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In Her Eyes

Hiei stifled a yawn. His late nights had been getting later and later. But it wasn't entirely his fault. Koenma didn't seem to care whether or not he made it back home the same night he went to work. What the hell was he, a slave? It sure felt like it. Makai had been his home for all of his life and he had thought he'd never see the day when he couldn't wait to leave it. And for Ningenkai. nonetheless. He was just about to discover the means to a telepathically-linked death when a ferry girl appeared in front of him.

"I am so sorry that I'm late, Hiei." Ayame looked quite flustered as she tried to straighten her kimono. The koorime merely raised a brow before snorting.

"I thought the brat had actual work to do. Next time this happens, I'll put his head on a spit." He wasn't in the mood to laugh and torture the poor ferry girl. All he wanted was to go home to his own ferry girl. Ayame opened her mouth to protest but the demon looked angry enough. And she sure didn't want to piss him off any more. They arrived at Ningenkai just a few minutes later. Hiei said nothing as he jumped off the oar and onto the roof of the apartment building where Botan resided. When he got close to the door, he heard voices inside. Not to mention that he could sense Yuusuke's Reiki.

"Hey, I didn't do it on purpose!" He froze when he heard Botan's laughter. He had been with her for over three months but yet, he wasn't used to it. Seeing her cheerful expression every day sort of drove him insane. So, sometimes he stayed away. But the truth was, he wished he could be as carefree as she was. It just wasn't in him to smile and be nice. Hell, he hated almost everyone he knew, with the exception of Yuusuke, Kurama, Botan, and Yukina. Even Shizuru was all right but he never really spoke with her. It was the same with Genkai. He never really got close to anyone. Letting himself get close to Botan was a big step in his life. Not to mention that it was a shot in the dark. "Stop laughing at me!" Botan and Yuusuke had a relationship that he couldn't quite fathom. They were so close that it was hard to believe that they only had feelings of friendship for each other. Hiei knew, though, that Botan loved him to a fault. He could never get jealous at her relationship with Yuusuke because he actually trusted her.

"Yuusuke, you're such an idiot!" Her laughter began to die down and that was when he chose to enter. Just as he opened the door, he heard her start to say something. "Thanks for staying with me while Hiei's in Makai. I just...hate being alone so much, y'know?" She looked over when the koorime closed the door. "Hiei!" He braced himself when he saw her get up. But she didn't embrace him like she usually did. He found it odd. "Welcome home!" His gaze landed on the Detective and he gave him a quick nod.

"Well, since you're here, I guess I should be going." Yuusuke stood up and Hiei escorted him outside, wanting to speak with him. "What is it, Hiei? I know you would rather be in that apartment than out here with me."

"I am...grateful that you are watching out for her." The detective's face took on a surprised expression before it eased into a smile. He then settled his hand on his friend's shoulder.

"I know how she is...and I know how strongly you feel for her. She's so alone sometimes and it makes me feel bad." He sighed and withdrew his hold, turning around to leave. "Besides, I know how Koenma is with you. I'll see if I can't straighten him out." The koorime said nothing as his friend walked away. Since he had come to Ningenkai, he had learned to trust, learned to love, and even learned to hope.

"Hiei! Get in here! I have a dinner ready for you." He almost grinned when he heard her voice calling for him.

Botan gazed at him as he slept, her eyes studying every feature of him, from the way his bangs fell across his face as he slept to how he seemed so peaceful, without all that harshness to his face. She resisted the temptation to touch his face, so that she didn't wake him up. After all, he was a very light sleeper. They had been spending so little time together after Koenma gave him a job in Makai. She was becoming restless for his touches but he was always so exhausted that she couldn't be selfish. So, every time he arrived home, she had his dinner ready. He usually ate, showered, and then went to sleep. His bright crimson eyes held so much fatigue that she didn't know what to think of his work. Her amethyst eyes went to his chest, where she could watch his steady breathing.

"Hiei..." His name left her lips softly and wistfully. How she wished that those magnificent eyes would open and gaze at her. Sighing in defeat, she rested her head on her pillow and closed her eyes. They didn't talk much. All she wanted to do was talk to him for at least an hour a night. But his duties were wearing him down, making him exhausted. She didn't understand why Koenma had made it so that he had to work so that they could remain together in Ningenkai. Of course, it was probably the lower crime rate. Since it wasn't so high, Koenma had less work to deal with. But it wasn't fair to her. All she wanted was an hour in his arms. She wanted to hear his voice, feel his breath on her skin.

The only thing she could do was dream...

Keiko looked longingly at her friend. Botan had just told her about what was going on. The ferry girl looked like she hadn't slept in a week. The young woman wanted time alone with the man she was willing to sacrifice so much for.

"I think you need to speak with Koenma about this. Maybe you need to tell Hiei about it when he's with you tonight." Keiko knew instantly that Botan would protest to that. She had heard about how exhausted the fire koorime had been ever since he started. So, she continued before her friend could get the chance to decline the idea. "He will understand if he loves you like we think he does. Besides, he has to stand up to Koenma now or else endure it after he and Ayame get married. Botan, you need to talk to him and tell him how you feel."

"I know..." Botan looked down at her tea, her amethyst eyes shining with tears. "But he is so tired... I can't take up the time he needs to sleep just to talk about that." The look of fatigue...she wanted to make sure he didn't get worse. "Nothing ever dies down in Makai and I know he has his hands full, even though he never tells me. Keiko, this just isn't going anywhere right now. No matter how much I want something, he has to come first. He is supporting me." Keiko stared at her friend with a slight frown.

"Then get a job. Help him to support the both of you. My parents could use help around the shop and as soon as you get tired of this job, you'll at least have references and job experience." She smiled. "Go home and get some sleep. You'll need it for this. You just have to make your own way."

I listened to her brilliant suggestion and started working at her family's tea shop. It wasn't so bad. We actually got to hang out with each other and I was making my own way. I began to buy better things for the apartment, even began to save for a bigger house for our possible future together. I bought things for Hiei and was able to get better foods to eat. Everything had become complicated, however. He had questioned me about our things and yet Koenma continued to give us the same amount for the apartment. I just told him that things were on sale. He never questioned it again until one day, I was stuck working over because the shop was busy so I didn't have everything ready by the time he arrived. I told him that things had gotten hectic during my day.

But the more I held him off from the truth, the more I lied to him, the guiltier I got. One night, I decided to talk to him, as Keiko had encouraged me to do before. So, I waited for him, my exhaustion getting the best of me. I fell asleep without even getting his dinner ready.

"Huh?" She opened her eyes when she heard the door close. Before she could even fully wake up, Hiei had entered the kitchen. He pulled out the chair across from her wordlessly before sitting down. "Hiei..." He stared at her, his eyes narrowed.

"Want to tell me what this is all about, Botan?" He stared at her as though he was scolding her. "You've been distant and even more tired lately. What is it?" She took a deep breath and looked down at the table before meeting his crimson gaze once more.

"I wanted more time to spend with you so...Keiko suggested that I work with her in her family's tea shop. I needed to help you, Hiei. You were killing yourself trying to keep up with Koenma-sama! I wanted to make my own way." He raised a brow at her. "Also...I've been saving for a new house... As soon as I save enough, we can buy a new place and depend less on Koenma-sama." He sighed and shook his head.

"You should've told me." Botan's eyes filled with tears. She instantly turned to her insecurity and thought the worst. He stood up and walked over to her, leaning down to kiss her. "Since we have a bit more, want to go out tonight? I noticed that you haven't even started dinner." A grin spread over her face that he hadn't seen in a while. She stood and threw her arms around him, kissing him excitedly as she barely contained her joy.

"Oh, Hiei! That sounds wonderful!" Going out to dinner would ensure that they had time to spend together. He smirked and nearly chuckled at how happy such a suggestion had made her. "I've got to get ready!" He watched as she ran from the room, her smile seeming so permanent. He had noticed how she looked at him with wistful, longing eyes. She wanted time with him. He couldn't deny her that, though he was quite tired. However, sleep came after her happiness.

Botan walked hand-in-hand with Hiei, hardly able to contain her grin. The dinner had been wonderful and they had actually spoken to each other. He told her exactly what it was that he did in Makai and he told her that Koenma told him that, after the wedding, things would change. After all, with his and Yuusuke's threats in mind, the godling couldn't really argue. She told him about working at the tea shop and about how she missed their time together. Hugging his arm and snuggling next to him as they walked home, she felt like crying. Their night together was over; thing would undoubtedly return to how they had been.

"I'll miss you." She whispered. He looked down at her, knowing exactly what she meant. Frowning, he tightened his hold on her hand. He could smell her tears. Quickly, he picked her up, taking care to get her dress, and darted back to their apartment. As soon as he got her inside, he set her on their bed. Wiping her tears away with his thumb, he remembered how he had fallen in love with her.

I remember her tears, those eyes shining with sorrow. When I looked at her, I could sense her misery. She wanted to continue spending time together. She didn't want it to end. I didn't have the resolve to tell her that we couldn't spend any time together. Her curly cerulean hair fell over her shoulders and stuck to the damp skin of her face. I couldn't help but wrap my arms around her. When had I become so dedicated, so taken with a human woman? When had I ever dreamed of living in a small apartment and working in Makai, keeping bandits and other fierce criminals from harming innocents? Surely, I had never dreamed of it. However, it didn't seem so bad.

I had finally settled down and stopped running. I had found someone worth placing my trust in, someone that wouldn't hesitate to do anything for me. And I was content.

For the first time in my existance, I was content...

He leaned in, gently kissing her lips. She gripped at him, desperate for his touch. How had he never noticed how much he had been neglecting her? He felt emotions he didn't like surface in his mind.

"I promise you, Botan." She looked up confusion. Her eyes searched his for an answer. "I will never make you feel this way again." Suddenly, she understood. With a soft smile, she embraced him tenderly.

"I know you will make up for it tonight, Hiei." He smirked as he pulled her up, slowly slipping her dress off of her body. She blushed, as though he had never done such a thing before. Her innocence would always remain, he reminded himself. He quickly discarded his clothing before grinning maliciously. She would forever remember that night.

He was sure of it.

Botan opened her eyes to the sound of her phone ringing. She looked at it blearily before realizing that she was on the inside of the bed. So, she crawled over her sleeping lover and picked it up, nearly falling off the bed in the process.

"Hello...?" Her voice was so hoarse that it sounded like she had been using it all night. Well...so she had... Finding that it was Keiko on the phone made her instantly jump into panic. "Am I late? Do you need me?" The young girl laughed and told her to relax. It was a weekend so Botan didn't need to go in. "No, I...I guess I slept in." Good thing they were on the phone because the color of her face would've given her away at why she had slept in. "Do you want me to call you back later?" After a few more moments on the phone, they hung up and she got out of bed. Making her way to the bathroom, she closed the door and pulled out her communicator.

"Yes? Oh, Botan! I was wondering where Hiei was this morning. Is he coming in?" She nodded before beginning to explain to him what their situation was. "Sounds good to me. Actually, I have something to tell you. It is good news so don't worry. I actually hired a bunch of new guys over in Makai. Yuusuke was telling me that he had spoken to them and they had considered working. You remember Chuu, Jin, Touya and the others?" At her nod, he grinned. "Well, they're gonna lighten up Hiei's load. He can have weekends off now. Any time he needs to stay home with you, he can just let me know." She gasped and smiled brightly.

"Oh, Koenma-sama, that sounds simply wonderful! Thank you so much!" She would've hugged and kissed her boss over and over just for what he had done but she wasn't in Reikai at that moment. "Oh, I was meaning to ask. How is Ayame? And are the wedding plans going okay?" After catching up, they closed the connection and she took a quick shower before going out to share the good news with the sleeping koorime. Grinning, she climbed onto his back and set her hands on his shoulders before leaning down close to his ear. "Sleeping beauty...?" He grunted and opened his eyes. "You have work today." Her grinning face was the last thing he expected to encounter. He blinked the blurriness from his eyes and stared up at her before rolling over and knocking her back into her spot in bed.

"Why are you so happy?" His voice was colder than ice but it only made her grin wider. She leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips before sitting up.

"Well, I just got good news from Koenma-sama. Thanks to Yuusuke and some others in Makai, you don't have to work every day." He stared blankly at her. "Yuusuke told Koenma-sama that Jin, Touya, Chuu, and the others wanted jobs. So, they're taking some of your patrol." He blinked then tackled her to the bed, kissing her senseless. It made her happy that he didn't have to do so much, that he could spend some time with her.

"Onna, you are such a baka." She gave him a confused look. It was simplicity in itself to make her happy. But that was the sweetness of it. He leaned down once more, his lips capturing hers for a long moment. She was upset when she felt his weight shift off of her. Opening her eyes, she noticed him going into the bathroom. The least she could do was fix him breakfast.

Hiei waited on the roof for Ayame. They were silent as she took him to Makai. He made sure to warn her that she couldn't be late or else he would have Koenma's head. The ferry girl looked at him worriedly. He merely waved her off before leaving to patrol his area.

"Hiei? Is that you!?" Jin bounced in front of him and the koorime forced himself to skid to a stop. He stared at them in horror. "You have to tell us where we'll be today. Koenma explained it all but he said that you were our leader." Cursing Koenma became his foremost thought. Why had he gotten the most annoying job in Reikai?

Just when he thought things would be better...

Botan looked Hiei over as he stormed into the apartment. He was earlier than usual. But his mood was foul. She set his plate down and took off her apron. Her day at work was stressful but she decided to keep it to herself. Keiko had gotten so pissed off that one of the customers had yelled at the bubbly ferry girl. But she didn't mind it. Nothing could bring her down. Not when she was with the man she loved. He sat down and looked up at her, watching as she fixed his tea just the way he liked it.

"How are you?" She almost jumped at the sound of his voice. Turning around, she smiled brightly at him. She would spend so much time with him that he would probably get sick of her. How did he think she was?

"I feel like I'm walking on the clouds." She answered as she moved toward him with his cup of tea. Leaning down, she kissed his cheek. "How are you, my love?"

"Annoyed with those idiots." He replied, his voice steadily losing the anger it had carried before. "I am glad that I will not have to see them for the next few days." She stared at him with wide, eager eyes. He reached out and grabbed her shirt, pulling her to him as he stood up. He kissed her gently before sitting back down, acting like he'd nothing unusual. She placed her hand to her lips and smiled serenely. Everything would work out.

"I love you." He looked up at her before smirking. How long had he known that? For a while.

"Hn. I love you, as well, baka." Her small smile made him feel better than he had the entire day. Their future was unsure but he knew that he would be with her for as long as he was able. She sat across from him, her amethyst eyes never leaving his crimson ones. In her eyes, he saw eternity. In her eyes, he saw his place.

In her eyes, they were forever.

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