A/N: This is my first drabble ever, so don't kill me. It's so hard to make it 100 words exactly, but I like challenges. This will be made for some LJ challenges, and some just 'cause I wanna do it. It's all SetoxJou though, and reviews are appreciated. This isn't a oneshot, but each chapter is not related. Oh, and only one disclaimer. I don't own 'em. -.- Oh, and the title isn't included in the 100 words. Heh.


Seto loves the little sounds that Katsuya makes.

Sometimes they're whimpers, when Seto won't comply with Katsuya's request. Or there's when Katsuya sighs in defeat when giving in to a playful argument. Seto doesn't mind when he murmurs incomprehensibly in his sleep often about food, or even occasionally about Seto himself. Though, his favourite sound by far, are those rare occasions when they lie in bed together after a long night and his head rests on Katsuya's chest so he can hear the distant thump of his lover's heartbeat.

Never would Seto admit to adoring the sounds that Katsuya makes.