A/N: Well it's baby... for those who have read it there's new stuff, more in tune with my later works with the terms "Anime fall", "Angry Vein" and "Sweat drop" also I changed quite a bit, put more detail of what the Pokemon Angels look like and other things, changed a few things a as well for example Mina will like more anime, Mina's a little more... well weird and also Smoochum is also out of her Pokeball... I'm also combining Vols. 1-4 (including 1.5 and 2.5) in one super long fic which is why this is called Pokemon Angels: Hoenn. I hope you like the changes... anyways enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, if I did I would have kept the original VAs when Pokemon USA took over dubbing and there would have bee uncut a long time ago.

Mina: Free the anime!

Me: Um… that's only if 4kids still did it… anyways I do own most of the cast...

Pokemon Angels: Hoenn

By Emma Iveli


Hundreds of years ago when Tin Tower was burning in Ecruteak City, 17 women who had wings watched sadly, they are the Pokemon Angels protectors of all Pokemon. Each one represented a type of Pokemon such as fire, dark, grass, ice…etc. Each one had robes that reached above her knee and had their own color that was their hair and wing color.

"I can't believe this is happened" said Ice Angel, her colors of sky blue, her robes were pale blue and with white fur trimming over the skirt.

"We must be reborn as humans hundreds of years from now" said Psychic Angel her color of purple, her robes were a beautiful shade of purple that differed form her hair color.

"Why do we have to follow your plan?" said Ghost Angel with an angry vein, he colors light purple and her robes were white that gave her skin almost a ghostly completion.

"It's not mine, its Ho-oh's" said Psychic Angel.

"Then why isn't Fire or Flying telling us" said Ghost Angel.

"Ho-oh told us that he wanted Psychic to tell" said Fire Angel her color was red while her robes were orange and red that resembled fire.

"Because he likes it when they fight" said Flying Angel, who colors were light blue and robes seemed to be white and sky blue almost resembled clouds, she whispered this to Ice Angel and Grass Angel who color was green and her robes were pink and had flowers trimmed on it.

"Well I don't" said Ice Angel.

"We need to choose who will be reborn first" said Psychic Angel.

"I will" said Dark Angel, her color was black and her robes were a very dark blue.

"Who will go last?" said Psychic Angel.

"I will" said Ice Angel.

"Okay, I have asked a Priestess of Ho-oh to build a shrine in our honor" said Fire Angel.

"What?" said Water Angel who's color was blue and her robes were green-blue and simmered like water.

"Ho-oh told us this would happen a couple days ago" said Flying Angel, "But didn't tell us what we had had to do…" she added mentally.

"Ho-oh will choose a chosen one who will bring together the hearts of humans and Pokemon. We will all be born around the time he will. A couple years before and a couple years after, now let's go" said Psychic Angel.

The Pokemon Angels vanished and though out the years most people have forgotten them and many consider it a fairy tale, until now…

Next Time: Meet Mina Koki... she's a beginning trainer with a Smoochum... she's also a tad hyper and enjoys a lot of anime... but when her Smoochum gets Poke napped its up to her to it save it and discovering something about herself that's a little odd...