I'm With You

Bartimaeus. You've seen me cry. You've seen me angry. You've ben there for me when I needed you most. You saw me die. You tried to save me, but I rejected your offer and let you go while those other djinn came in and killed me. All before you were taken back to the Other Place. I didn't want you to see my death, but what could I do? You were fighting with all your streangth to stay here and protect me, and it took longer for the Other Place to take hold of you and bring you back home. You should've just gone.

There was nothing you could've done, anyway. We both knew our fate had been sealed and there was nothing either of us could've done to stop or change it. That was why I let you go. You would've died, and that I couldn't bear. Two thousand years is too young for a djinni. I knew you had a long life to live, and I was going to make sure you lived it. I lived my life. It was your turn.

Did you ever regret what happened that night when I was killed? Do you ever think about it? Do you ever think about me and wonder who I would've grown to be? I wish I could see you now to see who've you become.

If you regret my death, forget about it. No matter where you are, what you do, who you become, I will always be there with you. Remember that and keep my memory close to you. I'll never leave you. Ever.

Death is a painful thing to experiance, especially when you're right there and you know you can do something to stop it, but also know you can't. I understand what you were going through as you were fadding away to the Other Place. It's alright to cry. Don't think you're too strong for tears, because eventually you'll have to. Crying isn't weakness in the eyes. Remember that.

I'm with you, Bartimaeus. If you don't remember anything else, remember this. I'm with you and always will be. As long as you live in the Other Place and serve magicians on Earth, I'll be with you.

I only want one thing from you. Promise me you won't forget me.


I can't decide if I want this to be called "I'm With You" or "Remember Me". Otherwise, this was just written to kill time. Short, Sweet, and to the point as my others. Enjoy!