What Happened?

Bartimaeus, you never forgot me. You kept me close to your heart, as though I was a part of you.

We were such close friends, you and I. We had each other's back; were always there for one another.

I'll never forget you. I haven't yet.

But what happened?

I changed, that's what. Something in me changed, and we started to grow further and further apart.

But that was after I went to the Other Place, wasn't it? That's funny. I go to your world and change. You come to mine and change. I suppose we magicians and djinn were never meant to be united; on the same team. You were right. Magicians will always enslave the djinn and they will stay as ignorant as they already are. They will never take the time to 'bond' to you djinn like I hoped.

You were right. Things will never change. Magicians will never travel to the Other Place. There is no trust between the two of us; magicians and djinn.

And there's nothing I can do about it.

I tried, but no one followed after me. Everyone decided it was better on their own side. Djiin stay in the Other Place and magicians stay on Earth.

But don't forget, I will always be grateful to you for what you helped me to do. Without you, none of it would've been possible. Nothing would've been possible without you. In fact, I'd probably have died earlier then I did.

Bartimaeus, my friend, you were my only friend. I depended on you. And I know now that that was my deathly flaw.

That's OneShot #1. The next--and in my opinion better--one is next. By the way, did you get who was talking to Bartimaeus? Hehe.