Chapter Five Humanity

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"Tell me Riza, is he human?" Roy asked, with a hint of well Riza wasn't sure what.

"No he is a half demon, I know it sounds strange, but," Roy pressed his finger to silence her.

"I trust you, calm down."

"Wow, I thought you would have sent me straight to the loony bin," she replied sarcastically as she pulled from his grip. She proceeded to get up and walk towards the apartment. I decided to follow her, she was my superior after all.

"Maria, its ok. I'm ok, you don't have to follow me,"

"Ma'am if its all the same to you, I just want to go cook dinner."

"Fine" she sighed.

When we arrived back to our temporary home, I proceeded to make dinner, though not letting any of the boys out of my earshot, Riza had gone to bed, not caring what was going on with the boys.

This was going to be a long night, the only girl in the apartment surrounded by immature men.


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