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This is only a clip. We will be going back in time and all will be explained.


I stepped out of my truck on the very first day of senior year in Forks High School. All the talking stopped. And when I turned around everyone was staring at me. Especially the Cullen's.

Especially Edward.

Oh god now he was going think I was trying to impress him after our break up last month. And that was the last thing I had been trying to do.

Or at least I didn't think I was trying to impress him. If you promise not tell anyone I'll tell you a secret. I think I still love him, but I push it away every time it resurfaces. And let me tell I push it away like twice daily.

It was mostly for Henry. My new mortal semi boyfriend. And also soon to be new kid at Forks High School.

God I didn't know what everyone is obsessing about. All I was wearing was red super high heeled shoes, a simple red spaghetti strapdress that stopped right above my knees and had a rounded neck line, and a white women's dress shirt to make it look like the dress is actually a shirt and a skirt. And I had put some makeup.

God! This school is made up of freaks.

I grabbed my backpack and slung it over my shoulder. Rubbing my lips together. I could almost feel the bright red lipstick on them. It felt so unnatural. I started to walk towards the senior wing of the school. But then I dropped the black sun glasses I had desperately been trying to put on.

I bent over to pick them up and A BUNCH OF GUYS APPLAUDED! I turned as red as my dress. I knew that Edward must be fighting to keep under control. I hastily picked up my sunglasses put them on and stood to walk as fast as I could to the school.

Then I noticed that Alice was standing right in front of me. I must have jumped a foot and stood there clutching my heart, "Alice," I gasped, "Never ever scare me like that again!" I nearly screamed.

Then I noticed that Alice's eyes were coal black. Uh-oh. She did not come over to compliment me on my outfit she looked right up to me. Which was a challenge considering Alice is about 4"9' and these heels brought me up to nearly over 5"8'.

She hissed at me, "Bella I think what your doing is just plain mean. I mean you broke up with him and now your just rubbing salt into the wound."

I scoffed, "Alice what the hell are you talking about?"

"Get any new clothes lately?" she asked staring at what she must have noticed. The red straps of my push up bra.

This time I through up my head and laughed, "You guys really think extremely high of yourself," Alice looked confused so did the rest of the school who was listening intently to our conversation I moved my hand to my clothes, "This has nothing to do with Edward."

Alice looked as if she was going to fight me on my answer but then a screeching Jeep pulled up. Just a few spaces away from my truck.

A car I recognized.

I gave Alice a big smile, "My clothes have nothing to do with Edward and everything to do with Henry Pride. The new kid."

With that I took of my sun glasses. Putting one of those things that holds them to your ear in my moth seductively and walked over to the car. CeCe Pride my new best friend was stepping out of the passenger. Looking even better then Rosalie. Even though I knew she was having a bad hair day.

"Hey Ce," I said giving a little wave. She gave me a look like oh god you are going to stick your tongue down my brothers throat in a public place are you? Oh god you are.

I walked over to the drivers side. Waiting for Henry to get out of his seat. His eyes nearly bugged out when he saw me. And what I was wearing.

I gave a huge grin, "Hey stranger," I said in a whisper. He grabbed my hand and we walked to my truck. Where I had left my back pack. The whole school was staring at us with wide eyes, including the Cullen's.

Including Edward

CeCe gave a nervous glance and then whispered, "Is this how they always act around new students?"

I gave a laugh and then whispered to both of them, "No it's mostly because they all expected me to be here with Edward. But now I'm with the new kid. I guess it's their right to start gossiping." I snuggled closer under Henry's arm. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was doing something wrong.

Henry turned to me an evil grin on his face, "Well let's at least give them something to talk about." Then he leaned down and gave me one of the greatest kisses of my life. Excluding the ones I had, had with Edward. Henry was a great kisser but nothing would come close to Edward.

CeCe groaned and stomped off to the front office. As I wrapped my arms around Henry's neck. Deepening the kiss.

I think the whole parking lot gasped and then I heard everyone start talking at once. But then I heard the reaction I was waiting for. A horrendous growl ripped through the parking lot.


All this will be explained in the next chapter. I hope you guys like this story. No Bella has not turned into a heartless bitch. And don't worry. I think that somewhere in the game the TRUE lovers might be reunited.


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