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Glinda awoke to the bright morning sunshine pouring through the window into her room. She got upand stepped outside, basking in the morning rays. Below the streets of the Emerald City were already full of hustle and bustle, as usual.

"Excuse me, Miss Glinda?" a voice called from her room.

"Yes?" Glinda answered, coming back inside.

"Sorry to bother you but there's someone here to see you, he says that you two were friends when you went to Shiz. Should I send him up?"

"Uh, sure go ahead."

Glinda sighed as the girl left. It was probably Boq again. Every time he came to see her he begged and begged for her to try to turn him back to a Munchkin, but she couldn't do it. She didn't want to risk something happening to him in the process.

"Miss Glinda?" A firmiliar voice called while knocking on the door.

Glinda got up and opened the door, "Boq! Hi, come in."

"Thanks," he smiled nervously, "Do you mind if I uhm," he motioned to a chair.

"Oh no, go ahead," the both sat down, he on the chair and she on the edge of her bed.

"Listen Glinda I really don't want to beat around the bush because I think we both know why I'm here. Before you say anything, please, just let me talk. Nobody should have to live their life made of tin, oiling yourself every five minutes is not exactly a great hobby," Boq laughed slightly.

"Boq, I- I can't. I can't risk hurting you."

"It's a risk I'm willing to take," He stared her in the eye, "Glinda. Please."

Glinda glanced at the drawer were she kept the Grimmerie. Boq had come to her pleading for this; she couldn't reject him again, "Fine. Just please promise me you will not hate me if it does not work."

"I could never hate you."

She gave him a light smile then got up to get the Grimmerie.She sat back down and opened the book, scanning through its brittle, dusty pages. She stopped at a page then took a deep breath. If any spell would work, it would be this one. Ever since Elphaba's death she had been studying the book cover to cover to be able to read it better.

"Akem menon non cordo; meno non cordo; vi vah los; vi vah tah; vi vah tah," Glinda spoke softly and shakily, doing her best to pronounce the foreign words, 'Oh dear God,' she thought to herself, 'please let him be alright.'

Elphaba awoke the next morning to find Fiyero gone. She yawned slightly as she softly called his name, "Fiyero," she looked around her wooded surroundings, "Yero, where are you?"

A soft rustle sounded from the trees behind her. She turned her head to investigate and saw Fiyero coming out with some fruits.

"Good morning," he said with a smile, sitting down next to her and kissing her hand softly.

"Morning, love," she replied gazing at him with a loving look in her eyes.

"Did you sleep alright? I noticed you were awake at one point."

"Yes, I just was thinking..." she replied, diverting her attention to a piece of fruit.

"About Glinda?"

"No...well, not fully."

"Elphaba, you don't have to lie. I miss her too, but it's too dangerous for both her and us. If someone were to find out that she knew that you lived, they could harm her just to find you. I know you wouldn't want that."

"You're right, I wouldn't. If she was hurt because of me I wouldn't be able to live with myself."

Fiyero embraced her in a hug, "I know it's hard for you, I understand, but we can't slip now, we've come too far."

She smiled at him, "I love you."

"I love you too, and always will."

Glinda shut her eyes as she finished the spell, unable to look until Boq assured her he was okay. Differant ideas of what could happen if the spell went wrong.

"Glinda," he spoke, "Open your eyes."

She nodded and opened them. She gasped softly when she saw him, "Oh my gosh, it worked."

Boq nodded, grinning ear to ear, "Thank you so much. I guess I will see you later then..." he stood up to leave.

"Wait, Boq," she stood up, facing him, "not yet," she shut her eyes and kissed him slowly, but romantically on the lips.

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