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Chapter 36: Maho Shojo Pokémon Angels

It was the day of the con or Cilegna Town 2nd annual one day only anime convection, sponsored by Viz. Everyone was in their costumes. Kia still had a feeling that Kikyo had something to with Kagome.

"I'm checking out the dealers' room" said Mina.

"I'm coming with you" said Missy.

"Checking out the karaoke room" said Ronnie.

"I'm going to see if there is relation between Kikyo and Kagome" said Kia quietly.

"What?" said Mina.

"I said I'm going something to eat and drink" said Kia.

"I'm going to check out worse if there are any worse costumes." said Megan.

"I'm going to see if anyone recognizes me" said Maddie.

Meanwhile Chrissie was there. She figured out that they would be there, she had a mysterious new weapon on her, and she was dressed in her Sumire costume so no would notice her.

"If it wasn't for the fact tat they are wearing costumes I would easily find them. This like searching for a needle in a hay stack" she said.

"Hey nice costume" said Megan in her Mew Mint costume.

"Uh thanks" said Chrissie.

"Not as good as mine though" said Megan doing a cute pose.

Chrissie stared at Megan not saying anything.

"You're no fun" said Megan.

She walked away.

"Strange girl" said Chrissie.

"Excuse me, may I ask you a question?" said Kia in her Kikyo costume.

"Sure what?" said Chrissie.

"Do you watch Inu-Yasha?" said Kia.

"Can't say I haven't I know my sister does but she's not here." said Chrissie.

"Oh sorry I wasted your time" said Kia, who then walked away.

"Strange people here" said Chrissie.

She continued to search when she bumped into Maddie who was in a Michelle costume.

"Sorry" said Chrissie.

"That's okay" said Maddie.

Both walked away as if nothing happened

Chrissie entered the dealers' room.

Both Mina and Missy were checking out DVDs. As they did Mina couldn't help getting a strange feeling.

"What is it?" asked Missy in her Kohran Kobu pilot training uniform costume.

"I don't know…" whimpered Mina dressed as Osaka, summer school costume, "I feel like I'm missing something…And that's something's wrong."

"That's strange." Responded Missy.

Mina shook her head.

"Should I get this or this one" said Mina.

"I don't know what to get ether" said Missy,

She looked up and saw her sister looking around.

"That's not good" said Missy.

"What?" said Mina.

She pointed to Chrissie.

"Chrissie's here and she's cosplaying" said Missy.

"Sumire, oh yeah I remember, the karaoke incident" said Mina.

"I made that costume my self." said Missy.

"We better get the others" said Mina.

"Right" said Missy.

Both spilt up, Mina found both Beth and Ronnie in the karaoke room. Missy found the rest.

They met in secluded place.

"So Chrissie's here" said Mina.

"Where" said Kia.

"We don't know but we saw her, she Sumire Kanzaki in her Kobu Pilot Uniform" said Mina.

Everyone stared blankly not knowing who that was.

"The costume she wore at the karaoke contest" said Mina.

"Are you sure its not some one else?" said Deborah her Sailor Saturn costume.

"I'm positive, I made costume myself." said Missy.

"I'm sure its fine" said Megan, Kia and Maddie at the same time.

"How do you know" said Mina.

"Criticized her costume" said Megan.

"I asked her about Kikyo" said Kia.

"She bumped into me" said Maddie.

"Well let's just hope that she don't find us" said Mina.

"You guys were lucky, I'm pretty sure she didn't get a good look at Maddie since she's not wearing a wig, but with Maya, April and myself we are in danger as I'm wearing a wig but Sasami Sango looked like Kohran Ri, and Maya's the worst as she has the exact same hair style as Meilin" said Missy.

"Hopefully we won't get noticed" said Mina.

"Oh and Mina" said Kia.

"Yes?" said Mina.

"Did you know that Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo?" said Kia.

Mina sighed and said "Yes, but it is often said that Kagome isn't Kikyo"

"That's what the guy told me" said Kia.

Later both Mina and Missy were just looking around in an area that didn't have much people.

"I wonder if Chrissie is forfeiting" said Mina.

"If she was she would have told us earlier. I have a bad feeling about this" said Missy.

"Sasami Sango" said a voice.

"Oh hello, girl dressed as Sumire Kanzaki, nice day isn't it? How do you know name. You sure do have the same taste in anime." said Missy.

"Well I guess it's a good disguise, but I'm one of the members of Team Magma who's after your friends, now where are they?" said Chrissie.

"I don't know" said Missy.

Chrissie looked at Mina.

"Don't mind me" said Mina in southern accent.

Chrissie took out a large flash light and shined on Mina. She began to feel weak.

"This flash light is 10x stronger then the ropes. You should faint any second." said Chrissie.

Mina fell to her knees.

"You knowing your power attack is useless, you be captured by me" said Missy.

All of Mina's Pokémon came out as well Missy's Sneasel. All 6 began to glow Sky Blue, each shot out a light beam.

"What's happening" said Missy.

"No not now!" said Chrissie.

Kia was not far away from them and saw a sky blue light.

"What's that light?" she said, and then she realized what was happening.

Meanwhile Megan was being admired by a bunch of cosplayers who she was about to tease.

"You know you're really cute" said one of the male cosplayers.

"Why thank you" she said.

She began to sense something.

"I'm sorry I have to go" she said.

And she ran towards where she sensed it.

Anne who was in her Anti costume was just looking around when she sensed the same thing.

"What is this?" she said.

Anne, Kia and Megan met at the exact same place. They ran in the same direction.

"What's happening?" said Anne.

"If my hunch is right then Mina will be one of the strongest Pokémon Angels, even stronger then Megan and Deborah, and they have the most Pokémon power within them." said Kia.

"That means stronger then me?" said Megan.

"I just said that" said Kia.

"I wonder what it is?" said Anne.

All three girls got there.

"Guys" said Missy.

"What's going on?" said Megan.

"Just I thought" said Kia.

The beams of light took shape, of wand. It was sky blue, with gems all over it and a snowflake on top.

"It's a wand…" said Missy.

"The Ice Crystal Wand, the wand of the Ice Angel" said Kia.

Mina grabbed hold of it, she felt her strength return. Mina transformed into her Angel Form.

"Oh no!" said Chrissie.

"Lovely Ice Snow Storm!" said Mina.

She did many moves in including a twirl. A blast of ice and snow hit the flashlight and broke.

"I'll get you next time" said Chrissie.

Chrissie ran away. Mina detransformed and looked at her wand.

"I always suspected it, but never believed it. We're Magical Girls" said Mina.

"Magical Girls?" said Kia, Anne and Megan.

"It's a genre of anime, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Mew Mew…" said Missy.

"Okay I get it" said Anne.

"I always wanted to be a real magical girl!" said Mina, "It's just like a dream!"

That was when suddenly there were explosion of white light and many things began to vanish.

"What's going on!" yelled Mina.

She turned to her friends who also began to vanish.

"What…" whispered Mina.

"Everything you have seen is not real." Said a voice behind Mina.

She tuned around and saw a Pokémon Angel, that was when she realized it was Psychic Angel.

"Everything you have seen isn't real… however there is some truth to it… I know this was a nice dream Mina but you have to face reality…" said Psychic Angel.

"What?" asked Mina.

Psychic Angel smiled at her, "Don't worry Mina it will be all right I know you can handle anything that comes, but now you have to wake up!"

"Wake up?" asked Mina.

There was a bright flash of light then darkness. Mina opened her eyes and looked around, she was in her bedroom the sky was still dark meaning it was late at night. She blinked, as memories came flooding back. It was the night before her 10th birthday. She looked beside her, her Smoochum slept beside her.

"It was all just a dream." Sighed Mina.

She laid back into her bed as memories from that dream faded away, compel unwire what the truth was and that her real adventure was just begging…

The End… For Now…

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