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He watches him. That is all he can ever do now.

Emerald eyes flashed lovingly at the peaceful blond sleeping among dark blue sheets.

Truly, the light in the darkness.

His light.

A transparent, gloved hand reached out to brush back unruly blond bangs, only to pass right through the golden locks.

Sephiroth sighed sadly as he pulled his hand away.

He would never be able to touch his Cloud again.

A single black wing wrapped itself around Sephiroth broad form as if to comfort the fallen General.

Sephiroth only wished to make Cloud safe and happy.

What had turned out as a journey to Cloud's hometown turned into a complete disaster.

In hopes of discovering his past, everything turned into horror.

He only meant to avenge his mother, take back her right to the planet, and her former glory, Sephiroth had overlooked how Cloud was going to be effected.

He had mercilessly slaughtered the people of Nibelheim. He had set everything in his path in flame. He wasn't going to allow Shinra or any other 'worthless' creatures would torture his 'family' again.

'To think I loved you...!' Cloud's last words to Sephiroth.

Sephiroth bowed his head in resignation. Those words hurt him deeply. Blinded by sadness and anger, Sephiroth intended on free his little bird from Shinra's constricting chains by killing the blond.

And, if everything had gone as he had planned, Sephiroth would have had Cloud rule the cosmos beside him as a god.

But he had caused much more damage.

Sephiroth had painfully ripped Cloud's wings from his back, killing the free-spirited angel he once knew.

Now the Cloud Sephiroth knew was gone forever.

The planet would not except him. She was angry at his ignorance and greed and had banished him, leaving him to painfully watch his angel live a life of unhappiness and solitude.

There was nothing he could do now.

His sins will never be atoned for.

He would never go to the Promised Land.

He would never return to his Cloud.

"Hey Seph, have a fight again?" A familiar, annoying voice reached Sephiroth's ears.

Snapping around, Sephiroth stared in disbelief as Zack and the last Ancient, Aeris, smiled at him.

"Long time, no see." Zack smirked.

Sephiroth remained silent, not knowing if this was a trick from the planet or his mind, at least what little he had of it, laying tricks on him.

"No Sephiroth, we're no illusion." Aeris spoke. "The planet has noticed your grief and regret and has decided to give you another chance."

Sephiroth looked at them shocked, buyt suspicious none the less.

"Not much of a talker as always huh." Zack chuckled.

Sephiroth's looked like a fish out of water as he stared at the happy couple, "What? I-I...Thank you."

Aeris and Zack beamed at each other. A faint green light erupted from Sephiroth's feet, and he felt himself being unwillingly glued to the spot as green-ish blue tassels slowly make their way up his spiritual form.

"Your wing shall remain with you, the proof of your debts to this planet. And, with each sin forgiven a feather shall fall and by the time your wing is gone you shall be purified and allowed to rejoin the planet along with Cloud." Aeris stated.

Sephiroth looked at Cloud sleeping form and smiled.

"We'll be watching over you two, except for when, you know..." Zack trailed off.

Sephiroth chuckled as Zack and Aeris disappeared.

The glowing tassels melding themselves with Sephiroth's spirit energy causing a bright light to suddenly flood the room.

Cloud tried burying his face deeper into his feather pillow as the annoying light, no doubt Yuffie trying to piss him off...again.

"Yuffie, get the hell out of here it's too damn early for this."

"Last time I checked, I wasn't female." Sephiroth spoke softly, smiling as Cloud shot up and looked at him alarmed.

"You!" Cloud snarled as he lunged at a naked Sephiroth, who easily caught the enraged blond and held him carefully so they wouldn't hurt each other.

Furiousity and hatred glared back at sadness and guilt.

Without hesitation, Sephiroth captured Cloud's lips in a needy kiss, the very feel of Cloud's petal soft lips against his own sent a river of passionate fire coursing Sephiroth's newly acquired, cold body. He could feel Cloud trying to pull away, but with his experience and strength, Sephiroth was able to keep the blonde in place until he finally submitted.

Pulling away, Sephiroth stared down at a faintly blushing Cloud staring at him blankly.

"Why are you here?" Cloud demanded, regaining composure.

"I am here to be forgiven," Sephiroth stated turning his eyes to the ground ashamed, "for everything..."

Cloud's eyes narrowed in suspicion, "I doubt that."

Sephiroth sighed, "What do I have to do to make my mistake up to you then, I'll do anything?"

Sephiroth pleading gaze pierce fierce sapphire and Cloud's gaze softened, but the distrust was still there.

"If the planet can give you a second chance...then I guess I can as well, only if you can survive what is to come." Cloud stated.

Sephiroth chuckled, a relieved and amused smile on his face, "And what would that be?"

"Seeing you can run fast enough when Cid tries to shove his spear up your ass."

Sephiroth laughed happily, for once in a long, as Cloud grabbed his sword, goggles and wallet.

"Since I'm up, might just as well get you some clothes. Everything here is either too big or too small anyway." Cloud muttered. "Take the bed, I won't be back until morning."

Sephiroth smiled happily as he watched the tired, grumpy blond leave the room.

Maybe...his Cloud wasn't dead.

This is the last chapter, and unless someone could come up with the idea of a sequel. I was flirting with the idea of a Dirge of Cerberus sequel only it would be from Cloud and Sephiroth's point of view.

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