Introduction & Explanations

Hello readers! Before we step back into the story I wanted to make a few things clear that "A War I Did Not Start and Could Not End" didn't cover in its ending.

-WARNING: This is the sequel to my previous Black Cat fanfic "A War I Did Not Start and Could Not End". If you haven't read that then you may not want to read this just yet and head back to the prequel.

-I know the original first chapter for this story got some really nice reviews (thank you by the way!), but I decided to go in a slightly different direction. There will be a similar reunion with Train and Sven, but for now I need to connect this story with its prequel.

-First and foremost the war is over. Chronos is attempting to rebuild itself after losing so many members to Mason. Those members are: Jenos Hazard, Emilio Lowe, Kranz Maduke, Baldorias S. Fanghini, and of course Mason Ordrossa. (If you aren't familiar with these names this site will help you out: .org/wiki/List_of_Black_Cat_characters#Chronos )

-Sven Vollfied and Eve are still living together as sweepers in an island town known as Broquet Island.

-Train Heartnet, aka the Black Cat, has left both Sven and Eve to live on his own. He now lives in the large city of Kaian City.

-The Apostles of the Stars have been disbanded. Its members are either dead or scattered around the world in hiding from authorities and sweepers.

-Creed Diskenth is dead.