Title: Saving Me

Disclaimer: Own Supernatural...I wish.I'm only borrowing Dean, Sam,John, any othercharactersassociated with the show thatI haven'talready mentioned...oh yeah and the car. I promiseI will return them safe and soundonce I'm done with them. I only own what you don't recognise.


Sam awoke groggily to his aching muscles and throbbing head. It felt as though there was a little man in his skull bashing his brain with a hammer. Hard. He felt confused, everything was dark, What the hell happened? He looked down and saw the steering wheel then it all came flooding back. The fight with the demon. Dean being almost killed. Shooting his dad in the leg. Sam had been driving his dad and Dean to the hospital, they were in pretty bad shape. Then Sam and John had started fighting about the demon when out of nowhere something ploughed into the side of the Chevy Impala. Holy crap, Dean, Dad. Please be alright please God help them. Sam turned his head towards the passenger seat and suddenly felt the blood in his veins go cold. His father was not there. Sam quickly scanned the area surrounding him but his dad was neither in nor outside the car. Then he remembered Dean. As much as he loved his dad (even though he hated to admit it sometimes), Dean was the one who was always there for him, always protected him.So getting to an already injuredDean was now Sam's priority, he would search for his father later. Sam attempted to get out of his seat but something was holding him back. The goddamn seatbelt. He cursed as he undid it.


Sam managed with some difficulty to lever his body between the two front seats so he could get to his brother.

"DEAN? Answer me man."

Sam was horrified. If Dean had been in bad shape before, you could practically pronounce him dead now. The massive wounds on his chest from the demon seeped blood, which then dribbled down his front, gathering in a large pool on his lap. His head lulled to one side resting against the window, Sam noticed the blood and the thin cracks in the window indicating Dean's head had been thrown against it. His chest moved slightly. Sam let out the breath he didn't know he had been holding in. He is breathing, not very well, but he is breathing and that's a start. Sam put his head to Dean's chest listening to see how well his heart was beating. Gagunk gagunk. There it was steady and strong. Dean's body looked so weak, so vulnerable, yet his heart was beating as strong as ever. Suddenly a terrible rasping sound came from Dean's throat, his body lurched forward coughing blood all over the back of the front seat. Sam grabbed his brother's shoulders and set him back against the seat. His breathing seemed a little better now and his eyes fluttered open.

"Hey Dean"


"Feel better after that?"

Dean swallowed and nodded his head, closing his eyes. Sam pulled out his cell phone. It was broken. Crap. Just what I need! Sam looked up to check on his brother.

"Man I need to borrow your cell"


Sam reached into it, it was empty.

"Other one Sammy"


He reached out and pulled the cell out. It was still intact. Thank you God! He immediately dialled 911.

"I have an emergency – my brother, my dad and I we were involved in an accident…"

The operator asked questions and Sam rattled off details. By the time the call had ended Sam could hear distant sirens.