Desire. Lust. Passion. Was that all this is?

Roy moaned as he thrust into me one last time before climaxing inside of me. Just a desire that he could meet with anyone? I groaned as I felt Roy's hot mouth closing around me, sucking and licking till I came for him, then being wrapped up in blankets and feeling a warm chest against my back. Sometimes I'm not sure where we are.

It's the same old same old in the office. Roy teasing me about my height, me giving the rest of the office a show. Yet, always at night, he enters me, uses me for his own desires, or, is it possible Roy feels the way I do? I decided to put my thoughts into words.

"Roy?" I whispered out as if my own voice would attack me if I really broke the silence. "Mmm?" came the response.

"Where are with…" I shift a bit still uncomfortable about the subject. "With our relationship….? Are we just friends with benefits or…" a swallow. " Something more?" Roy shifted and turned me to look at him. I couldn't help but lose myself in his onyx eyes.

"Do you want it to be something more Ed?" There he goes using my nick name again. It sounded so odd on his lips, when we used to hate each other only months before.

"I.. I'm not sur….." I was cut off when Roy kissed me fully on my lips then moved to my neck, slightly biting. "Ah….agh… R-Roy… ahh….." I moaned as he gently bit the place where my neck connected with my shoulder.

"Cause I do…" he murmured against my neck in a husky voice which he used to turn me on. And yet again it worked. I could only watch and moan as Roy kissed down my chest to my navel, dipping his tongue in before continuing his path to kiss around the base of my cock then kiss up it and kiss the top.

"Ngh…Ahh…" I moaned again, arching my hips upward slightly, lost In the passion Roy was creating for me.

"Edo…" Roy murmured against the head of my cock, before taking me into his mouth, sucking and licking, causing me to squirm in desire, to beg for more.

"Roy…ah…Ngh…." I moaned as I came into his mouth, Roy readily swallowed all I offered. Wiping his mouth, Roy came back up to me, cupping my face with his hands and kissing me.

"Ngh…" I managed out before Roy pressed his lips to mine.. After the kiss, I layed there, panting and gazing at the one who wanted more then sex with me. Why, why me? Why did he want someone who only had half a body, who's only goal in life was to bring his brothers body back. Once again, I decided to voice my thoughts.

"Why…. Why do you want some one like me? You could have anyone…." I said looking away, feeling ashamed of my body.

"Why?" Roy murmured his lips against my neck. "Why Edo… because, you understand me….you know what the hell I'm talking about when I mention something alchemic. You are the one. The one I need, and Want." I blushed heavily, as Roy gently nugged my head to look at him. "What do you say Edo…. Do you wish to be more then just friends…." He asked me again.

Still blushing I let my eyes meet with his.

"Yes…." I managed.

Roy bent down and sealed my answer with a kiss, turning it into a promise.


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