Title: Saving Me

Author: deangirl1207

Summary: Post Devil's Trap. The accident with the semi leaves Dean in a coma and with serious injuries. Sam struggles to deal with his brother's condition and state of mind, while a visit from a friend temporarily helps. However, the boys soon realise that they need their father more than they care to admit. Possible spoilers-season one.

Disclaimer: Own Supernatural...I wish. I'm only borrowing Dean, Sam, John, any other characters associated with the show that I haven't already mentioned...oh yeah and the car. I promise I will return them safe and sound once I'm done with them...if only i could keep Dean (sighs).Oh well, I only own what you don't recognise. The title of this story is taken from the Nickelback song "Savin' Me" which I obviously don't own either...sigh.

Note: Even though this story is set after Devil's Trap, it does not follow what is currently happening in Season Two of Supernatural (for all you lucky people who live in countries where it is already being aired...). I'm in Australia and it does not air here until around next year but I've read the spoilers (hehe...I just couldn't resist!) and this story definitely won't be following what happens. So this is my own version of how the second season could of begun. Thanks to all my wonderful reviewers, your comments are greatly appreciated. To all you others...Please R&R...it makes me feel special.


It had been four days since the accident. For four days now Dean had been unconscious and Sam had been going stir-crazy, worrying about him and Dad. He didn't know what to do, it was like Dad had vanished into thin air. There was no trace of him, no lead to follow - nothing. So Sam decided to focus all his time and effort on Dean. After all, Dean had always been the one who looked after him, he was always there for him. Where as, Dad upped and left whenever, not caring if his sons needed him, he just blocked it out and focussed his energy on the damn supernatural.

It did not matter whether he was sitting cooped up in the hospital waiting room, Dean's cubicle or the motel room; Sam found he could not concentrate on anything. The lack of sleep seemed to be getting to him too, and constantly substituting rest with cups of coffee was not really helping either. He had practically not gotten any sleep in the last four days, whenever he closed his eyes he saw his brother dying, and that scared him so much. They are just nightmares, not visions. Visions come true, not nightmares he kept reminding himself. He had been praying to any gods that were listening, that Dean would wake up. The doctors were not that impressed with Dean's progress, or lack of, Dr. Peters had told him that if Dean did not wake up within a week then the possibility of him having some sort of serious damage to his brain was more likely.

"Sammy?" a voice whispered hoarsely.

He froze like a rabbit caught in a car's headlights. He could have sworn that was Dean's voice. He looked up quickly to see Dean lying in the bed trying to yank the tube out of his throat. Sam's mouth twitched then slipped into a broad grin. Dean's awake!

At that moment the nurse came over to the cubicle.

"Mr. Stevens you're awake." Dean shot a look at Sam then at the nurse and continued yanking at the tube.

"Okay I'll remove the tube, which you've taken an obvious disliking to," the nurse paused and smiled, "then I'll check your vitals and leave you two alone."

The nurse set about doing what she was trained for, removing the tubes, checking Dean's vitals and his responsiveness to light, pain and so on. She also asked him a few questions to check his memory.

"What's your name?"

"Dean…Win…Stevens" he quickly corrected himself.

"Your birthdate?"

"24th January 1979"

"Can you tell me who our president is?"

"George W. Bush" he scowled. Stupid questions.

"Good. I'll leave you two now. But the doctor will be down to see you soon" She smiled at both of them, placed the chart with the bed, and exited the cubicle, leaving the two brothers alone.

"Hey princess, finally decided to wake up did you." Sam smirked, then added slightly more seriously,

"How are you feeling Dean?"

"Wonderful" Dean replied sarcastically. His eyes quickly scanned over Sam assessing his injuries. There was a bandage on his head and his arm was in a sling. Apart from that and the fact he looked like he had not slept in a month, Sam looked fine.

"Broke your arm Sammy?"

"No. Wrist."

"Did you cry?" Dean smirked and Sam rolled his eyes at his brother's half-attempt at a smart-ass remark. However, Dean's small smile faded and his eyes turned dark.

"What the hell am I doing in a freaking hospital Sam?"

"What, you only just realised?" Sam smiled, "Uh, you don't remember what happened?

Dean fell silent and Sam could see his brain ticking over.

"I remember being at the cabin and dad – he was possessed by the demon but after that I don't remember. How did I get here?"

"Well I was driving us-"

"What! You were driving my car?"

Sam continued, ignoring him

"And a semi-"

"I don't like where this is going"

"Dude, would you quit interrupting."

"Anyway, it crashed into us".

"You're sick Sam, really sick. If you were gonna tell a joke geek-boy, then it could at least be a funny one."

"I'm not joking Dean." Sam replied, his face tired but serious.

"You're not?"


"My car-"

"Bobby's taking care of it"


"Dean, he's gonna fix it."


"It will be expensive, but he is gonna fix it."

That seemed to reassure Dean because he settled down.

"Dude, you are so never driving my car again." He muttered.

Dean frowned, all of a sudden something felt…wrong.

"Where's Dad?"

Dean attempted to sit up but immediately regretted it as a sharp stabbing pain seared through his chest. He cried out in pain and Sam rushed to his side, caught his brother's shoulders and gently lowered him back to a lying position.

"Easy there tiger."

"Where's Dad" Dean repeated, face still contorted in agony.

Sam had silently wished the sudden attack of pain would make Dean forget his question so then he would not have to answer. I realised a while ago that wishes never come true Sam though to himself bitterly. The younger man avoided Dean's questioning eyes, lowering his own to the floor.

"Sam? Answer my question or I swear so help me God, I will get out of this bed and personally kick your ass."

"Yeah?" Sam scoffed, keeping his eyes averted.

"Okay, maybe not, but answer me Sam. Where's Dad?"

Sam looked up into a face contorted with worry. He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to drag the time out.

"He's gone." Sam finally replied flatly.

"What do you mean?"

"He is gone Dean. I don't know where he is."

Dean's face frowned in confusion.

"After the accident I woke up in the car and he wasn't sitting in the passenger seat beside me. He was gone."

Dean paused a long time, taking in the information.

"Have you tried to find him?"

Sam looked at Dean, searching his face to see if he was joking. Realising he wasn't, Sam blinked several times in utter amazement.

"Find him. You are kidding me. Dude, you almost died on me and all you can care about is me finding Dad?

"He's our father Sam-"

"No Dean. He hasn't been our father for a long time. He's our boss. Our military trainer. A hunter. A guy we trek halfway across the country with. Take your pick Dean, but the one thing he should be, he isn't."

Dean sat silent with a bewildered look on his face. What the hell was Sam's problem?

"So you're just gonna give up on him?"

"No Dean. I'm not saying that. He's just not on the top of the priority list right now."

"He's family" Dean whispered quietly, he could feel the anger in his veins boiling. Sam could see the hurt in his older brother's eyes.

"You and him, you're all I have."

"I know Dean. But look at this realistically. You and I are hardly in a condition to go searching for Dad. He could be anywhere. He could be possessed again. We have one bullet left Dean and it's for the demon. I don't want to have to waste it on some other piece of shit we come across. Once you and I get better Dean we will try and find him."

"Get the fuck out"

Sam frowned in confusion.

"Dean-"…but Sam stopped mid-sentence. The look in Dean's eyes warned him not to argue, not to talk, and not to do anything else other than 'get the fuck out'.

Sam turned to leave.

Selfish kid, Dean thought as he watched Sam's back walk through the doorway.

"I don't understand." Sam had been desperately waiting for Dean to wake up for the last four days, but Sam had definitely not pictured this. Since Dean had told him to leave, Sam had gone back in the room three times in the last two hours. However, when Sam tried to talk to Dean, he just shut him out. Sam felt like throwing something at the waiting room wall which he had been staring at for what seemed like an eternity. Throwing the chair beside him which Missouri was not seated on suddenly seemed inviting.

"Just give him some time honey, he's been through a lot of pain and he has just woken up."

"Time? He has had two damn hours to stare at that fricking ceiling Missouri." He shot back angrily then immediately regretted. His frustration was with Dean, not Missouri and it was wrong to take it out on her, he realized.


"It's okay honey", Missouri replied and gently patted him on the arm.

"Can't you just talk to him Missouri?"

"Sam I don't know what good that will do."

"Please…" His voice pleaded, laced with desperation.

"Okay" The woman huffed and marched towards the Intensive Care Unit. She looked as though she were readying herself for battle.

"Dean Winchester please tell me why you won't speak to your poor brother."

Dean stayed silent. Missouri could sense an invisible barricade, one which Dean had put up around himself.

"Now you answer me boy."

Again, only silence.

"You ever seen a grown man sob boy?"


"You ever seen your brother as a man sob before?"

Missouri noticed the pain that flickered through Dean's eyes. She smiled inwardly, I'm getting to him.

"Yesterday, when I arrived here he brought me here into your room. And guess what he did. He told me about what happened and sobbed his heart out. He was so scared. Scared you weren't going to wake up; scared that if you did you wouldn't remember him because the doctors told him that you would probably have some memory loss. But you know what he didn't expect? He didn't expect you to be so damn cold towards him. How is he meant to find John exactly? He has a broken wrist, he suffered a concussion and he hasn't slept in four days. Instead he has been sitting by your bedside, worried sick about you. Now he is sitting out there in that waiting room staring at a blank wall going crazy. You and I both know Sam isn't exactly the violent type but he is contemplating throwing a couple of chairs across the room. Then he will be dragged down to the police station and charged with vandalism. See the kind of effect you have on him?

"Go away Missouri."

"No I will not go away. Not until you agree to talk to Sam or at least explain to me why you won't talk to him."

"NURSE." Dean Winchester yelled.

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