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Chapter 20

Warm Hope


1 hour later

Bella had missed school. Not missed, actually, ditched. There was no explanation for her absence, and I felt the need to check on her. Some sort of hollow need to see if she was alright that I had yet to shake.

I accepted it. She loved him. And in most ways I respected it. He could give her everything I could not, and I was able to understand that she loved him. He felt even more for her, I had searched every inch of his mind and found nothing but sincerity. His feelings for her were a mirror of what I felt.

And then there was the feeling of hopelessness. If I gave her up that was it. Her lifetime was like the blink of an eye. And after that there was nothing. Not one more person in forever who would be like her, who could move like her, think like her, smile like her. After that, there was nothing. Everything was pointless.

Alice felt my suspicion as well. I had asked her to no longer look for Bella, it hurt to much to see her future unfold, and now Alice was finding it difficult to channel her. Something was happening, I could feel it in every inch of my body. The sense of something dark, something not at all pleasant.

As we passed the house my worst fears were confirmed, the door was ajar, the driveway empty, I was out of the car before it had stopped, it was only because of Alice's quick reflexes that the car did not crash, "Edward," she screeched, her voice a mix of agitation and fear.

The house was in shambles, nothing was where it should have been. In the kitchen, the smell of Bella's blood and tears was evident enough that I found myself rigid. Alice winced when she came into the room, put quickly composed herself. She saw the note before I did, but I was quicker.

I read half of it before I dropped it on the table. Victoria. My fist went straight through a wall before I knew what had happened. Alice was more productive. She ignored my outburst and moved silently to the family room, where she found a crumpled note on the floor, with handwriting foreign to me. There was an address that I barely registered before grabbing Alice's wrist and hauling us both out of the door.

The car ride where I was pushing a dangerous speed seemed to last hours, seconds stretching into minutes that seemed to drum against the inside of my head like bullets to a human brain. Alice was on the phone, talking to Jasper, as she hung up I knew I would have to deal with the rest of my copious family in a few moments.

We arrived abruptly, and I hit the brakes without thinking. Alice went flying, only a quick thrust of her palm to the dashboard stopped her forehead from ramming against the wind shield.

Before we walked in I knew she was gone. There were drag marks in the dust and skid marks on the asphalt. I knew who was in the warehouse before Alice gasped and ran to his side. He was breathing, but not for long.


The place reeked of his and Isabella's blood, but there was something else. Alice was looking hard at one wall, "She bit her," Alice whispered. I made a noise in the back of my throat, before whispering something to Alice that would change the coarse of our lives forever, and then I ran, faster then ever before, I ran in the direction I hoped with every fiber of my being Victoria had gone. I ran because it was all I could do. I ran because I had been too late to protect her. But mostly I ran because I couldn't bare to see the results of the message I had left with Alice to give to Carlisle. I couldn't bare to see another innocent person turned into a monster. It was too late for Bella. Too later for Henry.

Too late for hope.


A slit of light is the only thing I see when I open my eyes. I punch my fist into the wood and it shatters into splinters. My eyes have memorized the interior before I've sat all the way up.

I'm in a plane.

Its clearly grounded. As I stretch I realize I'm no longer wearing my blood crusted clothing, instead I have on a white dress and no shoes. Barefoot I stand and double over, pain piercing my entire body, running through my body like electricity, making my entire body feel as if it is on fire. My eyes shut in a wince.

As I open them once again there's only one thing I can think about. I move with grace, the metal of the plane bends like liquid as I ram my entire body hard against it. I break through and into a snowy night. I wonder if I'm still in America. Wind whips through my entire body, as I smell the air.

I run savagely. As another gust hits my body my hair whips across my face, as I push it out my eyes I register a piece of platinum on my finger. I wonder where that's from for only a moment. My body cares about something else. I sprint forward, searching for food, for blood.

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