A/N: Not the best update, but eh. It's just Katsuya tellin' how Seto handles it when they argue. And how he hopes it makes Seto forget their petty disagreement. Oh yeah, and the girl in the previous chapter was Mai, hah.


He raises the martini glass to his lips and takes another sip. He does this every time we argue. He sits in his chair facing the fireplace and has drink after drink. He knows I don't like him doing that.

Whenever Dad would get angry, he'd drink too ... not as sophisticatedly, though. He'd have his shot glass and a bottle of whiskey – but liquor is liquor.

Usually, Seto passes out in that oversized armchair. It saddens me. I despise the effects of alcohol.

I usually carry him up to bed.

And I hope that the liquor has made him forget.