Rising dragon, crouching genius

Prologue- I think you're kinda pretty when you think you've got a chance …

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"YOU IDIOT" the lavender ghost wailed, nearly shattering Jack's eardrum despite all his precautions. Sighing, the evil genius removed the earplugs he had slipped in earlier, probably the sole reason he could still hear at all. After months of Wuya's endless, not to mention high pitched, insults and sarcasm, he'd learned that only through the use of drastic measures was he ever going to get peace and quiet … and he knew that this tactic would only work until the diminutive ghost thought to phase far enough in his head so that she could bypass any physical attempts to drown her out. Jack didn't relish the day she thought of that, having her phase through his skull was creepy enough, without the added bonus of having to hear her nag him there to boot.

"What! What! What already!" Jack yelled, trying to stop the ghost before it went on one of its seemingly endless rants about how terrible a villain he was.

"As I said, TWICE … a new item has appeared! We must hurry and seek it out before those Xiaolin fools get a hold of it!"

Jack sighed again, and looked back to his current project. High end metals, tools and circuitry lay scattered across the floor next to a sheet of paper covered in his cramped handwriting. Just glancing at that sheet reminded Jack of all the time and energy he had already poured into this project. This was going to be his masterpiece, a break through that would make all his other Jack-bots look like the pieces of scrap Jack knew they were. Sure he wouldn't be able to SHOW this particular piece to anyone, but …

"Stop your infernal daydreaming! There is work to be done you foolish child!" Wuya screamed, shoving her ethereal face into his own, her tiny hands shaking in the air. Her eyes were still tinted back showing an image of the shen gong wu, which in this case appeared to be nothing more then a large black book. Jack looked from Wuya's misshapen irises to the parts lying scattered in front of him, biting his lip in thought.

"Meh, let the losers have this one, I'm busy" he said with a shrug, picking up the sheet of paper and mentally reviewing his math. Everything had to be absolutely perfect for this project. He tried his best to hurry, knowing his apathy wasn't going to go over so well with his partner. Indeed, before he could skim half the page Wuya began to rave.

"WHAT! How stupid are you? Do you know how little wu we have left? And we all know what fate awaits whatever moronic invention you're wasting time on! It'll be destroyed with a mere kick by one of the Xiaolin apprentices, whom you seem to habitually underestimate. Furthermore it is crucial the black book of Exedon not fall into their power!" the small ghost screeched before continuing on to her usual litany of complaints … how stupid Jack was, how much better her monsters were compared to his machines … how she could have conquered the world by now if she only had her corporal body …

Jack rolled his eyes and mimicked her with a hand, hoping that would annoy her enough that she would fly off and sulk for awhile, giving him a chance to continue his work.

"Do you have any IDEA the powers of the black book of Exedon?" Wuya asked, her voice becoming all but a sneer and her left eye twitching in barely suppressed rage.

"Ummm, contains all the phone numbers of Exedon's girlfriends?" Jack asked, snickering at his own joke. "Get it black book? Phone numbers …"

"No" Wuya cut him off. "Once held, its owner need only write another's name into the book in order to learn their deepest and darkest secrets" the ghost paused, allowing that to seep into her less then enthusiastic cohort. She watched with a small amount of perverted joy when Jack swallowed hard and his entire body tensed.

"Wha … what do you mean by deepest and darkest secrets?" he managed to choke out a few seconds later, his tone that low pitched whine that informed Wuya she had struck a nerve.

"It means that if those Xiaolin fools get a hold of the book, you'll have nothing left to hide" Wuya said, her tone clearly gloating.

The sheet of paper slipped out of Jack's hand, as he considered all the frightening possibilities that could mean. If they gained control of this wu, it would be spell disaster for him. It would do more then give Clay and Omi fodder for taunts … It would do more then change their fighting tactics against him … It would change everything. They'd learn about his secret project … his secret obsession. It would mean that he'd find out everything …

Tasting blood, Jack managed to free himself from the downward spiral of thinking. He hadn't even realized he was chewing his lip …

But this could work out yet. If he, Jack Spicer, managed to get the book first … then not only would he have a huge advantage against the Xiaolin warriors but he could also get a few personal questions answered … without having to make a fool of himself and ask. Not to mention the fact that if he had the book, he could lock it away someplace no one would ever find it when he was done … meaning he never had to risk anyone finding out the facts of his life he'd prefer not to share.

Jack shuddered, it didn't take an evil genius to figure out how badly he needed to win.

Without his usual snappy retort to Wuya, Jack spun around and grabbed the monkey staff from a lab table. He surprised the ghost by just starting his rotors without calling for his slew of robotic minions; he didn't even spare a second glace in the mirror to make sure every stray hair was perfect. He didn't have time to waste today, he needed to win. No doubt Omi had convinced the others to charge after the shen gong wu the minute their pet dragon had started scratching his rear … meaning he was already behind. But he could catch up … he could win …

No, scratch that … he needed to.

Author's notes -

Hya folks!

I just wanted to mention/explain a few things …

1) This is a piece of slash fan fiction … which WILL be predominant throughout the later chapters. If for some reason boy-boy love bothers you … you might want to find yourself another fic to read.

2) I am (sadly) a review whore. Indulge me with a review, and I'll try and return the favor.

3) All in all (if my outline works out) this fic should be about eleven chapters long and then an epilogue (most chapters being significantly longer this one)

4) Wuya is not meant to sound like a pestering child in this chapter (she rants and wails because that's all she CAN do … seeing as she can't physically do anything, and her heylin magic is denied to her). Meaning though she may sound like a pissed off kid wanting a new toy … her motives are a lot more deep then people give her credit for (and I mention this because I think Wuya tends to get a bum rap … but hopefully I should be able to expand upon her character later).

Thanks for reading! See you next chapter …

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