Fan Fiction Name: Requiem for the Rokudaime

Chapter Name: Foxes and Scarecrows: Naruto

Info: As all in Konoha gather to pay respects to the Rokudaime Hokage as he takes his place on the Memorial Stone, some people take some time to remember his exploits and his quirks. The Rokudaime is not who you think! Rated T for general cursing.

Disclaimers: Well, I do not own any of Naruto, nor do I own the many characters of these fan fictions, save my own creations. It's sad, but all too true. How I wish I owned them….waaaaaahhhhh!

Note: This fanfiction is inspired by the great "Requiem for Vincent". If you're a fan of Final Fantasy Seven, I would recommend you read that.

Requiem for the Rokudaime

Chapter 1

It's sunny today. On a day like today, it shouldn't be sunny. To think it would be so damn sunny on a day that doesn't have any right to be is beyond my understanding. I want to just start yelling at the top of my lungs. Hell, I even wanna try to send the fox in my gut skyward in hopes the bastard would make the sun stop shining, at least for the hour and a half to get this damn funeral over with. It was times like this I would have someone to kill, to try and take revenge for your death. But I can't.

In a way, you knew what was going to happen and kinda expected it. Hell, that's what happens to the people who become Hokage. Ever since the mission to save Sasuke, you had managed to gain the attention of the Council, and when Danzo made his move against Tsunade-obachan, you were the one to spear the bastard through the gut with your Chidori…Raikiri…whatever. It was because you had managed to stop the…uh…what did Sakura call it again…Oh…machinations of a man who had been almost been Hokage himself. It was impressive to them, to say the least. It was that that made it possible for you to become Hokage, even before me. It proved that you had the skill and planning ability to handle the position.

Lo and behold, when that happened, Tsunade-obaa-chan appointed you as her replacement. You took some serious training, and then took your place as Rokudaime Hokage about a year after your training started. I was so mad when you, the perverted, late, squirrelly bastard of a jounin who really wasn't reliable at all being allowed to be Hokage before me.

I was furious that you, Hatake Kakashi, was allowed to be Hokage before me. But as time went on, I realized later on, on the very mission that you personally led, that you deserved it. You had gotten freaky strong. Hell, you had managed to be able to use the Mangekyo Sharingan twice and not have any problems. Knowing what I know now, that in and of itself in really impressive. No amount of pervertedness, laziness, and all out unreliability would make me hate you now.

Hell, it was you who killed the snake bastard after just a single month of being Hokage. It was your skill and abilities that sent the snake bastard skidding and, in the end, six feet under. Okay, that and the help of Kabuto, of all people. Man, what side is that guy on, anyway? Anyhow, it was what your teacher and my own teacher after you, Ero-sannin, taught you that allowed you to become more than just what the Mist feared. It made you legend, like the Legendary Sannin and the Fourth Hokage before you. And, like your own teacher before you, had only been in office for a little while before hell came knocking on Konohas door and the sacrifice of a Hokage was made.

Heh. And to think they'll have to carve your ugly mug into the monument now. Will I finally be able to see what the hell was under that damn mask of yours?

Now that I'm done doing that stupid soul searching, I now get the chance to see those who had come early. The first person I see is Iruka, of all people, with the VERY pregnant Anko. They had been dating for…what, three years…or longer, don't quite remember, and then Anko got knocked up. Iruka decided to be "honorable" and proposed to her. Anko, being the loud sadistic snake woman that she is, decided to screw with Iruka-sensei for a week before saying yes. Now, they're expecting…what did Shizune say the baby was again?

Now I see Sakura-chan. Poor girl is bawling. And I really can't do anything for that pain. It's like a kunai going straight into your chest, and I know that the best thing is to just find a place and let it out. Well, maybe it isn't, but that's what I think.

Now I look and see Sasuke. It was during your mission to bring him back that led not only to the interest of the council but also to Danzos desperation move against Tsunade-obachan. Funny thing is, when you put the seal on his cursed mark again, his will was so dead set on his brother that his will didn't weaken for the life of him. That gave you time to hand him off to Yamato and sent him on a "training" mission.

Hee hee, like that was a training mission. You just wanted to get him as far away from Orochimaru as possible. You wanted to make sure that when the snake bastard came after him

And Yamato did just that…managing to get away and eventually sacrificing himself to make sure Sasuke wasn't taken again by the Sound and showing just how much Sasuke was cared for here in Konoha. It's just…just…

Damn it! Damn it, damn it, damn it!

Why the hell did you die, you one eyed, white-haired jackass! Why the hell did someone who was worth more than their weight gold to me have to die right in front of me? Why the hell is life so unfair? Why….?

Huh…who's holding my hand?

Oh, Hinata-chan. Hinata smiled her reassuring smile. It's funny. The weird, shy girl at the back of the class has to reassuring me, the number one hyperactive knucklehead ninja of Konoha. But I'm not that anymore. Well, not JUST that, anyway. I'm a jounin now, like you were. I'm going in next month to see the prospective genin and become what you were yourself. I'm gonna see if this next series of batch of students has what it takes to be genin. And I'm taking a page out of your book: I'm doing that kaki-forsaken bell test of yours.

Hinata-chan is going to be going for jounin soon, herself. I'm glad she's doing it. Hell, it was just two weeks ago, just before I went with you, Iruka-sensei, Sai, and Gai to hold off the sound bastards at the main gates, that she told me how she felt. She told me….that…that she loved me.

LOVED me, Kakashi-sensei!

Hell, at first I thought she was joking

But then again, it's Hinata-chan. She really doesn't…joke. After our talk, I was happier than I had ever been in my life…Wait, I take that back. I was the second happiest in my life. The happiest was that night in the woods with Iruka-sensei. But that's beside the point. When you saw my face, you (with that smart-ass way and smart-ass smile of yours) said, "When we get out of this, make sure that you don't smile like that. It'll scare her away."

Wait, why am I thinking of her now? Oh, my hand has hers.

Well, I have smiled that way since then, and only when she was around. She is "quite endeared" to it, as Shino said after the fighting stopped. I had tried to lighten the mood, knowing full well I was probably going to be crying myself to sleep that night. I told him about what Hinata said, and his reaction was classic.

He just said, "You're just now getting it." Now, I know the Aburame normally don't show emotions, but immediately after he said that, he began…laughing.

Okay, well, it was more of a slight chuckle, but coming out of THAT emotionless bastard was miraculous.

Now that I think about it, I did miss most of the battle. All I remember was fighting off a whole bunch of sound nines at the gate with Rock Lee, Shino, and Shikamaru when they all just…stopped. It was weird as all hell. I didn't know what happened until I saw them scatter and I saw you, with your hand imbedded with Orochimaru chest and the Chidori still sizzling.


The bastard blew apart just blew apart! I really didn't know how you did it, and even after I asked Iruka-sensei, I still don't understand how. Anyway, you looked at me and did that stupid ass eye smile of yours…then…you fell over. The three of us ran over to see Gai slumped over nearby with a nasty gash on his back and Iruka facing down Kabuto with a really confused look on his face. After trying to resuscitate you, Kabuto actually offered to try. My initial reaction was to gut the guy with my Rasengan. But Iruka-sensei stopped me and Kabuto went to work. When that didn't work, we tried to get Tsunade-obachan.

That didn't work, and here you are. About to be put into a damn hole. Kabuto led the sound nins away and said that Konoha would not have to worry about Otogakure again. Tsunade said she would retake the title of Hokage. I said I would be the next Hokage…the …uh….

Crap. What was the Old Language word for seventh? I'll have to look that up again.

Some glorious end for the famous Copy Nin of Konoha. Everything done in a month and now I'm trying to figure out what 'Seventh' is as your going to be put in the ground and rot as worm food. Wow. Then again, you did make Orochimaru, the worst traitor in Konohas history, blow up like a firecracker.

I'm gonna have to see if Iruka-sensei could explain how you did that to me again. I'm now hopelessly confused about how that exactly happened. Well, now you'll be able to join with that Uchiha friend of yours as well as the Yondaime Hokage. I'd bet he'd have a cow to see that you're a damn pervert AND a Hokage.

Let's just hope that you're giving him one hell of a time up there. Oh, and make sure you thank him for me. It sucked in the beginning, but without the Kyuubi, I really don't think I would have been able to survive as long as I have without the fox in me. I wouldn't have survived long enough to be here, and long enough to hear Hinatas' words.

Oh, hell, I'm getting sappy now!


A/N: And with that, the Requiem starts! Soon, I'll go over the rest of Team Sevens thoughts on the death of their sensei and the Rokudaime Hokage of Konohagakure. If you have some questions as to what happened, it will be revealed what happened in the fight when it comes to Gai and Iruka.

Until then, mwahahahahahaha!

Extra revision notes: I caught the "Gay" mess up (damnnable spell check!) and reloaded the story corrected. And I must thank A Crazy Girl of Many Names and Who's Asking for the input for the Seventh Hokage (nichidaime). You'll be seeing it soon!