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Title:They couldn't
Paring: Danny/Sam ...well kinda.

She really shouldn't. It would mess up everything, and both of them knew it. She held their embrace tightly, for she knew their moment would be over soon enough. She knew Tucker would come back for them.

"Sam." He whispered in ear. She fought the urge to shiver. She wasn't supposed to fall for her friend. It would never work out.

'Besides, he doesn't like me like that.' She pulled back from Danny's warmbody. Their eyes locked. Danny lifted his hand to push the strand of black hair behind her ear. He leaned forward every so slightly, but Sam turned her head to the side. The tip of his nose ran along her cheek.

"We can't do this." Her voice was weak; she avoided his piercing blue eyes.

"Why not?" His finger palm held her face in his hands. If he had done this a year ago, she might have just melted into his arms. She used all of her strength to pull away from his touch. They couldn't do this.

"I"- She fixed her voice, so he wouldn't guess she was on the verge of tears.

"I couldn't live with myself after, if we broke up. What would happen to our friendship? I couldn't imagine my life without you." Her voice faded to a whisper.

"Sam." He reached out to touch her, but she flinched away. He was using her feelings against her. She always knew that her feelings would betray her one day.

"It wouldn't be fair to Tucker either; he would feel like a third wheel. Everything will be different."

"No he wouldn't, everything will stay the same." Danny tried desperately to convince her, but utterly failed.

"You know he will. Once we go out, we can't go back Danny. Things will never be the same, you know that right?" Her eyes found a nice spot on the floor to stare at.

"I want to take a chance. Nothing bad will happen."

"Besides." Her hands had now grasped either side of her arms.

"You don't really feel this way about me. You're just caught up in the moment." This time his hand grabbed her shoulder, and she made no effort in moving it. He turned her around, his blue eyes met hers. Their faces were close; too close. His hot breath lingered on her face.

"You never said you didn't want us together." Sam forced her tears to stay in her eyes.

"Danny…we can't." She backed away from him. They couldn't, even though she wanted it more than anything else right then.

"Sam." His voice was as desperate as his eyes.

"Are you two coming?" Tucker shouted back to them. Both teens remained silent. Sam forced a smile on.

"Yeah." She called back. She left Danny there. They couldn't. She admitted to herself; she was scared; scared of her feelings for Danny.
'Some things are more important.' Life had to go on. They shouldn't, couldn't, and would never go out. It would mess up everything, and they both knew it.

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