling but Danny grabbed his ankle. "You are NOT going ANYWHERE!" he yelled, and Maddie grabbed Plasmius with one hand. Danny glared daggers at Plasmius, and the ghost stopped struggling against Maddie. Danny had won. How was that possible? Danny was fourteen!

Maddie then shoved Plasmius into Vlad, and Vlad started glowing. Maddie backed up and waited. Finally Vlad's eyes opened and everyone in the room sighed with relief. Vlad propped himself up onto his feet. "What happened?" he asked, and Danny laughed lightly.

"We had a little run-in with the Fenton Ghost Catcher. But everything's okay now," Danny explained. "Are you feeling okay?"

"A bit dizzy, but nothing I can't get over with sleep," Vlad said. "I'm perfectly fine, Daniel." Maddie embraced him tightly.

"Thank God," she said. Vlad blinked and looked to Danny, who shrugged his shoulders. "Let's go home," she said, and Jazz nodded in agreement. They all started through the hallway and up the stairs to where the Specter Speeder was.

"So, you're Vlad Plasmius and Vlad Masters now, right?" Danny asked. Vlad nodded, then glanced at Maddie, who was staring straight in front of her, ignoring everybody purposely. "I had to tell her. You would have done the same thing."

"I don't understand, Daniel, why did you help me?" Vlad asked. Danny smirked.

"Life's no fun without an archenemy who's in love with your mom, trying to kill your dad, and trying to make you his apprentice," he said. "And we all know you love Mom. I think she even knows. You saved her, you know. You probably don't remember it, you were losing energy, fast."

"Yes, and I'm so glad you did, Vlad," Maddie said. She turned and kissed his cheek as they stepped into the vehicle. "Time to head home."

Once again, as Jazz drove, Danny slept in the front seat, and Maddie and Vlad slept in the backseat, leaning on each other as they slept. "We're here," Jazz said loudly, waking everyone up. "And Danny, you snore really loud."

"Honestly, Daniel," Vlad joked. "I could hardly go to sleep with all that racket."

"Look who's talking, Mr. I-Snort-When-I-Sleep," Jazz said, earning a glare from Vlad. She laughed, and Maddie laughed shortly afterwards. Vlad looked hurt, and Maddie frowned playfully at him.

"Aw, what's wrong?" she asked. Vlad turned his head, deliberately ignoring her. "Vlad…" she said threateningly. "Vladimir Masters, you look at me right now." Vlad sighed and turned around.

"What?" he snapped. "And never, ever use my full name."

"Then don't use mine," Danny said, then laughed and ducked when a small blast was thrown his way. "What? I'm just telling the truth." Vlad turned back to Maddie.

"Now, what did you want?" he asked. Maddie grinned and kissed his lips lightly. "What…?"

"Just like kindergarten," she said. "Do you remember that, Vlad? When we first met? We met even before we met Jack. We used to be the best of friends."

"Just like Sam and Tucker…" Danny mumbled, thinking nobody had heard him. But in reality, Jazz and Maddie had heard it.

"Vlad," she said. "Do you remember in middle school, when we dated for a while?" Danny started choking. "It didn't work out, because we could never agree on a place to go." Vlad nodded.

"Maddie, what does that have to do with now?" Vlad asked. Maddie smiled.

"I used to pick on Jack when we were little, even though he was my friend. He was a little nerd, and I ignored him sometimes because I was popular. But after school, he was my best friend, and after a while I started ignoring you," she said. "And I didn't mean to, I really didn't. Then in college, the accident with the portal… Jack and I sort of abandoned you after that. When you finally got out of the hospital, Jack and I were married. I know it must have come as a shock to you, but honestly, I thought we were through." She kissed his cheek. "I guess you didn't. Vlad, I love you, I really do, but more like a dear friend, and not like I love Jack. I'm really sorry, Vlad."

Jazz parked the Specter Speeder and they all got out of the vehicle. Maddie hugged Vlad once more and smiled as she stepped back. Danny sighed and rolled his eyes. "Adults…" he muttered, then walked upstairs.

"Come on! Vamanos! Everybody, let's go! Come on, let's get to it. I know that we can do it!" Tucker's voice horribly sang out. "Where are we going? Bluebird's tree! Where are we going? Bluebird's tr—"

"WILL YOU SHUT UP?" Sam's voice screamed over Tucker's voice. Danny chuckled as his two best friends came into view. Sam was attempting to read a book, and Tucker was watching (and singing along with) Dora the Explorer.

"Hey, guys, you'll never believe the day I've had," Danny said, plopping onto the couch between Tucker and Sam. "So, Tucker, have you ever thought of getting your vocal chords removed?"

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