Disclaimer: I do not own House, M.D. or Carrie Underwood's song, which is the title. But I do own Jessica:)

I am an extremely obsessive House, M.D. fan! I'll watch both episodes every Tuesday. Now that I'm almost done watching the first season for the 10th or so time, there's nothing new to see until September 5th, when the third season airs. So, I started to type my own episode. I hope you like it!

Now, a little bit about my story. The lines indicate a new scene, along with new chapters. I'll try to make the chapters are long as possible, but I can't make them too long!

Before you read this, please take time to read above if you haven't already. It will explain some things. Thank you!


Jessica Nettles sat silently in her dressing room, picking out the perfect outfit to wear on stage. The new hit country artist was appearing for her 10th time at concert since her recent album was released. Her wavy blonde hair was down and draped over her shoulders, and her faded blue jeans matched her dark blue shirt. The white western hat she was wearing added more color into the outfit.

"Jessica," her manager called into the dressing room backstage. "10 minutes till stage," he reported.

"Ya, okay." Jessica finished dressing and jumped up to head out toward the stage. She stumbled a little before falling to the ground, unconscious. The sound of her fall brought her manager back to the door of her room.

"Jessica?" he called. No response. "Jessica, are you okay?" He quickly unlocked the door and entered the room. "Help! We need help now! Someone call an ambulance!"

-- Cut to theme and credits --

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Okay I've gotten a lot of reviews saying that I picked a good country singer for this one. For those of you who don't know, Jessica is suppossed to be Jennifer Nettles, of Sugarland, since they're my favorite band. Actually, I didn't notice, but in real life she is 32. Strange. I really only noticed this as I typed these exact words. She was born September 12th, 1974 I'm pretty sure.

Brad Paisley's my number one singer and guitarist though, no questions. Only two years older than Jennifer! He was born October 28th, (Exactly four months before my birthday!) 1972. (I was born February 28th... I'm not telling my year though sorry guys!)

So here's the question. Should I change Jessica to Jennifer? Please tell me in a review! If I change it from your votes, should I add Kristian Bush and mention their band name, Sugarland? Please review!

Anyways, if I do, it's already a copyright name, only to be used in one episode, and I don't wish for any of this to happen to Jennifer. It would ruin her and Sugarland!

Thanks, and please review and let me know!