Will just got married to Lisa two days ago. But things are starting to fall apart in his family.

"Lisa I'm so happy we got married. This is going to be the best marriage of our lives." Said Will holding Lisa in her arms.

"I know baby, finally we can go all the way, but Will how are we going to get money like your uncle?"Said Lisa kissing Will

"So what do you want to do today?" asked Will

"Shopping of course." Said Lisa

"Ok no problem, but can we go tommorow? I really want to watch the game with my friend Jazz, he's suppose to be coming over." Said Will

"Ok baby, I'll miss you,'' said Lisa bending over and kissing will for a good 3 seconds.

Lisa leaves a happy Will sitting down on the couch. Will decides to go see what the family is up too.

"Hey everybody." Said Will

"Hey Will." Said the whole family

"Hey Ashley want to go sit down and watch the game with my man Jazz?" Asked Will

"Sorry homie, I have a hot date tonight with this really sweet guy name Mike. And I'm going to meet him at the mall in 2 mins." Said Ashley cumbing her hair

"Hey Carlton what about you?" Asked Will

"Do I look like I want to sit next to you and Jazz, and sit there and listen to you make fun of me? I mean I don't even want to watch tv, I think I'm just going to go take a dip in the pool." said Carlton

"Well you just do that, because you wouldn't be able to see the tv anyway, your too short to see the tv bhahahahaha." Said Will laughing

"Touche Will". Said Carlton

"Hey Hilary do you want to..." But Hilary cut Will off

"No Will I don't want to watch the game with you and Jazz, and possibly your stupid dumb fiance." Said Hilary polishingh her fingernails.

"Hey Hilary, at least I'm married and my wife didn't die." Said Will

"Will, I'll KILL YOU." Said Hilary Jumping on Will and trying to choke him.

Uncle Phil had to pull her off of Will.

"Hey Will, Tonight you better sleep with one eye open". Said Hilary

So Will went into the kitchen to find Jazz walking in the front door.

"Whats up Prince". Said Jazz giving Will five

"Hey Hilary, your so beautiful I would marry Carlton so I could be with you." Said Jazz

"Pshhhh your not even worth my time, why don't you get a life you know good washed up hasband." Said Hilary laughing

"Well its nice to see how everybody feels." Said Jazz crying and walking out the door.

"No Jazz, please come back." Said Will looking depressed.

"Well thanks a lot Hilary you hurt poor Jazzes feelings and he probably won't ever come by again." Said Will look very mad.

"So what, I don't care if he ever comes back." Said Hilary

"Hilary, for once would you show some compassion, instead of thinking of your own self. He could very well never speak to me again." Said Will

"Like I really care, Jazz is nothing but a low skum who thinks that he can get anyone sucking up to them." Said Hilary


"Hey Will, whats wrong with you? It looks like something is bugging you." Said Lisa

"Its my friend Jazz, Hilary scared him off, and he could very well never come by here again." Said Will

"Oh baby, I know how much he means to you, but tommorow, why don't you go and talk to him and see how he's doing." Said Lisa

"You know, thats a good idea." Said Will

"But Will, right now, I'm feeling frisky." Said Lisa

"Say no more baby, because daddys here." Said Will

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