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Chapter 1 – Setsuna's New Rival: Miyazaku Yuuki

So far it had been just an ordinary day to Sakurazaki Setsuna. She woke up around 5 a.m., trained for about an hour and a half, took a shower, brushed her teeth, went to Konoka's room for breakfast, was glomped by her, ate breakfast with Konoka, Asuna, and Negi but was forced by Konoka to eat more, and walked to school with the three. Class had been going on for 30 minutes and she could already feel a pair of eyes staring at her. Setsuna blushed at the thought of who it could be. Trying to distract her from the feeling she hid her face in her English book.

"…and the girl smiled as she took the chocolates from the boy. Anyone want to read next?" Negi looked around and sighed, 'Nobody ever does, I don't know why I even ask.' He looked at Setsuna and was impressed to see the young swordsman concentrating on its contents.

"Setsuna-san, why don't you read the next line?"

Setsuna looked up at Negi with a embarrassed face. "Ito…can I read the next one after?" Konoka instantly raised her hand, "Negi-kun! I'll read it if you don't mind." Setsuna looked at Konoka with a questioning look. 'Why does ojou-sama want to read the line now?'

Negi smiled, "Alright Konoka-san, after you Setsuna-san will read." Konoka smiled and stood up with her book. Trying to make it look like she was reading, but was really looking at Setsuna, she put the book close to her face.

"The girl said to the boy, "I have had a crush on you for a long time. I'm so happy that you gave me chocolates for Valentine's Day." The girl turned away, embarrassed, and took the boy's hands in her own." Negi smiled and praised her for reading it perfectly, "Setsuna-san?" Setsuna could feel her face heat up as all eyes were on her now; expecting to be the boy. She looked at Konoka then at Negi and nodded.

She sighed and stood up, "The boy smiled and brought their hands to his chest. "Ever since we were kids I have always loved you but was afraid of what you and your family would think. But that was then; I give my heart to you." Setsuna sat down trying to cover her blush with the book. 'Why are we reading these kind of books in class!'

Asuna grinned as she looked at the blushing girl. "Wow Setsuna-san! I was wondering when you were going to confess to Konoka," someone yelled. This caused everyone to laugh, well except Eva who just scoffed at how childish the people in her class were and Chisame who muttered 'weirdo's'. Setsuna sunk in her chair as Negi tried to calm everyone down while Konoka continued to look at her with warm smile.

Once class ended, Setsuna tried to run out but remembered that Konoka told her to never leave her side. She swallowed and walked over to Konoka and Asuna. "Hey Setsuna-san," Asuna smiled. "So you and Konoka are finally official, eh?" Setsuna looked down as her blush reappeared, 'Damn this blush!' Konoka laughed, "Ara, Asuna-chan. Secchan and I are just friends, ne, Secchan," she said putting her arm over Setsuna's shoulder. "H-Hai, o-ojou-sama!" Asuna laughed as Konoka playfully scolded her about calling her 'ojou-sama' again. Setsuna felt a little pang inside when Konoka said that they were just friends.

As the three of them were walking towards the dorms Mana walked up to them. "Setsuna, the headmaster wants to talk to you about something." Expecting her to say what Mana continued, "I don't know what he wants to talk about so don't look at me." Setsuna twitched as Asuna and Konoka laughed. "Well I guess I'll meet you guys later." Konoka grabbed her hand before she left, "Promise me you'll be back in time for lunch." Setsuna's cheek reddened, "I'll try ojou-sama." Konoka gave her that cute pouty look that made her weaken, "I promise…Kono-chan…" Konoka flashed her a smile and walked off with Asuna.

"You got it bad…" Mana taunted in a singing voice. "Shut up," Setsuna said with her blush still present.

As the two walked through those big doors they saw a boy about their age talking with Konoemon. As they got closer they could see how handsome he was, light brown hair with green eyes. He wasn't muscular but he did have some muscle, about the same height as Mana. There was a gentle smile on his face as he continued to talk to the headmaster.

"Ah, Tatsumiya-san, Setsuna-kun, I'm glad that you two made it on time." The two girls bowed slightly. "I brought Setsuna just as you asked headmaster." Konoemon smiled and waved his hand, "Thank you, thank you. You can go now if you want." Mana bowed once more and gave Setsuna a playful smile while she retaliated with a glare.

"Setsuna-san, I asked you to come here because I know how close you are to Konoka." Her cursed blush was starting to come back. "That's why I want to try and help Miyazaku-kun here." The young man bowed politely, "My name is Miyazaku Yuuki, nice to meet you Setsuna-san." Setsuna just looked at Konoemon with a confused look. "I am betrothed to Konoka-chan." If Setsuna hadn't undergone all those years of physical, and mental, training she probably would've fainted.


Konoemon nodded, "You know that it's my hobby to find Konoka a husband. When I met Miyazaku-kun here I thought that he was the perfect match for her!" Yuuki laughed sheepishly, "Konoemon I told you to call me Yuuki-kun now. I mean, since we are going to be family after all."

Setsuna just stared at the two with wide eyes. "But betrothed! That's if it's official! Kono-cha, ahh, ojou-sama has to agree to it for him to be her betrothed!" Konoemon laughed, "I don't think Konoka will refuse a young man like Yuuki-kun here." She turned to look him; he gave her thumbs up and a 'bishounen' smile. She felt sick inside, especially when his teeth gave out a small sparkle.

"So Setsuna-san, tell me about Konoka-chan," he said as the two walked towards the dorm. 'I can't believe headmaster wants this guy here to marry Kono-chan! He looks like one of those preppy, rich playboys,' Setsuna thought as Yuuki continued to ask questions. "Ano, Setsuna-san?" She sighed, "You shouldn't call ojou-sama Konoka-chan if you don't know anything about her, even if you are 'betrothed'." Yuuki smiled at her, "You sound upset about this. Are you jealous that Konoka-chan is going to marry a guy like me? If you want, I can introduce you to some of my friends." Setsuna tried with every fiber of her being to prevent her from punching the guy. "No thank you." Yuuki laughed, "Well then can you at least tell me about Konoka-chan?" Setsuna took in a deep breathe and smiled softly.

"She's…kind, always thinking of others before herself. Friendly, this makes her easy to get along with. She's almost as tall as me but a few centimeters shorter. Konoka is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. She has chocolate brown hair, with chocolate brown eyes to match. Her skin is as cotton. She can easily break up a fight and ease up any tense situations. She can practically do anything: cook, clean, sew. Basically she has all the makings of a perfect housewife. Her voice is as soft as her personality…and she cares about her friends the most…"

Yuuki looked at Setsuna and was surprised to see a look of love in her eyes. "Ano…Setsuna-san, are you in love with Konoka-chan?" Setsuna looked at him and looked away, "I'm her bodyguard and friend, that's all." Yuuki just looked at her silently, 'Interesting…' he thought. The two continued to walk in silence as they approached Konoka's dorm.

"We're here," Setsuna said knocking.

"Secchan!" a voice yelled out happily.


Konoka glomped Setsuna and was now on top of her. Setsuna blushed as Konoka continued to hug Setsuna and rub her face in the crook of her neck while Yuuki was looking at her with a smirk.

"Ahh Konoka-ojou-sama, your grandfather wants you to meet Miyazaku-kun here." Konoka stopped and looked at her then at the young man next to her. She smiled at Secchan and got off, brushing her skirt trying to get rid of unwanted wrinkles.

Yuuki gasped at the beauty of Konoka. He stood there mouth open with his hand extended. Konoka giggled at the sight of the frozen boy, "Nice to meet you Miyazaku-kun," she said grabbing his hand. 'She really is a beautiful girl. Setsuna-san sure was right about her having a voice as soft as her personality.'

"A-ah-I'm Miyazaku Yuuki," he finally replied. "It's nice to meet you Konoe Konoka." She smiled at him, "I'm guessing gramps is trying to hook us up?" All Yuuki could do was nod. She sighed and helped Setsuna up, "I see…well, you look like a decent guy. Why don't you join us for lunch, Yuuki-kun?" He blushed when she said his name.

"If it's no trouble at all Konoka-chan," he replied with one of his bishounen smiles. Much to Setsuna's surprise, Konoka blushed and ushered for them to come in.

"Hey Setsuna-nee-san," the little ermine said happily. Setsuna was about to make up some lame excuse for the talking ermine, like it was a toy or something. Yuuki sat next to the small animal, "Sugoi! What's your name ermine-san?" Setsuna stared at the two wondering why Yuuki isn't freaking out right now.

"That's Chamo-kun," Negi said sitting down next to Yuuki. Yuuki turned to the boy teacher and gasped.

"Negi Springfield!" he got up suddenly and bowed down. "It's such an honor to be in your presence, sir!" Negi sweatdropped while Setsuna followed after.

"What do you mean 'it's an honor'?" Asuna walked in holding plates of curry and rice. Yuuki sat down next to Negi, "Negi-sama is the youngest magician to ever graduate from a wizardry school."

"How do you know that Yuuki-kun," Konoka said placing a plate before Setsuna and herself.

"I did some research on him."

This caused everyone to stare at him quietly. He looked at everyone with a embarrassed smile, "Konoemon and Eishun-san was telling me about Negi-sama. I was curious about who the person was to make those two speak praises of."

Negi blushed at the new information, "You don't have to call me Negi-sama though, Negi-san is fine." Yuuki shook his head, "I apologize, I should call you Negi-sensei if you do not like the title '-sama'." He gave Konoka one of his bishounen smiles again, which made Setsuna, choke on her food.

"Secchan are you okay," Konoka asked in a worried tone. Setsuna blushed and nodded, "It's nothing ojou," but noticing Konoka pouting, "Kono-chan! It's just a bit spicy," she said rubbing the back of her head with a smile. Asuna smiled at two but when she saw Yuuki looking at them also, she didn't like the way he looked at the two.

"So tell us about yourself Yuuki-kun," Negi said.

He took a drink of water and cleared his throat, "My name is Miyazaku Yuuki and I am 16 years old. I currently attend Hokori Boys' Academy which is on the hill next to Mahoraba Academy. I'm the star player of the soccer team and the top runner for the track team. I get straight A's and currently the president of the 2nd years. I speak 4 languages: Japanese, English, Italian, and French. My father owns Miyazaku Co. and is expected to take over once I finish college."

He sat back down and Chamo, Negi, and Konoka clap. Asuna and Setsuna, however, looked at eachother and nodded.

"He's pretty good," Asuna whispered to Setsuna. "He even made Konoka clap even though she knows that Konoemon wants her to marry him. You know how hard it is to impress the girl." Setsuna looked at Konoka and felt jealous as she laughed along with Yuuki. "Maybe it's because he's around our age?" Asuna shook her head, "There were a lot other guys around our age also. Konoka would tell me after she had those omai meetings." Setsuna looked down at her plate and continued to eat. "I'm telling you Setsuna-san, tell Konoka how you feel before her heart gets taken away." Setsuna glared at her, "As long as ojou-sama is happy I--"

"Secchan? Asuna-chan? What are you two whispering about," Konoka asked the two. The two looked at her and smile, "Nothing," was their reply. Asuna looked at Setsuna as she continued to eat her food. 'Setsuna-san no baka…' Asuna thought as she watched Setsuna go at her food. Setsuna continued to eat until the plate was clean.

"Thank you for the meal but I must get going." Konoka tried to stop her but Yuuki spoke up, "What's the rush Setsuna-san?" She just looked at him with cold eyes, "I have important business to attend to." As she stood up Konoka walked in front of her, "Secchan…why are you acting this way? Don't you like Yuuki-kun?" Setsuna gently pushed her to the side, "I have to meet Tatsumiya about something Kono-chan, that's all." She smiled at her to put down her doubts, "I'll see you in class, okay?" Konoka stared at Setsuna for awhile to see if she was lying. She leaned in to get a closer look, which caused Setsuna to blush, and smiled.

"Fine, but after school you and I are gonna go shopping." Setsuna smiled at her and nodded. After washing her plate and cup she took one last look at the now laughing Konoka and Yuuki. Asuna saw the look in Setsuna's eyes and swallowed, 'Looks like Setsuna has some competition.'

As she closed the door she could still hear Konoka and Yuuki's laughter. Her fists clenched, 'Miyazaku Yuuki: my new rival…'

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