Here's my new story and I promise I will update 'Only Time Will Tell' as soon as possible. So I hope you like this new story.

Summary:Zack has had a ton of girlfriends, but none of them seem to measure up to the one he truely always wanted. Now that he's eighteen, he travels all over to search for her. But what he doesn't realize is that she's closer than he thinks.

Disclaimer: I own the plot, but not the show nor the people in it.

Zack has been thinking a lot about one person ever since they left and he can't get her out of his mind. Sure they wrote to each other, but she never told him where she was going. Zack has tried to get rid of this feeling he's had ever since he was twelve for this person, but it never seemed to go away. All his thoughts about her started...

3 years ago...

Maddie walked into the Tipton after she parked her car that was hauling a UHAUL trailer behind it. She walked through the lobby and to the elevator to go up to the Martin's suite since she promised them she'd say goodbye to them before she left. She knocked on their door and Carey answered it and told Maddie to come in. Maddie came in to see Cody on the couch watching television, but no Zack. Maddie wondered where he was.

"Hey Carey where's Zack?" She asked.

"Oh he's in his room. He's a little upset that you're leaving." Carey replied walking to the couch to sit.

"Is it okay if I go to talk to him really quick?" She asked pointing to the bedroom.

"Of course take all the time you need."

So Maddie knocked on the door and heard Zack say come in so she opened the door to see him looking at a comic book, not really reading since he had a lot on his mind. She shut the door and he put the comic book down and smiled kind of sadly.

"Hi Zack. You weren't going to say goodbye to me?" Maddie asked sitting down on his bed.

"I figured it would be easier that way, so I won't miss you that much." Zack mumbled the reply and put the comic back up.

"You know that would just make things harder. And I would miss you if you didn't say goodbye."

You would?" He asked putting it back down on his nightable and scooted up so his back was on the headboard of the bed.

"Well yeah...I mean Zack you have a speical place in my heart."


"Of course. Your one of my best friends and nothing will change that."

Zack was slient for a little bit and a few tears started to come trickling down his cheek.

"Zack...don't cry...cause you're going to make me cry." Maddie said as her voice started to crack from getting emotional. She moved over to him and gave him a hug. They stayed in that position for about two minutes.

"I love you Maddie." Zack said still holding her in a hug.

"I love you too Zack." She replied without hesitation. They finally pulled away and she kissed him on the cheek and got up and walked out of his and Cody's room. She wiped away her tears from her cheeks and said goodbye to Cody and Carey along with everyone else from the Tipton and left for college.

3 years later...

Now Zack and Cody are finally eighteen which mean they can do whatever they want. Cody wants to go to college and become a scientist and win the Nobel Prize. Zack on the other hand has something else on his mind. He figures college can wait. What he wants for than anything in the world is ro find Maddie and tell her what he feels for her and that she never left his thoughts.

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