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Another thing, Cloud is going to be around 16 when the fic starts but he is going to be around the age of 20-22 before the Nibelheim incident so his age is going to be off from the game, sorry.

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How it began...

"Hey Seph, are you ready for this!" A tall man, with black, spiky hair and onyx eyes, shouted enthusiastically to the emotionless man next to him.

"In truth Zack, no." Zack's companion answered monotonously.

Zack frowned, "Geez, cheer up Seph, maybe you'll be able to find someone you have the right to call your 'mini-me'!"

The tall, muscular man, with long, flowing silver hair down past his waist and glowing emerald eyes looked toward the ground.

'That's the problem,' Sephiroth thought sadly, almost angry, 'EVERYONE wants to be like me...'

On the outside, Sephiroth showed no sign of emotion, his posture confidant and intimidating, his eyes hard, and cold, but on the inside...

He was always told by that manipulative bastard Hojo that emotions showed weakness, and weakness meant you were worth nothing.

Sephiroth had it practically whipped into him from birth that cry or smiling or laughing showed that you were weak.

But deep inside, Sephiroth wished he had someone who would look at him just like Zack looked at him, someone who would accept him for himself...

Someone who truly loved him.

Zack had been Sephiroth's best and only friend ever since the over-active boy first started as a grunt, but Sephiroth wished he had someone else to love him, and except for whom he was.

Sure, he could have anyone he wanted; man or woman, but they would only threw themselves at his feet for his looks and power.

Never for who he truly was.

He needed someone that understood what he has been through. Someone that could love him for being the way he was, and someone that could teach him to love in return.

"Hey Seph, Seph? SEPH!" Zack's loud voice finally reaching his ears, snapping Sephiroth out of his thoughts.


"You spaced out man," Zack frowned, concerned, "You alright?"

Sephiroth shook his head to clear his head and gave Zack a rare, small smile, "Yeah."

"Good, 'cause we're here." Zack announced as the elevator opened and they stepped out into a large, spacious room, which had round tables with uncomfortable plastic chairs pushed near the walls. A large group of men wearing grunt uniforms stood, watching in shock, awe, and slight lust as 'The Great General Sephiroth' stepped off the elevator in front of the group of new recruits and walked over to stand next to Major General as the fat, bald man started to talk to the new recruits.

Zack had walked off the elevator and went to join the group of SOLDIERs standing at attention just behind Sephiroth. He may have been Sephiroth's second-in-command, but he didn't want people, especially new people who would want to use his power to get higher in the ranks, to know that.

But, thanks to this new program the heads of Shin-Ra created, called 'Big Brother, Little Brother', Zack had to watch what he said and who was around him.

Because, whenever there was a batch of new recruits, everyone in SOLDIER had to go meet one of grunts and become their mentor. Teaching them how to survive in a place like this and also helping them out with training and classes.

The SOLDIERs loved the new recruits, though they seemed tough and emotionless, they liked to joke around and hang out with anyone, be in the new recruits, the Turks, or the clean-up crew.

"Alright, I want you all to find a SOLDIER that you are comfortable with and get to know each other." The Major General commanded as he stepped aside, allowed the two groups to break apart.

Anyone who didn't care what the Major General had said had immediately gathered around Sephiroth like moths to a flame, and anyone else who was either scared or nervous went off and introduced themselves to any of the SOLDIERs around, who willingly accepted them kindly.

Sephiroth stood motionless staring straight in front of him, ignoring all the stares he was getting from the group of grunts that surrounded him.

It wasn't that the SOLDIERs hated Sephiroth because he was so famous. No, they liked and respected him because he took concern for there safety and treated them with respect that they treated him with, but they envied him in a way because of how much attention he gained from people.

And, that made Sephiroth sad though he didn't show it.

A loud bout of laughter from a nearby corner snapped Sephiroth out of his thoughts, and he turned to see Zack, and a group of SOLDIERs gathering around a particular table.

Sephiroth noticed everyone's attention was focused on a new recruit sitting next to Zack, and Sephiroth almost cocked his head to the side in curiosity at the new grunt.

The boy's hair shined like the rays of the sun, sticking up untamed in every direction. His body was lithe and fragile, like a piece of artwork, while his skin was as white as the clouds in the sky.

And his eyes, Sephiroth couldn't even begin to describe them.

They were a surreal blue, going from as blue as the sky on the outside to a navy blue or black near the pupil.

The boy looked up to the SOLDIER talking about something behind him, commented at something the man said, and the whole group burst out into laughter once again, some laughing so hard that they were crying.

Zack threw his arm around the recruit's shoulders, pulled the boy towards his chest, and gave him a noogie, which quickly earned Zack an elbow in the gut.

Zack quickly let go, and the boy immediately apologize, saying something that made all the SOLDIERs around him frown down at him in concern.

This in turn caused Sephiroth to frown.

The boy soon made a quick comment, and the group was soon laughing again with Zack soon bringing the recruit into a hug.

"Major?" Sephiroth asked, ignoring the recruits around him and looking toward the Major General who was watching on bored and half asleep quickly snapped to attention, saluting.

"Yes, General?" The man replied quickly.

"Who is the boy over there?" Sephiroth asked, pointing to the blond.

"Ahh, that would be..." The Major General trailed off, looked at a clip board he had on hand. "Cloud Strife."

'Cloud Strife, hmmm..." Sephiroth thought as he watched Zack half drag, half carry the new recruit to the elevator and pressed the up button.

The name fit the boy perfectly.

Suddenly, Cloud turned around and looked at Sephiroth straight in the eyes, smiling.

Cloud gave waved at Sephiroth before turning his attention back to Zack as the elevator door slid shut with a ding, and the duo disappeared.

Sephiroth stood there, shocked and confused at how this recruit was treating him.

'What's going on?'

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