Disclaimer: I do not own any characters I mention below, and the story is based on the manga Mahou Sensei Negima (or Negima! Magister Negi Magi)

A New Take on Negima

by: Jennon-Donnon

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After the graduation ceremony.

"Negi, what does your scroll say? Mine says I'm gonna be a fortune teller in London!" While saying this, I silently wished that we were both in the same country.

"Which country is your attachment in?" Negi's onee-san seemed worried for her, even though she isn't really his sister.

"I'm just about to take a look!" Negi seemed excited as he said this. "Oh boy..."

"Well?" I was very nervous, and I repeated the same phrase over and over in my head: Please let us be together... Please let us be together...

"Uh well... A teacher..." Negi seemed surprised by his assignment. "And it's in Japan..."

"WHAAAAAAAT!" Onee-san and I exclaimed at the same time. How in earth can a 10-year old kid be a teacher? He can at least be... With me... What the hell am I thinking!

Onee-san and I hurried to catch up with the Headmaster, which happens to be Negi's grandfather.

"Headmaster! What do you mean by 'a teacher'!" Onee-san exclaimed, obviously concerned for Negi.

"Ah... A teacher eh..." Even as he said this, the Headmaster didn't seem the least bit surprised.

"Are you sure it isn't some kind of mistake? A ten-year old can't be a teacher! It's impossible!"

"Yeah! And he's so innocent and careless and short..." I was disappointed by the fact that Negi was not going to be with me.

"But, if that's written on his graduation certificate, then that is what he's to do. No arguments!" Negi's grandfather seemed amused somehow... "The only way to become an outstanding wizard is to try your best, whatever your assignment!"

"Oh my..." Onee-san promptly fainted.

"Onee-san! Pull yourself together!" Negi tried his best to wake onee-san up, but to no avail.

The Headmaster sighed. "Don't worry, the head of the school you're going to is a good friend of mine. You'll be fine. So give it your best."

Negi was listening intently to what the Headmaster was saying, while I was still recovering from my shock earlier.

"I will!" Negi's voice brought me back to reality. "I'll do my best!"

I know you will do your best, Negi... But, I made a promise to you... That I would help you reach your dream... To find your father...

That afternoon I decided to speak with the Headmaster.

"Um... Headmaster? Can I speak with you?"

"Hm..." He gave me an appraising look, as if reading my thoughts. "Yes, Anya, What do you want us to talk about?"

"It's about Negi's assignment..." I stuttered.

"I guessed as much. His assignment cannot be changed, as it is a special assignment. Yours, however is a totally different matter." He was looking at me with a glint in his eyes, as though he had thought of something clever.

"What do you mean by, 'a totally different matter?'" I was wondering what that could have meant.

"Well, nowadays, the number of people who believe in 'magic' and 'fortune-telling' is very low... This means you may choose to get a different assignment. I have something in mind. Something that involves my grandson, Negi."

I was immediately filled with hope. "What is this assignment, Headmaster?"

"Reread your scroll when you leave this room. As I said to Negi a while ago, the only way to become an outstanding wizard is to try your best, whatever your assignment. You may take your leave."

I thanked him and left the room, feeling happier than I was when I entered. Then, I opened the scroll...

"A student in Japan. You will join the class Negi is teaching, class 2-A."

When I had read this over about 20 times, I entered the Headmaster's room again.

"Thank you, Headmaster!"

"I knew you would come back inside. I have one thing to ask you: Do not tell Negi or his Onee-san until the start of the school term. It's best to keep this as... a surprise."

End of Prologue


Negi is leaving tomorrow. I decided to do this with him.

"Negi..." I began.

"Yes, Anya?"

I stared into those eyes of his that I loved so much...

"Is it okay... If... We form a pact?"


End of Omake

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