Fruits Basket/Sailor Moon

"The Messiah and the Monster"

She was the only girl he could hold.

He was the only boy she couldn't scare.

She saw something in him no one else understood.

He saw something in her that no one else could.

Together they found love in the most unlikeliest of people.

It was raining…I remember that much about the day…someone had been watching me while I played alone…when I looked up, they were hiding behind a tree…we just looked at each other for a while…and then I stood, ready to run away…but my body had a mind of its own…it walked me over to them and shakily extended a hand to them in way of a greeting or something…they shied away but I just stood there, my hand out to them…I spoke to them, trying to coax them out…when they came out, they extended their hand to mine…their hand was massive compared to my tiny palm…I curled my fingers around one of theirs and pulled them out into the open…I didn't scream or cry out in fear…I just smiled, telling them I wasn't afraid of them…to show my friendship, I gave them a bracelet I found…they suddenly hugged me and I felt weird inside…they let go of me as I changed in front of them…they didn't run…they took my hand and pulled something out of their pocket…they put it in my hand and I hugged them in gratitude…something happened and when I released them, we saw each other as we really were…the rain fell heavier, soaking us both but it didn't matter…something inside me kept me warm…