It'd Be Magic

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The debutante ball couldn't be any better for Viola Hastings. Her family and friends were they're showing her support and Duke had been her escort. After the formal dinner, the group of friends moved to the dance floor when a slow song came up. Everyone on the dance floor that didn't have a boyfriend or girlfriend left the dance floor leaving Sebastian and Olivia, Toby and Eunice, Paul and Kia, and last but not least Duke and Viola. When they came together, Duke circled his hands around Viola's waist as she entwined her hands behind Duke's neck.

"So, are you planning on staying a girl this time around?" Duke asked sarcastically.

"Of course. What would you really want to be seen kissing a boy?" Viola asked and smiled.

"Just so you know, I don't really stick tampons up my nose." Viola said to her teammate. Duke smiled remembering the first time they met and when he had one up his nose after fighting Justin.

"That's good to know." He whispered as they moved closer together, her head was now laying on his chest.

"So what are we Duke?"

"You know Hastings, you're not as smart as you look." He said as Viola pulled his face toward hers and they met for their first kiss as a couple.


It was a Saturday morning, the morning after the ball and Viola woke up in her room in her mother's home. It was covered in North Carolina posters and World Cup 2006 posters with Carolina blue walls. She stretched in her bed and got out of it. She walked down the stair thinking about what she wanted to talk to her mom about and ended up finding her eating breakfast.

"Good morning my beautiful butterfly."

"Morning mom. Listen" she started as she loaded up her plate with eggs, bacon, and toast, "I wanted to talk to you about something."

"Ok what is it sweetie?"

"Well I know this might be a pain, but I was wondering if I could transfer schools?"

"To what school do you have in mind for transferring to?"

"Sebastian's school." She watched her mothers face, but could not read her expression. About five minutes later, her mother nodded.

"I will talk to Principal Gold and see what I can do."

"Thanks mom!" Viola said and kissed her mom on the top of her head. After shoveling her food down her throat, she raced up the stairs to her room, jumped on her bed, and grabbed her cell phone to call Duke.

"Hey baby." A deep voice answered.

"Hey guess what? My mom is talking to Principal Gold to see if I could transfer to Illyria!"

"That's great babe; did you tell her why?"

"Nope, she didn't ask."

"Ok because remember what you requested-"

"I know, I know. So what are you up to?"

"I'm heading over to Andrew and Toby's to hang for the day. Do you want to do something tonight?"

"Of course I would! What do you have in mind?" Viola said excitedly.

"How about Cascarios at eight? Do you want to meet at you're house or at school?"

"My house sounds good."

"Ok well I gotta go." Duke replied with no doubt a smile on his face.

"OK, love ya."

"Love you too, bye." He said and hung up the phone. She hung up her end and took a shower. When she was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, she pulled her blow-dried hair into a messy bun and called Kia and Yvonne to see if they wanted to go shopping. Yvonne couldn't because her family was leaving for her grandparents so it was just Viola and Kia. When the doorbell rang, Viola raced to the door and told her mother she was leaving. When they got into Kia's green bug, they went downtown and soon found their selves sitting outside of Starbucks, drinking soft caramel lattes. When they started to walk again, they started talking.

"So I saw you and Paul dancing last night." Viola said as she nudged her friend and laughed.

"It was a friendly dance Vi and what about you and that hot soccer player you were with; you two practically made-out on the runway." Kia replied and smirked. Viola forgot that they had kissed on the runway and thought about making up a lame but believable excuse before Kia pointed that minor detail out.

"It was friendly kiss." She retorted as they entered American Eagle.

"Oh yeah because I stick my tongue down my friends throat." Kia said and looked at Viola's pale face. Her mouth was opening and closing like a fish and also like a fish no words seemed to roll off of her tougne.

"Fine, but if I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone." Kia nodded knowinly as Viola sighed.

"Duke and I are gng out. He asked me last night and I said yes."

"Aw! Vi, that's so cute; you two look so cute together!" She said as they left American Eagle with bags in tow.

"I know it is, but I would rather not people knowing because that provides Justin with a better chance of knowing, and I don't want him to come near me and especially Duke right now." She said as they went into Aeropoastale.


When Viola got home at about six thirty that night, she had nearly missed her mom as she walked out the door.

"Viola sweetie, I'm going to a meeting with Principal Gold now, so please don't be up too late!" And closed the door. Viola had a devious smirk on her face as she went up to her room to put on a natural coat of makeup and nicer clothes for tonight.


When the clock chimed for eight o'clock, Duke was on the front porch and rang the bell. Viola opened the door and ushered him inside where she was greeted happily with a light kiss on her lips. She smiled at him as she dragged him to the living room and they sat down on the couch.

"Do you want to stay in tonight?" Duke asked his girlfriend as she gave him the puppy dog eyes. He laughed and agreed. Viola kissed him as a thank you and they ordered pizza. They were watching TV while waiting for the pizza to arrive.

"Oh my god I love this movie!" Viola said as she scooted closer to her boyfriend and laid her head on his shoulder. The movie, Duke soon found out was High School Musical.

"Oh my god you still watch the Disney Channel; my sister watches Disney Channel and she's eleven."

"So, this movie is so good and it's really cute." Duke gave in and asked what it was about.

"It's about this guy named Troy Bolton who is the basketball star at his school and this girl named Gabriella is 'the freaky math girl'. The two sing karaoke together on New Years Eve and feel like it's the start of something new. When winter break is over, Gabriella is transferred to East High School due to her mom's job and meets Troy there. They eventually try out for the school play not caring about what everyone else thinks; they're breaking free from what is expected of them. It's really cute and well yeah." Viola finished lamely. Duke nodded and watched the movie when the doorbell rang. He got up and answered it to find Justin holding their pizza. When he looked up their eyes met and Duke got angry.

"Duke what's up?" She asked from her spot on the couch and got up. When she got to him she then saw Justin.

"How much Justin?" Viola asked.

"Fifteen bucks." He said coldly and stared at Duke. Duke gave him the money and Justin left. When they closed the door, Viola locked it and set the security alarms for around the house; just in case. She wrapped an arm around his waist, which seemed to bring him back to earth.

"Duke it's ok, let's just sit down and eat our pizza." She said as she brushed her lips over his. They walked back towards the couch and Viola noticed that they were at the auditions part.


"So what did you think?" Viola asked as they made their way up to her room.

"I actually liked it, maybe I'll watch the Disney Channel more often." Duke replied and smiled as they sat on her pre-made bed. Duke leaned against the headboard as Viola sat in between his legs and leaned against him.

"I have a question Vi."

"Ok shoot."

"Why don't you want anyone to know that were dating?"

"Because of Justin. I'm afraid if he finds out then he'll come after you and the last thing I want is to see you get hurt…"

"Well I think he has a hunch." Duke replied, but he could see Viola was really worried. He turned her face around softly to face his.

"Hun, I'll be ok if he tries to hurt me. I am perfectly capable to protect myself. Do you remember the kissing booth? When we were making out at the kissing booth. He fought me, but I came out ok, I'm here with you now aren't I?" He then added softly. "I'll always be here with you and for you." He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her softly. Then Viola pulled him back for another couple of kisses as there mouths moved in a rhythmic pattern. They broke apart for air, but as Duke was stoking her hair and as her head was nuzzled in the nape of his neck, the couple fell asleep.

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