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Book IV:

The Rape

A week had passed since Hinata had first met Sasuke, and as with the night she had received the warning from Somnium, she was desperately longing to go back to Olympus. She had even tried suggesting to the handsome yet stubborn blacksmith that he ask for another wish, such as a fertile and plentiful season in his wheat field, or even a young beautiful virgin, but he refused. Sasuke was as resolute as ever to make the goddess of love his wife.

One thing that was at least a bit comforting to Hinata was the fact that the festival that honored the goddess of love was approaching. Though still a bit morose about not being back home, the thought of more sacrifices and flattering praises (and not to mention the chance to meddle with the fates of young lovers, which was something she especially enjoyed) perked Hinata up. And maybe, just maybe, she could find an attractive young woman to offer Sasuke among the many orgies that were sure to take place during the festival, and finally be able to head back to Olympus.

On the day of the festival, Sasuke and Hinata (invisible, of course, to the other mortals) headed up to one of the tallest hills in the town, on which an extravagant temple dedicated to the goddess herself was built. From a distance, Hinata could see the beautiful gold statue of herself that sat in the center of the temple, and she felt a surge of pride: the sculptor had indeed captured her beauty.

"I'm only coming up here because you wanted to," Sasuke muttered out of the side of his mouth to Hinata as they walked up the marble steps of the temple. "I really don't enjoy watching big groups of people make love."

"We'll only stay for a little while, I promise," Hinata said as they passed by a group of young women who eyed Sasuke lustily. "And it looks like I'm not the only one here being worshipped. Look at all the women staring at you!"

Sasuke shrugged as they walked toward the statue of the goddess. "You well know I'm not interested in any of them."

Hinata sighed and took a seat in front of the statue, gazing out at the hundreds of people who came to worship her. "Sasuke, you must pick another wish. Please."

The blacksmith slowly sat next to her and smiled, and once again the goddess of love experienced a very rare moment of feeling flustered. "But I so enjoy your company. How many men can say that Hinata, the immortal who both aids and ruins lovers, is in debt to them?"

"Not many," the goddess professed. "But still…" She looked out of the entrance of the temple at the clear blue skies. "I am tiring of staying in this mortal body. If I stay here too much longer…" She hesitated.


Hinata took a deep breath and continued. "I fear if I stay here any longer, mingling with mere humans, I won't be allowed to go back home."

Sasuke knitted his brows together and leaned back. "And why is that?"

"It's rather hard to explain." Hinata thought for a moment before continuing. "For one thing, the only food gods consume is ambrosia, which can't be found on earth." She turned to Sasuke. "Why do you think that is?"

The man scratched his chin thoughtfully. "Ambrosia is what keeps immortals ageless, and if that were available on Earth…" He chuckled. "Well, Hades wouldn't be necessary anymore! Everyone would be immortal!"

Hinata nodded, impressed at Sasuke's knowledge. "Correct. One thing that you might not know is, after a while, the ambrosia's effects slowly start to fade away, which means the more a god goes without it, the more vulnerable he becomes. It's a slow transformation but still…" She closed her eyes. "It's still something that scares me."

Sasuke stared at her silently before speaking. "…I see."

Hinata opened her mesmerizing opal eyes and continued. "Our father…he isn't fond of mortals. The more we consort with them, the angrier he gets. He believes that humans would…infect us." She breathed in deeply. "And if I stay here too long with you, Sasuke, I'm afraid that my father won't think I'm divine enough to live with the rest of the gods anymore." She glanced back at him, and her heart panged slightly at the hurt expression on his face. "Do you understand?"

The blacksmith smiled grimly. "I apologize for not being good enough for you, Hinata."

Hinata opened her mouth to respond, but closed it immediately when she heard a loud, high-pitched, and not to mention very drunk-sounding laugh behind her. Hoping beyond hope that it wasn't who she thought it was, she slowly turned around, but her fears were confirmed.

'Ooooh, little princess Ino had the nerve to show up at my temple, did she?' Hinata thought, furious when she spotted the blonde-haired princess standing only a few meters across from her.

Ino was the only daughter of the king of a wealthy foreign country that was currently making negotiations with Greece. Along with her immense wealth, she was also extremely vain; while for a mortal she was decent looking, she'd often compared herself to the goddess of love, which certainly didn't win her much favor with Hinata.

Ino giggled loudly once again, and Hinata noticed that she was surrounded by many men who were gazing at her longingly. "Oh, I know, I know!" She squawked to one of the men next to her. "My father tells me that all the time!"

The man smiled. "But I am serious, princess! You are indeed very beautiful!"

Ino flipped back her golden hair sassily. "I'm not just beautiful." She pointed her finger at the statue of Hinata. "I'm more divine than the goddess of love herself!"

That's when Hinata snapped. She quickly stood up, furious, and said between clenched teeth to Sasuke over her shoulder, "I'll be right back. I have some business to take care of."

She stomped over to Ino and her group of admirers, still invisible to all but Sasuke, and bit on her lower lip, thinking of how she could get back at the arrogant princess. Making her a hideous hag was an okay plan, and so was just killing her on the spot, but Hinata wanted to do something that would forever humiliate and torment the girl. A few seconds later, an idea came to her. A horrible, heinous idea, but no one got away with insulting a goddess.

'Now which man should I choose to carry this out?'

She smiled to herself when she noticed Chouji, the fat farmer, among the group of men around Ino. He would be perfect. She cleared her throat and stepped towards him, whispering gently in his ear:

"If you get her even more intoxicated and rape her, I, the goddess of love, promise to give you the most beautiful woman in the world to be your bride."

She grinned as Chouji's eyes widened and he slowly nodded. Hinata began to walk back towards Sasuke, still smiling broadly. Of course she wasn't going to keep her promise to the ugly farmer. Humans were so easy to trick. And maybe after this, the stupid princess would learn to keep her gaping mouth shut.

Sasuke raised his brow suspiciously as Hinata sat back down next to him. "And just exactly what were you doing over there?"

The goddess smirked secretively. "Just getting my revenge."

The dark-haired man frowned. "I hope you're not doing something too awful to that poor girl."

He then changed the subject to something Hinata didn't care about. She would nod every once in a while but didn't respond as she watched Chouji bring Ino another cup of wine. It was working.

"And so, my father-" Sasuke continued to speak, but Hinata still wasn't listening at all, but rather intently watching the dumb farmer talking to the princess.

'Just do it already!' She thought impatiently.

Finally, after a few more minutes, Chouji grabbed Ino by the upper arm and led her down one of the dark hallways of the temple. The goddess of love smiled triumphantly and interrupted Sasuke in his long-winded story.

"I'm about ready to leave. These mortals are boring me."

Sasuke, though looking rather annoyed that his tale had been interrupted, nodded and stood up. "Alright, let's leave."

They walked back down the marble steps of the temple, past the many couples that were starting to kiss and touch each other passionately, and back down the hill towards the town.

'By now,' Hinata thought. 'That snide little bitch should get what's coming to her-'

No sooner had she thought that that a loud, shrill, agonized scream emanated from the temple, causing both her and Sasuke to jump. The blacksmith whipped back around.

"Wh-what happened!" He said hoarsely.

Hinata quickly grabbed his arm and started to drag him back down the hill, feeling for one of the first times ever a slight twinge of regret.

"It's…it's nothing. Let's just leave."

The very next day, the father of the raped princess declared war on Greece.

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