Silent hill

This town sucks

Disclaimer: I do not own the ring or silent hill or its characters though I wish I did

James the DA

As james looks through a mirror and says

"Hi my name is james what is yours?"

james sits here for five minuets waiting for it to answer

" So you are not going to answer me are you think your better than me huh?"

James said getting angry at the mirror who still isn't answering him

" I'll kill you!"

James screamed as started punching the mirror with both hands. After the mirror was shatterd and james's hands were bleeding james starts to walk out of the bathroom

" I hope a bunch of weird things happen on my way I hurt my 2 hands I really wish I had a third."

James said hopefully as he walked out of the bathroom. When he got outside he started walking to the wall next to him

" I got a letter about 2 Mounths ago from wife my dead wife it said in my restless dreams I see that town silent hill you promised to take me there again but you never did well I am alone there now in our special place waiting for you also please tell Laura not to worry. My first impulse on reading this is who the hell is Laura and why should I care second I forgot I even had a wife Must have been a crazy week in vegas and as I thought about it I rememberd I did have a wife but she died of that disease that nobody but me has heard of. then thinking harder I remembered I killed her but forgot why. After two mounths of sitting around the house being lazy and not wanting to go I got another letter This time it read Where the hell are you you little bastard I have been waiting here for two freaking mounths if you are sitting on the couch reading this you are as useless as a campfire on a rainy night. Sorry didn't mean to snap but get over here now you retard! now I was mad so I got up off the couch got in my car and drove the 3 minuets to get to this town so I can kill my wife."

James thought as he looked at the water so he went to his car got in and started diving but crashed into the fence bloking his way. As he tumbled out of the car he looked at where he should be driving it said 30 second road to lakeveiw hotel closed so he walked to the nearest path he could find where he read a sign Silent hill 100 miles the loud plains 400 miles

"100 miles I hope that some fat guy dosn't try to kill me today because then I will go off on him."

James said as he walked along the path humming One winged angel he was just getting to the second time through when he saw a well

" Oh crap, stay calm the lady on the phone said seven days and it has been uhh I watched the tape on Tuesday and today is also tueday ... Crap"

he looked in the well and saw a girl with long black hair climbing out of the well. He looked around and found a big rock he picked it up and threw it down the well at the girl noking her off the wall


She screamed . James continued walking when he arrived at the cemetary he knew it was one when he tripped over a tombstone in front of the gate that read Retards trip over me. He was walking through when he met a girl in a gray sweat shirt and red sweat pants and short black hair James thought

" She might be hot" as she turned around


James sceamed like a little girl when he saw her face it was mario

"Dear god why must you torment me!"

James looked up at the sky and screamed

" Wait it is just a mask!"

The mario lady said she took it off revealing an Ok looking woman

" Whats wrong, can I help you with anything."

the woman said James then slpped her and screamed

" What the hell was that for you scared the crap of me and if I had a weapon I would have killed you."

"Sorry just wanted to see if that turned you on." She said

"WHAT!" James screamed

"Just kidding not really"

James now calming down asked

" Is this the way to silent hill." now angry at his stuipd question.

" What are you some sort of retard of corse it is there is only one road Seiresly you have a freaking map." The lady said insulting him

" My name is angela and I am sorry for screaming at you do you want me to strip for you."

"No Angela I will just be going on my way."

With that James walked away and thought " She is probably a man anyway".

As she watched him walk away she Thought " He will be mine oh yes he will be mine." She thought laughing like a school girl in heat.

James thought "I hope to god I don't run into her again" and then walked through the gate.

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