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Captain Jack Sparrow is dead they tell me.

This is the truth brought upon the crew or what is left of the crew of the Black Pearl.

The Captain is dead because he stayed behind to give us a chance.

Jack was a good man, a good pirate. He was a little rough around the edges but who shouldn't be? After all he was a pirate.

As the crew weeps and brings about a toast I carve the table before me with a knife given to me by my once assumed to be dead father.

I carve the table as though it is my heart. I carve everything away. Creating cracks in the smooth wood surface which resembles my now broken heart.

That woman says we can bring him back, that voodoo lady says. They all say "Aye" and they wait for my approval.

I look at her tear stained face and say "Aye" because how can I refuse that face that I promised once to marry.

In truth though I say "Nay" because all I can think about is that kiss, the kiss that my best mate and my fiancé shared between one another.

As the kiss resurfaces in my thoughts all I can do is continue to hack away at my broken heart and try to stop the heart from bleeding out from all the hurt and treachery that my eyes have seen.

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