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Chapter One: The Train


"Hey, I'm sor-," he doesn't even turn around to me, after I bump into him. Maybe he's that important. He is wearing a black suit you only see the big wigs wear. He's probably in a rush. Needs to get somewhere fast, like a business meeting or maybe even home. It is almost six afterall. But still, why not stop and say sorry? Am I not important enough? Probably.

What a prick.


My burger is on the ground and my lunch now belongs to the filthy streets of Dagmar. Great. I'm not letting this one get away as easily as before. "Excuse me miss. You bumped into the me and my lunch has-"

"Huh?" The lady turns around and looks at me with the most empty eyes in the world. They lack emotion and motivation. But some how enough motivation to do her make-up like a tramp.

"You bumped into me and I dropped my-"

"I don't have time for this." She turns on her prissy, red heels and walks away. Just walked away. How could one person care so much about the application of their eyeliner but no so much as about someone's lunch? A lunch they ruined? It was their fault they were so careless. Even if they didn't have the money to replace it, a simple "sorry" would have suficed. Am I not worth the trouble? Probably.

What a prick.

Night time in Dagmar is a scary place. Dangerous people with knives, guns, and drugs. Out of my sixteen years of living here, I'm really lucky I haven't been confronted with danger. Sometimes I've doubted the danger but there's always reports of murders, attacks, and shady deals. Maybe it's there and I'm just ignoring it. Or it's ignoring me.

Am I really that invisible?

I don't have a curfew and I think anyone could care less about what time I get home. I'd like to believe my mom hasn't forgotten about me but ever since her boyfriend, I just feel out of the circle. School? I miss so much I don't think the teachers even bother checking if I'm there. I've shoplifted several times, I thought the security was just being lazy or stupid, but how can they catch something they could care less about? People, like the ones I ran into today, don't stop when I say a hello or give them an apology. And others, like that woman, don't bother listening to what I have to say. If I were them, I would stop. No one deserves to feel me.



And probably unmissed.

The train's almost here. I'm standing past the yellow line they draw for precaution. Everyone's watching but no one cares. I could just push off. Bend the knees and quickly push up. I better hurry, it's getting closer. Just need to bend my knees, then push off. "Dammit," I swear seeing my knees lock in place. "Just go." I didn't have to jump. I could just walk off. Lift the right foot, move it forward, and attempt to put it down on the empty space. Thus, I fall.

"No use." My feet are stuck. It's getting closer. Thoses eerie yellow lights are getting larger and coming into focus.

Just bend, then push up.

Lift the right foot, move it forward, and attempt to put it down on empty space.

Just bend, then push up.

Lift the right foot, move it forward, and attempt to put it down on empty space.

"You know, if you're scared, I can push you."

My thought process stops and I whip my head to that voice. "What?" A teen, probably about my age is just standing to my right, past the yellow line with me, a lit cigarette hanging from his mouth. His hands just rested in the pouch of his back hoodie which contrasted greatly to his flamboyant, crimson, spiked hair. He gave off the impression of a bad-ass who could care less.

"Don't worry. I've pushed some people before. It's really quick and painless."

"You'd do that for me?"

He rolled his teal-ish, aqua eyes. They looked so unreal, maybe he's wearing contacts. "Yeah, why not?"

I was wasting time but I couldn't believe my ears, "won't you get in trouble?"

He looked around, "we're over the line. Doesn't seem like anyone gives a fuck about anything." I couldn't pick my next words. I wanted to say yes but I didn't understand why he would help me. He was the first person to really notice me. The first person to care. Care enough to end my misery. But, I stood there like a bumbling idiot, staring at him with mouth slightly agape. The train passes and people get off and he gets on. "Looks like you missed your chance, maybe next time."

The doors began to close and he just stood on the other side of the train, smoking. It was prohibited but he didn't care, neither did others. Was he a person like me? Constantly getting ignored by others? He seemed to know how to deal with it. He wasn't dead yet. Maybe I could learn something from him. Probably.

From this prick.

Without another thought , I ran forward into the train as the doors shut. The red-haired teen smiled at me and offered me a cigarette. "Name's Axel. A-X-E-L. Got it memorized?"

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