Nine Is Divine?


Seventeen years ago on October 17 an anxious Bowser sat twiddling his thumbs in the hospital waiting room. It had been nearly thirteen hours since Vita went into labor. Vita, dear God, was she alright? Bowser broke out into a cold sweat. Numbly, he reached for his handkerchief and wiped some of the sweat off his brow. He could hear his heart pounding deafeningly inside him. And what about our baby, was she okay? Suddenly, the doors to the waiting room burst open!

In walked a nurse who went straight for the bathroom.

Bowser nearly fell out of his seat. Another false alarm. He began to think about Vita. Vita, Vita, sweet, precious Vita. He remembered when he first saw her. Her beautiful blue eyes, her luscious ruby lips, and her daintily curled blonde hair. He couldn't think what life would be like without her. But, then again, he couldn't think of life without Lena. It had been two years since she died and he still couldn't forget her. Laid out on the operating table like a display at the museum. Motionless, cold…all because of complications from birth. And little BJ, asleep in his daddy's arms, their last child together. He swore that he would never tell any of his kids about their mother. Especially not BJ…. A tear trickled down Bowser's cheek. Lena, oh, how I wish you could see BJ.

The doors to the waiting room slowly creaked open again. This time to reveal a Koopa-Troopa doctor.

Dr. Terry Bosco walked over to Bowser, a solemn look on his face. "Sir, I have some good news and some bad news."

"What…" Bowser choked out.

"The good news is your wife…"

"She's not my wife."

"Well, your girlfriend had a successful labor. She's absolutely fine, just a little groggy."

Thank God, Vita's fine. Vita's okay, she's going to be o…Wait. If Vita's alright then…then…what about? Oh no…

"However, your baby's fine but…"

"Is she…is she…"

"Sir, you'll have to come with me."

Outside of Vita's room Bowser was leaned against the wall deep in thought. Dr. Bosco had went inside to tell Vita the bad news.

"Sir, when the baby came out from the womb, we thought she was normal and all. But upon closer inspection we realized that something was very wrong."


"Your daughter's a human."

The door to the room opened and out came Dr. Bosco. Before Bowser could ask anything a nurse came running up to them.

"Dr. Bosco! Your wife's gone into labor!"

"What! But she's a month early! Oh dear lord! Cancel all of my appointments and tell the board to reschedule the meeting! I…I…oh my God I'm going to be a daddy!"

With that both the doctor and the nurse rushed down the hallway and turned the corner to the exit.

Bowser peeked inside the room. They were alone now. They could finally talk about what was going to happen.

"It's alright honey, you can come in."

Bowser slowly came into the room. On the bed was Vita. Her pale skin reflecting the sun's bright rays. Cradled in her arms was a tiny infant, swaddled in a baby blanket.

She was a human. Bowser had prayed she's come out to be a Koopa. Only then would she be accepted by the family. This complicated everything…

"Bowser, I think it would best for the both of us if we let her up for adoption."

Bowser felt a sharp pain in his heart. "No!" he blurted out. "Absolutely not!"

"Then, what are we going to do with her. I can't live in New York as a single mother, it would be too much stress, and too much money, money that I don't have. And I can't move here because I have my mom to support back there."

Bowser thought long and hard about what he was going to do. It will be hard for her to live with the family.

"I'll raise her."

Vita smiled a soft, melancholy smile. "I knew you'd say that." She held out the girl and Bowser cradled her in her arms.

"Bowser, I have to go back home. But I want you to always remember, I love you more than words can say. And one day, when I can, I'll come back and I can live with you forever. But until then…" she took out a picture of them when they first met and ripped it in half. She gave him the half with her on it. "I want you to have me by your side so you can show our daughter who her mother is."

Bowser leaned down and kissed Vita on the forehead. "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too."

Bowser walked out of the room. He closed the door behind him. He went over to a bench by the nurses' station and sat upon it. Bowser looked down at his sleeping daughter. Callista Koopa, my second daughter. What am I going to do with you?

If I raise you the way I planned you would be an absolute genius. You'd be my right hand man…woman. You'd help me with all of my vilest plans. But you're a human. If I brought you into my family you wouldn't be accepted. You'd be scorned and neglected. Where am I going to put you?

Then it hit Bowser like a speeding bullet.

The Castle Dungeon!