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Author's Note: This was inspired by a picture my friend LadyRiona showed me. It's testament that I am way to obsessed with both Fullmetal Alchemist and DNAngel.

Summary: (Fullmetal AlchemistXDNAngel Gen Drabble) Ed sees something one night that shocks him as he looks for a way back home.

Warnings: Post series (pre-movie) FMA, pre-series for DNAngel, SPOILERS,

An Angel That Looks Like Me

Ed sighed as he exited the shop. His search for a way back to Amestris had led him to a small town on the costal outskirts of Tokyo, Japan, named Azumano. It was a good thing that he knew Japanese. Unfortunately, the shop he just exited knew nothing of what he looked for.

He had come on a rumor and with a name, Hikari. Supposedly, the Hikari's had created artworks believed to have soul, magical artifacts imbued with the ability to think and act for themselves. He had found a book, in very bad condition, called Ice and Dark which had mentioned two of these artifacts (The Second Hand of Time and The Link Pin of Time).

He hoped to find at least one of the Hikari artworks, or a surviving Hikari, to see if there was a way home. However, he had found, on arrival, that most of the Hikari art had been destroyed or hidden during the Cultural Revolution, and the Hikari family was very secretive. He couldn't find any information.

Walking around the park he circled a beautiful windmill, looking up at the turning blades. He sighed again figuring he'd never get home. He turned away from the windmill and walked around the fountain heading to the inn he was staying in. Around him wind rustled the trees and his hair.

He reached an intersection only to see cops racing down the street. "QUICK HE'S GETTING AWAY!" One cop shouted pointing ahead and slightly upwards. Ed looked where he was pointing to see a man flying away with black wings.

"Chimera?" he said curiously. But no, the wings were natural, and the way he moved.

Suddenly a shout of "DARK!" made him turn his head away from the black winged figure.

A second angelic figure approached. Ed was shocked. He looked almost exactly like him. The few differences were, hair length (and a bit of the style, the bangs were different), height, and the large white wings that the figure had.

The figure drew a white feather throwing it at the other, a section of the sky seemed to look like the negative of a photograph and a small boom was heard. Ed stood still as he watched the two figures above lock into battle.

Just by observation he could tell this had been going on for centuries. Were these part of some Hikari artwork? Were the legends true?

"Krad," the dark figure said as he dodged a blast of energy. Ed shielded his eyes and stood his ground as aftershock of the light winged figure's blast attempted to blow him back.

"Wow," he whispered, his golden eyes as wide as saucers.

After a battle that seemed to last for eternity, but only lasted for a few minutes there was a bright flash of light and the two winged figures were gone.

Ed stood there, shocked still, the image of the angels firmly planted into his mind.

As he reached his room at the inn he realized, maybe, just maybe, magic exists.