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Chapter one. Familiar Faces

Riza walked along the streets of Tokyo with her commanding officer Colonel Roy Mustang. She Roy and the rest of the members in the office, were assigned to watch over the Japanese city of Tokyo. She knew the streets of Tokyo like the back of her hand though there was one area she must stay away from. That would only lead to painful memories. Memories that she didn't want to wake from their grave. She and Roy did not see anything of the Armestrian murderer. They then decided to call it a night. However their trip back to the apartment all of them had been sharing was not as peaceful as they would have liked it to be. Riza who was lost in thought had walked right into a woman carrying groceries. She immediately apologized in Japanese. The woman recognized the voice.

"Kagome?" The woman asked as though she was careful but relieved at the same time. Riza recognized the woman as well.

"Mom?" Riza sounded just like the woman. Roy looked completely confused. He knew Hawkeye's mother and father. And neither of them were Japanese, both were blonde, and Armestrian. One a great alchemist just like his daughter and Roy himself. It made no sense.

"Kagome I thought you had left this country all together forever to live with your father!" The woman exclaimed.

"I'm here on business mom." She stated simply. Her 'mother' looked over to Roy. And muttered something along the lines of, 'business really?'

"Well where are you staying?"

"The other side of the city near-" She stopped when she saw who was standing next to her mother. With a face that was comparable to Roy's, twisted in confusion.

"Inuyasha?" She asked quietly almost afraid of the answer.

"Kagome?" he asked in the same manner.

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