-1Sum. Sasuke is a world renown fighter. He's trained by the very best, Kakashi Hatake. Sakura is an ordinary girl who studies medicine and physical therapy is her small job that gets food on the table. When Sasuke gets an arm hurt, he need alittle help to get it back to normal, Kakashi takes him to see a doctor. She meets him and helps him with his arm. SakuraXSasuke

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"1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10! AND HE'S OUT!" yelled the referee. "SASUKE UCHIHA IS THE WINNER!"

The crowd cheered fiercely as the referee walked over to the black haired grey eyed boy. He lifted his arm and the crowd grew restless. People stood up from there seats and chanted his name.


Sasuke lifted his other arm into the air acknowledging the crowd. He smirked as he won yet another match and was moving on. He looked down at his coach, the sliver haired man had his arms crossed across his chest as he stood looking calm. He threw him his blue robe from the side of the ring. It had Uchiha written on the back in white print as it had a design with a red half circle and white looking golf tee shape at the bottom. Sasuke tied it on over his bare chest and blue shorts. Sasuke had his hands and feet up to his mid-calf in wraps and his forehead had a sort of head band thing. The crowd still cheered and Sasuke threw his hands up in the air again. He walked over to his coach and jumped off the fighting ring.

"Must you do that?" asked his coach.

Sasuke smirked, "Yes. There my fans." he said a bit mockingly. "They came here to see a fight right?" Sasuke looked at his coach, "It wasn't much of one, eh Kakashi?"

Kakashi chuckled, "They'll get harder. And you'll be ready." he said.

Sasuke cracked his knuckles, "I can't wait." he said with another smirk.

They both walked into the locker rooms. The crowds cheers were heard even from there. Sasuke changed into a blue shirt with the same symbol on the back as the one his robe. He put one some khaki cargos and put his shorts, robes, and mouth guard in his bag. His hand wraps were still on, giving him a tough look, even though he didn't need them to do so. Kakashi leaned against some lockers as he closed his eyes, thinking.

"You know they'll be here any minute…" said Kakashi with a smirk of his own.

Sasuke sighed, "I know. We just answer some, sign some, talk to some and we leave." he said glancing over at him.

Kakashi shrugged, "Sounds about right." he said. Kakashi had a head band as well, it was slanted so it covered his left eye, making him look mysterious. He also wore a mask type thing that covered his face, nose to chin. The only revealing part on his face was his right eye. He wore a navy shirt with a greenish zipper vest, it was always open. He wore khakis as well. His outfit was usually always casual, that's what separated him from the other coaches. He didn't wear a 'suit' like the business type, but he didn't wear scrubs like the regular type either.

Once he was done with that sentence a crowd of people with cameras, microphones, notepads, and merchandise of Sasuke came crashing through. Sasuke and Kakashi stood still as the mob surrounded them, they landed a whole bunch of questions at about the same time. Sasuke and Kakashi hardly broke a sweat answering.

"How do you feel about your big win tonight Sasuke?" asked one of the reporters.

The crowd became silent and Sasuke shrugged, "Hardly a 'big' win. But I guess glad." he said nonchalantly.

"Did you feel intimidated by your challenger tonight?" asked another.

Sasuke this time laughed, "Of him? No. I beat him without even breaking a sweat."

A group of girls squealed as they charged up to him, "Sasuke!" they all yelled in unison. A blonde haired girl handed him a poster of him and she smiled, "Will you sign it?" she asked with a blush.

Sasuke took the poster and took her pen, "Who to?" he asked.

She put her hands together admiringly, "Ino!" she said.

Sasuke nodded as he wrote her name on there, "There you go." he said with a smirk.

Ino grasped the poster and fainted. Her friends next to her caught her just as she fell and dragged her away.

"Kakashi! Do feel worried about Sasuke going further into the fighting?" another asked.

Kakashi sighed, "Not at all. Sasuke is a rookie who just started this year, yes. But he's a skilled rookie, I trained him for the best fights and he hasn't proven us wrong yet has he?"

The crowd laughed as they agreed.

"Kakashi do feel intimidated about the other trainers?"

Kakashi shrugged, "I don't know even of them to say I do." he said.

"Sasuke! Do you have that special someone for you?" asked a man reporter.

Sasuke ran a hand through his hair, "I haven't found the one I think I'll fight for. Can't say I ever will. Fighting is my one true love."

Kakashi elbowed Sasuke slightly as he gave him a sign to leave. Sasuke nodded.

"Sorry! No further questions please!" said Kakashi as he escorted Sasuke through the mob of screaming Sasuke fans and questioning reporters. They left the locker room as fast as they could, leaving the fans wanting more of Sasuke and the reporters no answers to many questions.

Sasuke and Kakashi walked through the dark night as the street lights guided them on the sidewalks.

"What was with calling me a rookie?" asked Sasuke.

Kakashi chuckled, "Last time I checked you were." he said.

Sasuke glared at him, "I am way better than any 'rookie' as you so call them."

Kakashi and Sasuke stopped by a sliver car. The trunk popped open and Sasuke through his duffle bag in.

"What would you call 'them' then Sasuke?" asked Kakashi closing the trunk.

Sasuke leaned against the car, "I don't know! Beginners. Or at least call me an expert beginner, rookie sounds so…degrading." said Sasuke with disgust. "I'm 21. Obviously one of the many youngest fights to start out and win this many matches yet."

Kakashi sighed, "Fine…" he said sarcastically, "How about I call you a fighter?" he asked.

Sasuke shrugged, "What ever."

Kakashi got in the drivers seat and rolled down the windows. "What are you waiting for Sasuke?" asked Kakashi.

Sasuke looked through the window at Kakashi, "I'm going to walk the way back. You know, to get some running in. You know speed and agility?" he said.

Kakashi sighed, "Alright. But your still doing that tomorrow. Got it?" he asked as he turned on the ignition.

Sasuke smirked, "Wouldn't have it any other way." he said. Sasuke hit the car and Kakashi drove off.

Sasuke began walking, "Yeah…speed my ass." he whispered. "I'm relaxing by not running." he put his hands to his head and looked at the sky.

Sasuke could see the place they were staying at when he heard something. Sasuke stopped and turned facing the dark shadows behind him, "I know someone's there. If you think you can 'hide' from me, then you need to work on your stalking skills more because I can hear you a mile away." he said with a smirk. "Honestly its pathetic."

Two guys came out from the shadows, "Tough guy." one of them said. They both were big as in muscular. One had red hair and the other had dish water blonde. The red haired one had a scar on his right cheek and the blonde one had a scar on his left. Obviously they were brothers.

"Yeah. Looks like a little boy to me." said the one with blonde hair.

Sasuke smiled, "I'm21 dumb asses. Of course, I wouldn't expect some one with all bran no brain to know that."

The two stared at him, "Come with us nicely and we won't hurt you." said the one with red hair.

Sasuke laughed, "Leave 'nicely' and I won't hurt you guys." he said.

Sasuke slid into fighting stance as he waited for them to strike first. The red haired man and the blonde haired man gave each other a high five and the red haired man charged him. Sasuke dodged but was cut off by the blonde haired man. Sasuke leaped back with only a minor cut on his arm. Sasuke chuckled, "I see what you guys do. You trick by using one but then the other attacks while distracted with the first." The two men laughed, "I guess you figured it out." said the red haired man. "Not much fun." said the blonde haired one.

Sasuke smirked, "Yeah? I guess this won't be as fun." he said arrogantly.

He charged at them, the red one smirked and stopped Sasuke by holding his fists in the palm of his hand. He stood ground as sustained Sasuke. Sasuke brought his left foot up and took a kick at him but the blonde blocked the kick before it could hit his brother. Sasuke flinched as the blonde bend his foot the opposite direction. Sasuke refused to yell out in pain. He spit in the red haired mans face he recoiled backwards and Sasuke dove for the ground making the grip on his foot better. He kicked the blonde one with his other foot. Sasuke jumped up as the two came back to him. They moved faster and Sasuke through a punch at the red haired man. He hit him but the blonde caught his punch and twisted his arm. Sasuke smirked as he thought, "No prob. Just step back and…" He began to do so but the red haired man took hold of him. Sasuke gasped, "What…!" he yelled. "Damn! I didn't see you…" he thought. The blonde twisted his arm more and Sasuke bite his tongue to keep from yelling.

The red haired man laughed, "I guess we'll have to do something more to get him to plead mercy."

The blonde nodded, "Right." he smirked.

Sasuke was helpless for the first time in ages. He closed his eyes as they tightened his grip on his right arm. Sasuke couldn't take it anymore, he accidentally bite his cheek and now he was tasting blood, Sasuke yelled as he heard the bones crack in his arm.

"AAAHH!" He yelled.

Rain began to fall from the sky, heavier and heavier each time. Sasuke fell to his knees as he grasped his right arm that fell limply at his side. He glared at the two as they laughed at him. Sasuke coughed and leaned forward, supporting himself with his left arm as he coughed badly. Blood showed up in small dots on the sidewalk. He looked up at them as his eyes shown with a hint of red. He stood up the best he could as his eyes flashed from grey to red. They laughed still but then the red haired man punched Sasuke in the gut. He doubled over in pain as he was out of breathe. He fell to knees again but this time lost control of his body as he went out cold.


Sasuke slowly opened his eyes. A sharp light hit his eyes and he recoiled back hitting his head on the table. He sat up slowly and rubbed his head.

"Damn…" he whispered. His vision came back and everything was becoming clear. "Kakashi?"

Kakashi sighed as he saw him wake up. "Damn Sasuke. I thought you were dead or something."

Sasuke shifted his body but then felt an immense pain, "Ah…my arm…" he clutched his right shoulder as he felt nothing but pain.

Kakashi grabbed his arm, "Does this hurt?" he asked lifting his arm up. Sasuke yelped out in pain and Kakashi took that as his answer. "How about this?" he threw his arm another direction and got the same reaction. Kakashi thought for a moment, "I think it's broken…" he said reaching for the phone.

Sasuke glared at him, "No, you think?" he asked sarcastically.

Kakashi ignored his last comment as he began talking on the phone. Sasuke leaned against the couch, fighting back the pain shooting up and down his right arm. He closed his eyes and remembered the two guys that got him, he furrowed his brow. "I will get even." he thought.

Kakashi hung up and looked at Sasuke. "Come on." Kakashi stood up.

Sasuke stood up, "Where are we going?" he asked.

Kakashi pointed at his arm, "To a concert, where do you think?" he asked sarcastically. Sasuke glared at him but followed him out to the car.

Sasuke looked out the window, "Damn, how could I lose to them?" he thought. He clutched his left hand, "I will track them down…"

Kakashi chuckled, "I already took care of them if that's what your thinking."

Sasuke stared at Kakashi, "What?"

Kakashi still looked at the road, "I had a feeling you would run into some trouble, I got to you just in time and I personally delivered a message of fighting outside of the ring."

Sasuke glared, "You didn't have to. I would have taken care of them myself." he muttered angrily.

Kakashi sighed, "But you didn't. If I hadn't stepped in, you would have been far worse."

Kakashi pulled up near the hospital and Sasuke and Kakashi got out. The hospital was big and on the middle of the building was a red cross. Sasuke and Kakashi entered the two double doors in front. The room was white with plain decorations on the wall and floor. Kakashi walked up to the receptionist at the large desk, "I'm here for Uchiha Sasuke."

The lady gave a small gasp, "Sasuke? The fighter Sasuke?" she asked.

Kakashi nodded, "Yes. The very one."

Sasuke sighed, "Here we go again…" he thought.

The lady smiled, "My niece thinks you're the greatest, even…has a little crush on you! You are very skilled." she smiled at Sasuke, "Um…would you mind signing something?" she asked nervously.

Sasuke sighed and walked forward. The lady smiled and handed him a pen and paper, Sasuke did his best to sign with his left.

"Sorry. But my right arm is bad today…"

The lady nodded, "No don't worry about." she smiled.

Kakashi coughed, "So, can we see the doctor?" he asked.

The lady behind the large wooden desk blushed "Oh yes." nodded. She had short dark hair and wore small rectangular glasses. She had an ear phone in her right ear. She typed some things at a very fast pace into the computer and smiled, "Okay. Here you are." she scrolled down the computer and nodded again, "A nurse will lead you there. Please wait." she waved a hand to a small center that had chairs and a small TV and magazines. "Thank you again!"

Sasuke and Kakashi walked over there. Kakashi looked around at the magazines. Finding none that appealed to him, he pulled one of his erotic novels out. Sasuke tapped his foot impatiently as his arm kept shooting pain up and down his arm. A couple of young nurses around the age of Sasuke giggled and walked up to him.

"Sasuke? Will you take a picture with us?" they asked almost in perfect unison. Sasuke stared at the girls and sighed, "Sure…" he signaled them to his side and they quickly got there. They handed the camera to the reading Kakashi. He marked his book and held up the camera.

"Say Sasuke!" he teased. Sasuke rolled his eyes at his sensei's joke.

The girls smiled and yelled, "Sasuke!"

The camera flashed and the girls squealed. Kakashi handed the camera back and the girls walked away giggling on how cute Sasuke was in person. A couple minutes passed and the door opened revealing a women in her late 30's. She had her brown hair pulled back into a high bun and the white uniform of nurses. Kakashi didn't look away from his book thinking it was another fan.

"Uchiha Sasuke?" she asked.

Kakashi put his book away. Sasuke and Kakashi stood up and followed her through the door. "How long is this going to take?" asked Sasuke to the nurse.

The nurse lead them to a room. "Not too long." she flashed him a smile and motioned for Sasuke to sit on a bed type thing. Kakashi sat in a chair near Sasuke.

"The doctor will be here in a while." she smiled and exited the room.

Sasuke sighed, "I need to know what's wrong with me now!" he complained.

Kakashi chuckled, "Just wait…" he told him.

Sasuke glared at him, "Your just happy because of all the pretty nurses around your age, pervert." He adjusted himself on the seat. "Ow…" he whispered as the pain grew stronger.

"You alright?" asked Kakashi.

Sasuke nodded, "Yeah." he muttered clutching his right shoulder.

The doctor soon came in. "Hello." he smiled.

Sasuke huffed, "Everyone is so happy!" he thought.

Kakashi shook the male doctors hand, "Hello." he answered.

The doctor took a look at Sasuke, "So you are the fighter?" he asked.

Sasuke nodded, "Yeah. Hey what's wrong with my arm?" he asked.

The doctor looked at his arm, "It could be anything. We need to take an x-ray look." The doctor did some tests that put his right arm at pain. He lead Sasuke to an X-ray and put him back in the waiting room. Kakashi stayed with the doctor.


"Amazing." he whispered as he looked at the X-ray picture.

Kakashi looked at him, "What?" he asked.

The doctor pointed at the X-ray picture, "See here." Kakashi nodded, "He has broke his arm badly. He might never use it again without professional help."

Kakashi sighed, "I see."

The doctor nodded, "Yes. The amazing part is that he was apply to fight the pain. Any other would have been yelling even crying at the pain."

"Sasuke has been through tougher more painful times then that." he said. The doctor nodded, "So who can we get to make sure he can use his arm again?" asked Kakashi.

The doctor headed to his desk and pulled out a small pamphlet. "Here. it's the best place. One of the medics there is a personal trainer that can help Sasuke. She's very good with this kind of work. Very highly recommended."

Kakashi nodded taking the pamphlet. He bid his farewell and walked over to Sasuke in the waiting room. Sasuke now had a white cast over his right arm. Much to his protest.

"When am I getting this off?" asked Sasuke pointing angrily at his cast.

Kakashi showed him the pamphlet. "After it gets healed. And once you learn to use it again."

Sasuke stared at him, "What?" he asked in disbelief.

Kakashi sighed, "You broke your arm pretty badly. You need to go to a professional treatment center where they'll help you use your arm again. Physical therapy if you will."

Sasuke sighed, "Damn. I can't fight or train with this!" he cussed some more.

"You'll still train. Just not fight." said Kakashi seriously. Sasuke gave him a look. "Sasuke. Your arm is broken. Not your body. You'll keep training, got that?" he asked.

Sasuke smirked, "Fine. Like I said before, I wouldn't have it any other way." Sasuke frowned at his right arm cast. Some nurses already signed with messages like, 'I love you Sasuke Get well' or 'I'm your biggest fan! love you! get well!' all in cursive neat handwriting. "I will not let this arm slow me down…" he looked at Kakashi, "What's next?" he asked referring to the pamphlet information.

Kakashi scanned the pamphlet, "To see your future physical therepist of course!" he found what he was searching for, "Sakura Haruno!" he said with a smile.

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