Sakura and Eriol sat on a bench on the school campus. Sakura was twirling around, happy that her bear was in fact, a bear.

"I have to pay you back somehow!" Sakura said. Eriol had helped her with her bear, so she wanted to pay him back. "What do you want?"

Eriol put his fingers to his chin, pondering. "I can ask for anything..?" he finally asked her, removing his fingers.

"Yeah, if it's something that I can do." she answered. Eriol stood up.

"Then.." he started. He walked in front of her and got on one knee. Eriol took her hand and pressed his lips to it. Sakura blushed 5 billion shades of red. "Would you bear my child?"

Sakura looked shocked and an anime sweatdrop appeared on her forehead. "Um..."

A/N: This made me laugh so hard. This came to me watching episode 51 on youtube and I made a comment about it.