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This one will be set in Greece during the Classical Period (500-366 B.C.). So…we get to see the Naruto characters as gods and goddesses n' stuff. The myths, legends, and roles of the gods aren't accurate: they're my own interpretation.

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Heart of a Goddess:

Book I:

The Fall

"Play gently with the strings on the lyre known as my heart."

Since the beginning of time itself, the universe had been split into four realms: Heaven, Earth, the seas, and the Underworld. The boundaries of each realm were clearly defined; an immortal that lived in Heaven couldn't exist on equal terms with a mortal on Earth. The universe would've been perfect, peaceful, only if each being had stayed within the boundaries of their own realm.

Oddly enough, the biggest culprits of this crime were the heavenly beings. Actually, to be more exact, we'll say that the female heavenly beings were causing the biggest disturbances on Earth: the goddesses. Life on Mount Olympus, home to the gods and goddesses, was so perfect that the goddesses couldn't help but feel bored out of their minds. To entertain themselves, they'd go down to Earth and meddle in the lives of the mortals, making them fall in love, cause wars, and even commit suicide. The mortals were play toys for the goddesses.

But sometimes, the tables can turn and a goddess will fall deeply in love with a mortal.

Hinata, the goddess of love and lust, sighed wistfully, looking over the billowing white clouds of the golden palace in the sky upon the mortal Earth. The last human man she had visited on Earth, a man named Naruto, had been an idiot and had said crude and perverse statements to the goddess, but since Hinata was forgiving, she let him off the hook with only a plague of bad luck for ten years. She was bored, yet she didn't want to go see a lousy mortal for a long time; the time she spent with Naruto left a sour taste in her mouth.

Hinata ran her fingers through her dark, silky hair. Though she was the goddess of love, love was a hard thing to find. All the men, mortal and immortal, only wanted sex and children from the goddess. Apparently they had gotten the notion that immortal women let men inside them easily.

"Back so soon, Hinata?"

Hinata shook herself out of the daze and turned around. "Sakura, mortals are becoming more and more crude these days."

Sakura, the goddess of fertility, sat next to her, dangling her feet over the edge of the cloud they were resting on. "I really don't see why you are so generous to them." She laughed. "Except for that poor farmer Naruto."

Hinata sighed. "They're-they're just so…helpless sometimes. And it is my job to bring love to the Earth."

Sakura rolled her eyes. "They're just humans. They just come out of their mother's womb, roam the land for a bit, and die."

The other woman couldn't help but smile. "Sounds more exciting than being stuck here."

Sakura straightened her flowing white gown. "You know, while I was helping a woman through labor down there, I did happen to see a mortal that is different from the others."

Hinata looked up at her, interested. "Really?"

Sakura giggled quietly. "His name's Sasuke. He's just a blacksmith, but…" She blushed. "Oh my, he was the most beautiful man I've ever set my green eyes on!"

Hinata tilted her head. "Sakura…you've said that about a thousand men."

Sakura waved her hand carelessly. "Oh, but I mean it now!"

Hinata shook her head. "Looks aren't everything. And besides, I don't think I can be of any service to him."

The goddess of fertility shrugged. "Well…I do believe he isn't married yet. You can always help him fall in love." She glanced at Hinata jealously. "I wish I could control love instead of childbirth."

"Hmm…" Hinata stood up and looked once again at the land below. "I think I'll pay a visit to my favorite stream and take a bath."

Sakura turned away from her. "Are you hoping someone will get a peek at you?"

Hinata's pale face flushed. "Of-of course not! I-I just happen to like that certain stream!"

The pink-haired woman snorted and started walking away from her. "I've got another woman to comfort; looks like she's having a rough time getting the little bastard out."

Hinata stared after her before setting her feet on the edge of the golden cloud and diving gracefully into the blue sky. A few seconds later her feet touched the solid land of Greece, a favorite country of hers'. She had chosen to land in a wood near the coast, where the stream she usually bathed in was. Since there didn't seem to be any humans in the vicinity, Hinata didn't feel the need to hide her shining robes and perfect skin, and set off through the trees.

Hinata sighed in relief as she came upon the small, clear stream, happy that it was still hidden from the mortals. The water trickled down the small pebbles quietly and the shade from the trees always made the stream the perfect temperature. The water nymphs that usually played in the water were absent, but in their wake they left a wreath of flowers and berries at the stream's edge for the goddess.

Hinata slipped off her gown and let it fall to the soft grass. She flipped her hair back and eased herself into the cool water, her immortal body already feeling refreshed.

Hinata closed her eyes, letting her body relax in the water. At the moment, she didn't care about her duties as goddess of love. She didn't care that she had come down to Earth for no reason but to bathe. She didn't care that there was a slight chance that a mortal could walk by and see a naked goddess…

Her eyes snapped open as the bushes nearby began to rustle around loudly. She could feel her heart beating, yet the only thing she could do was stare as a human man crawled out of the bush. How could this have happened? This stream had never been discovered by a human before! How dare him!

The man stood up straight and ran his hands through his raven hair, apparently unaware that there was a naked woman in front of him. "Damn, I sure am lucky that I found some water-"

He stopped as his eyes slowly traveled to Hinata, who was still in shock. The two simply stared at each other for a moment, a mortal and a goddess. Finally, Hinata grasped the situation and covered her chest quickly with her arms.

"How-how dare you, mortal!" She shrieked. "Do-do you know that you are staring ravenously at the body of a goddess?"

The man blushed but couldn't seem to stop looking at her. "I…I didn't know!"

Hinata gritted her teeth, climbed out of the stream, and grabbed her gown. "Well, now you know that this stream is sacred to the goddess of love!" She slipped her gown on and glared at the man. "I'm sorry, I really hate punishing mortals."

The man looked at her, amused. "Is it my fault? Maybe you, even if you are a goddess, shouldn't be coming down to Earth and bathing in streams that mortals like me can get to."

Hinata stared at him open-mouthed. "I…I…Argh!"

She turned away from him and pulled at her hair, trying to think of a way to make sure that this man wouldn't tell any other humans that a goddess had been bathing in a nearby stream. She took a deep breath and spun back around, staring straight at the man's onyx eyes. To her surprise, she felt her heart beat even faster. He…he was gorgeous! And he had even saw her naked…

Hinata regained her composure. "Tell me, mortal, do you have a name?"

The man crossed his arms. "My name's Sasuke. Just the simple blackksmith Sasuke."

'So this was the mortal that Sakura talked about!' Hinata thought. 'She was right about him.'

She cleared her throat. "Well, Sasuke, I'll make a deal with you: if you can keep this meeting a secret between us, I will grant you one wish."

Sasuke clicked his tongue. "One wish, huh? Can it be anything?"

Hinata thought for a moment and nodded. "Yes. Anything. I'm especially good at helping mortals with their love lives."

Sasuke cocked his head, brows raised. "So you can get any woman I want to be my wife?"


Sasuke stepped towards her. "Well, I do have a woman in mind, goddess of love."

Hinata smiled. "Really, call me Hinata."

Sasuke smirked and took another step towards her, causing their shoulders to brush. "The Hinata…I want you to be my wife."

Hinata blinked for a moment before laughing nervously. "Now-now let's be realistic here. A goddess cannot be the wife of a mortal."

Sasuke reached out and touched the woman's warm cheek, causing her to blush again. "That's my wish. You said you could grant me anything." He pulled away from her and shrugged. "But if you can't do that, then you can stay here on Earth until I think of another wish."

Hinata crossed her arms and tapped her foot angrily. "You better think of another one soon. I'm stuck here until I fulfill one of your wishes."

Sasuke laughed. "All the more reason to take as long as I can to think of a wish." He started walking away from her and crawled back through the bushes. "I'll be back in town. I'm sure you'll be able to find me."

Hinata sighed and plopped down on the grass. "How dare he see me naked, ask me to marry him, and make my heart pound?" She crossed her legs and looked at the blue sky overhead. "Mortals are so…interesting."