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Rin skipped happily in front of Sesshomaru and Jaken. She was holding a bunch of flowers she'd picked and singing a random song she made up.

"Quiet girl!" Jaken snapped as usual. He never seemed to smile. Jaken was always miserable, grouchy, annoyed, or just plain ridiculous. Rin was so different from him. She could never understand him, and probably never would.

"Isn't it a lovely day Master Jaken? There are so many flowers and it's soo sunny! La la la la la…"

Then they heard voices. Rin grinned like she had just stumbled upon the biggest valley of flowers ever (and you know how much she likes those).

"It's Kagome and Inuyasha and Miroku and Sango and Shippo!" She raced ahead to meet them. They all smiled at her, completely ignoring the other two demons. Sesshomaru growled but they still didn't acknowledge him. Kagome gave Rin her kind smile.

"Hello Rin. Would you like a cookie?" So Rin took the odd biscuit eagerly. "Thank you very much!" After a few minutes of talking, where Old Fluffers still didn't say a word and Toad Butt continued scolding Rin for being so freakishly perky, they parted.

(Fluffers: This Sesshomaru objects to being called such an immature name! Do you know who the hell I am?

Rin: Serious, Cold, Totally cuuuuutte!

Fluffy: Grr…)

Rin was still eating her cookie. She was getting crumbs all over herself and the chocolate chips were slightly melting.

"Lord Sesshomaru?"


"I'm thirsty from eating the cookie." So they went to a nearby lake and Rin took a long, long drink of water.


They continued the journey.

"Lord Sesshomaru?"


"I need to go cause I drank so much water."

So they found a suitable tree for Rin to umm… let her stuff out--I mean do her business.


And they went on.

"Lord Sesshomaru?"


"I'm sticky and dirty from the cookie crumbs."

So they waited for Rin to take a bath. By this time Jaken was grumbling about how spoiled Rin was, and how he'd never do that, blah blah blah.

Anddd they continued the journey.

"Lord Sesshomaru?"

"What is it?"

"I'm tired from the bath." (some times after a bath you may feel sleepy but not always)

So they stopped so Rin could get on Ah-Un's back. They had a peaceful journey until…

"Lord Sesshomaru?"

"What the f… yeah?"

"I'm hungry. Can I have another cookie?"

I can't imagine Old Fluffers(Sesshy growls; Grrr)saying this sesshomaru objects blah blah blah but what the heck. Hope you enjoyed that!