Chapter 35: Rescue Maddie!

Team Rocket landed in some trees. Not noticing that Maddie was there.

Though she was unconscious still in the hand

"Why does that always happened to us?" said Jessie.

"Oh look" said Meowth.

He pointed to Maddie.

"That's perfect." said Jessie.

Back with the others they raced to where Team Rocket and Maddie were. Kia, May and Max rode on Arcanine's back, while the Pokemon Angels flew with the others on their backs: Sasami rode on Mina, Maggie rode on Anne, Maya rode on April, Brock rode on Beth and Ash and Pikachu rode on Deborah.

"I can sense Maddie's Kingdra." said Megan.

"I also can sense James' Cacnea" said April.

Meanwhile with Team Rocket and Maddie who was still unconscious and the hand, they put her into a cage.

"Well we finally did something right" said Jessie.

"Let's celebrate" said James.

They began to have a big lunch.

Maddie began to wake up she looked around and saw Team Rocket eating a big lunch.

"This is a dream, right?" said Maddie.

"This is no dream." said Meowth.

"Let me go, do you know who I am?" said Maddie.

"No who are you, other then a Pokemon Angel?" said James.

"I finally meet people who don't know who I am and their holding me captive." said Maddie.

"What do you mean?" said Jessie.

"I'm the famous Dragon Master, Maddie Ricker" said Maddie.

"I think I heard that name before" said James.

"Oh yeah now I remember her… she's that famous Dragon Master" said Jessie.

He took out a book and saw Maddie's picture in the book.

"Maddie Ricker, she's rumored to be mean, those rumors came from her not wanting to sign autographs and the fact that she tends to punch the press. No really knows what's she really like…" read James.

"So your famous, should we hold you for ransom or bring you to the boss?" said Meowth.

"What?" said Maddie.

"This is will take a lot of thought." said Jessie.

"Honestly..." said Maddie.

Meanwhile Mina and the others had gotten there.

"Hey I know we already did they speeches but I have two more, I'd like to do." said Mina.

"Okay…" said Anne.

"All right!" said Mina.

She went over to where they were.

"How dare you place Sailor Mercury with the likes of Man Faye! I will freeze your Power!"

"Man Faye?" said Anne.

"He's a legendary cosplayer, that's all I'm going to say" said Sasami.

"Using giant robots capture us is just plain wrong, I will freeze your power!"

"We heard you the first time" said Jessie.

Everyone came out of the bushes.

"Pokemon Angels are here!" said Anne.

"Yeah, yeah, we know you're here" said Jessie.

"Now pay up or else we'll give her to the boss." said Meowth.

Everyone stared at them.

"You're holding her up for ransom" said Mina.

"That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" said Megan.

"That's the best insult we heard her dealt" Mina whispering to Anne.

"Hey what does that mean?" said Jessie.

"You're lame!" said Megan.

"What?!" said Jessie.

"You! Are! Lame!" said Megan.

"Want to say that to my face" said Meowth.

Spheal came out its Pokeball and whispered to Mina "This is a distraction. Go help the other Pokemon Angel" said Spheal.

"Okay" said Mina.

Mina sneaked to the cage and opened it.

"Glad to see me?" said Mina.

"Sure am" said Maddie.

Mina freed Maddie from the hand.

"That shouldn't have done that to me!" said Maddie with an aura of anger.

She ran out of the cage to see that Team Rocket was arguing with Megan who was singing "Lame" over and over again to the tune of Jingle Bells.

"I think she's gone a little over board" said Mina.

"No kidding" said Spheal.

Maddie cleared her throat, Team Rocket turned around. Maddie smirked. All of her Pokemon came out of their Pokeballs and all glowed a shade of orange.

"You shouldn't have messed with me!" said Maddie.

"What are you going to do?" said Jessie.

She transformed. She put her hands together then them apart a large orange fiery ball appeared.

"Dragon Rage Supreme!" said Maddie.

The huge ball crashed into Team Rocket and they went flying.

"Team Rocket's blasting off again"

Maddie detransformed and fell to the ground.

"She was exposed to the hands for too long, she needs her rest" said Mina.

Ash, May, Max, Kia, Brock, Maggie, Maya and Sasami came out the bushes.

"Sorry Maddie" said Sasami.

"For what?" said Maddie.

"Well me, Chrissie and Rupert Stigginmob gave them ropes in the first place, I thought they disintegrated when the robot they used that them exploded." said Sasami.

"You must have given them more then enough" said Mina.

"Guess so" said Sasami.

"I think I should get our stuff from the camp site and this can be out new one" said Maggie.

"Good idea I think I should come with you" said Kia.

Sasami still looked sad.

Later After dinner Ash and the rest found out they were seriously lost.

"Man, you guys should learn to read a map" said Megan.

Kia hit her with a big paper fan.

Sasami got up and left.

"I think I should talk to her" said Mina.

She went to where Missy was sitting looking up at the sky, she was also crying.

"It's not your fault this happened, it was just a coincidence that it happened. Even with we hadn't interfered Maddie would have used one of her Pokemon. After all she a Pokemon Master" said Mina.

"It's not that." Said Missy,

"What is it?" said Mina.

"You guys are the best friends I've ever had, especially you. I'm even surprised what both Anne and Ash are my friends especially after what I did to them" said Missy.

"Anne was angrier with Team Aqua than with you guys plus you gave her Poochyena. Plus both of them forgave you." said Mina.

"You guys… I wish my sister was like you guys" said Missy.

"Sasami…" said Mina.

Chrissie was watching them however her sound equipment was destroyed when Maggie shot beams at her.

"Sasami Sango, I will find who are and why you are traveling with even if it kills me" said Chrissie.

The next day the two groups were parting ways.

"I can't believe how much you guys get lost. You're pathetic" said Megan.

"Mina can I borrow one of those fans fan" said Max.

"Sure thing" said Mina.

She handed him a big paper fan and he hit Megan it.

"Ow!" said Megan.

"Thank you" said Max handing back the fan.

"Your welcome." said Mina.

"So looks like we're parting ways again" said Brock.

"Looks like it" said Beth.

"Time to go" said Max pulling Brock's ear.

"That's right" said Ronnie pulling Beth's arm.

"Well bye you guys" said Mina.

"Bye" said Ash.

As they were walking Megan said "You shouldn't lend anyone your fans"

"You shouldn't make fun of people" said Mina.

"Uhhh…" said Megan.

"Mina's right you make fun of everyone, find another hobby" said Sasami.

"Fine then I'll cook lunch, cooking's my other hobby" said Megan.

"I haven't tried your cooking" said Maya.

"Me nether" said Anne.

"Okay, then you three haven't tried anything until you tasted my food" said Megan.

Everyone who had Megan's food stopped in their tracks.

"I'm not hungry for lunch" said they all said.

"Great the more for us" said Sasami.

Next Time: It's time for the Anime Convention... but what happens when Chrissie attacks? Something surprising that will make Mina say "We are Magical Girls after all..."