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KC Duel Academy Grand Championship: The Beginning

This story begins at the third year of Jaden Yuki, a Slifer Red student from Duel Academy.

"Finally, the midterms are over." Jaden sighs out loud, "Nothing left to do but to sit back and enjoy some duels."

Despite being the top duelist in the academy, he's still stuck in Slifer Red due to his abysmal grades.

"Sure is, Jay, it might be the midterms, but it's still pretty nerve-racking. Here's to hoping that we didn't flunk it." Syrus piped in.

Syrus Truesdale is a Ra Yellow student and Jaden's closest friend.

"Personally, I didn't find it hard." Bastion Misawa, another Ra Yellow student, began, "If you two just studied, you could have swept through that test."

"Oh come on Bastion. I mean, when have you ever seen me and Sy do any schoolwork, let along study for exams?" Jaden laughed, and then did a double take, "Though I think I'm setting a bad example when I say it like that."

"Jay's right! When did you ever see me and Jay…" Syrus started, but suddenly screamed "HEY! I study, you know! It's just that I'm not as good as Zane in these kinds of things."

"Oh please." someone snorted out, "Everything is hard for you."

Entering dramatically, as always, was "The" Chazz Princeton, from Obelisk Blue, "Also, that's Jaden you're talking to. People would be dueling on motorcycles before he even thinks about hitting the books."

"You really know how to hurt a guy." Jaden joked.

All of a sudden, Alexis peeked from the window and said, "Don't be too harsh on Jaden, you guys, it's not his fault if his grades aren't that good. Sure all he does all day is duel, eat and sleep, but can't you guys cut him some slack?"

Alexis Rhodes, another Obelisk Blue student, then cheerily waved at the group that was laughing at her statement, and she started leaning from the window, much to the guys' delight.

"Well, technically, it is still Jaden's fault" Bastion jokingly added. "But I'm sure Jaden will survive another term, since he is one of the best duelists in this school."

Upon hearing that comment from Bastion, The Chazz simply Syrusok his head in disgust.

"Yeah, I know that it's my fault, so there's really no need to go off on Chazz like that, Alexis." Jaden replied, "Besides, I can always take the remedial exam if I did flunk it, though I'm kinda hoping I didn't."

After saying that and is beginning to feel the post-midterm rush, finally stood up and said, "So guys, are we going to get some duels done in here or wha…"

Before he can finish, Tyranno Hassleberry, a second year from Ra Yellow, raced through the doors, and said, "Hey, have you guys heard the news? Cause you're not gonna believe this."

"Believe what?" Jaden and Syrus said in unison.

"Duel Academy is going to host the KC Grand Championship this year!" Tyranno exclaimed, "And guess who'll be the guest of honor, Yugi Mutou himself!"

Upon hearing the name, Jaden suddenly brightened up.

"Yugi? The first King of Games, here at Duel Academy? Oh man, that's gonna be sweet!"

"Then you better step up your game Jay, the tournaments held by the Kaiba Corporation is notorious for having some seriously tough duelists." says Syrus.

Then, a familiar face suddenly walks in and adds into the conversation, and that person is Aster Phoenix, a former rival of Jaden.

"I heard even Yugi himself has had problems when he entered the KC Grand Prix. So we can expect the same from this tournament."

"Whoa, it's Aster. How've you been?" Jaden responds, "I didn't expect you back here in Duel Academy."

"Well, I've arranged a visit here for a few weeks." Aster said matter-of-factly, "It's for the tournament. And since it's going to be held right here at Duel Academy, I want to have the opportunity to face you again, Jaden."

Hearing that, Jaden beamed his trademark smile and said, "Bring it on Aster!"

He then proceeded to stand on top of his desk and proclaimed to the group, "No matter what happens in that tournament, all of you will be looking at the champion of KC Grand Championships!"

Syrus and the rest of the people in the room just looked in awe as Jaden made a fool of himself.

Bastion sighed and said. "Uhh… Jaden, not to burst your bubble or anything, but you need to remember, you could possibly be dueling Yugi for that spot if you did make it to the finals."

Jaden, who was laughing like someone possessed, lost his balance and fell on the face first on to ground with a thud.

"Owww" Jaden, while rubbing his face, then said without a beat, "I know Bastion, but I did take on Yugi's deck before, so I think I could match up to the King of Games if we ever dueled."

Jaden stood up and looked at the people in the room and said, "Are any of you guys gonna join this thing or what?"

"Well, if Jaden's going to join, then I guess I'll join too." Alexis said, "It's not like we'll let you have all the fun."

"Well, count me in." Chazz said, without a single doubt in his mind, "But don't be mistaken, The Chazz is in it to win it, so best beware."

Bastion, who was thinking for a while, chimed in, "I couldn't just stay on the sidelines and let you guys have all the action."

"How about you guys?" Jaden looked at Syrus and Tyranno, "Are you going to join?"

"I'm not sure, but if you guys are there, I guess I can't just watch, can I?" Syrus responded.

"As long as its televised." Tyranno suddenly says, "Maybe I can get some endorsements."

Syrus shot a glance at Tyranno, who suddenly said, "I can dream."

Jaden, satisfied with the answers of everyone in the room, went outside and started to laugh.

"What's up, Jay?" Syrus asked, "Why are you laughing?"

"Nothing much, Sy." Jaden answered with a grin, "I'm just thinking how this tournament is going to be awesome!"

He then looks up in the sky and said, "Wait for me Yugi. One of these days, you and me are gonna get our games on!"