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Author's Note: This contains homosexual, incestest, sexual abuse. If you don't like it, still read it. Really, I couldn't care less. I'm not going to tell you not to read it if you don''t like the topic. If you don't like it I still want you to read it.

Sodapop is the bad guy in this because, dammit! he's never the bad guy.

Behind Closed Doors

I can feel his hand on my bare stomach. Please take it off. Please. I don't say anything though. I just clench my eyes shut, and pretend that I'm asleep, that I'm not aware of what's happening around me...

Itmoved up higher, on my chest. I can feel his hand moving across my chest feeling my nipples.

I feel dirty. Such a dreadful feeling. Violated and dirty. I almost feel like I'm being praded around hundreds of people nude. That sort of feeling of shame. I can't really describe it. It's like an unwanted tingling feeling in my chest.

Now his lips brush against me, my arm, my neck, my face. His mouth opens on my neckand his teeth bite down on my skin. His mouth leaves and the spot where it was before is moist and now changing from warm, to cold, like the winds blowing. Even though there can't be wind in here. The winows and the door are closed.

His hand runs down my torso, below my naval, brushing against the elastic of my briefs. His hand slips under the fabric. Oh god. Please god. Make it stop.

It usually doesn't get this far. I start to kick and scream and shake, pretending I was having a nightmare, instead of laying in one. I would start that, but that happened last night, and the night before, and I don't want to worry Darry over nothing.

His hand is feeling me. A part of me which is suposed to be reserved.

I wonder what would happen ifit was out in the open, about me knowing.If this feeling that washed over me was known? Would it stop? Would it all go away?

I this feeling consumes me for the next twenty minutes. Then the hands stop, the mouth leaves.

And my brother is finally sleeping beside me.

I can finally dift into the sea of darkness.

"Pone! Wake up!" Soda's calling for me.

"Muuurrrmp," I reply still groggy.

He begins to tickle me. I laugh, and now I'm completely awake.

"Why you wakin' me up, Soda?" I ask, "It's Saturday."

"What? You don't want to spend time with your big brother? I'm shocked and apaulled, Ponyboy!" He said as me placed his hand on his chest dramatically.

"Fine," I reply. After I get dress, I head out to the kitchen for breakfast.

I leave everything behind me. I close the door behind me.

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