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Author's Note: I swore this would be a one-shot, but it's turned into a multi-chapter collab.

Summary: (Fullmetal AlchemistXDNAngel Gen fic) Ed sees something one night that shocks him as he looks for a way back home.

Warnings: Post series (pre-movie) FMA, pre-series for DNAngel, SPOILERS

Rating: K (G)

An Angel That Looks Like Me

Ed gave a wave as the last librarian left. He seemed to be on a roll, the book was an old, beat up, and partially burnt book detailing all the Hikari work up until three hundred years ago. A notebook next to him kept his coded notes on the subject of the art.

As he turned the pages of the book he took notes, sketching things that looked interesting. Once he thought he saw an alchemic circle in one of the artworks, but it was just a plain circle with the word "Freedert" and a statue in it, the caption claimed it to be "The Second Hand of Time." Were they real? Or were they fantasy.

The book was obviously not a book the library knew it had. He had found it when another book had fallen off of the shelf and hit the bottom shelf, dislodging it enough to show a space beneath it. He had removed the board enough to find the book, covered in centuries worth of dust and dead insect bodies. He had blown the dust off of the book to read the name and had immediately been quiet happy with the find.

He turned the page to see an unfinished statue. He really wasn't sure what it was and the name was covered. Gently he removed the dust and dirt from the page to read the name, "The Black Wings," it said it was a work in progress, due to be finished, but the rest was missing due to the burning.

He knew why this was a hidden book, why it had been burnt. It was a book that went against everything the Cultural Revolution was for. He finished his notes on "The Black Wings" before carefully closing it and taking it back. The library was dark so he carried a lantern.

As he reached the shelf with the hidden compartment he crouched down. The lantern was sat next to him on one side and the book on the other. Carefully he pried the shelf loose again and was about to put the book back when something caught his eye. There was a hole in the back of the shelf, to the shelf on the other side.

He could see something shiny in the shelf behind because of a beam of light the lantern threw illuminated it. It glittered in the flickering light and like a moth to flame Ed went to it. Walking around the bookshelf he knelt down and begun wiggling the other shelf out, but it wouldn't budge. Looking closely, he noted hinges in the back. With a bit of work he managed to pry the board up.

There laying in another cocoon of dust and dead insect bodies and cobwebs was a beautiful earring. It was white with a red gem, a ruby, in the center. Lifting it out of it's hold he carefully wiped away the dust with his cloak and held it up to the candle light. It was beautiful, instantly he knew it was a Hikari work.

Making a rash decision he pocketed the earring and closed the shelf walking around the other side and put the book and shelf back on the other side. Deciding to call it a night he left the library, waving at the guard who locked the door behind him.

His stroll back to the inn that night brought him again to the windmill. It seemed the place called to him as whenever his mind was elsewhere he would find himself at the windmill on top of the fountain. The sirens blared again. The third time since he had arrived a week ago. Suddenly he was eager, exited even, to see the white winged angel.

The whoosh of the dark winged angel pushed him over the railing that separated the windmill fountain from a cliff. He gave a shout as his automail hand grabbed air. But suddenly he found it grabbed, only a meter from the ground. He looked up and stared right into gold eyes.

As his feet touched the ground near the fountain he had to ask, "What's your name?"

The angel, who was about to take off again looked back over his shoulder, "Krad." And with that he took off into the night. Ed went back to the inn, his mind a whirlwind of thoughts.

Krad, was he perhaps Hohenheim's other self? No, somehow he didn't believe it.

He pulled out the earring, watching it twirl in the moonlight, the white wings glittering, white wings, so much like, "Krad."