The Doctor stood in the darkened console room, trying to fix a lever with one hand, whilst the other arm propped up his two year old son on his hip. The mother of their child was sleeping in her room. Despite having changed herself from human to
Time Lady Rose Tyler still loved her sleep, which left the Doctor to look after Jack during the night.

Their baby rarely slept, but he was always bright and alert and didn't cry. The Doctor loved the way he seemed to find the TARDIS fixing process fascinating.

"What's this then?" The Doctor asked holding up a familiar looking object.

"Sonic Screwdriver!" Jack squealed in delight. The Doctor chuckled and hitched his son higher up on his hip.

"Yup," he grinned. "What does it do?"

"Everything!" Jack giggled. The Doctor put him down laughing.

"Correct!" He said as Jack crawled over to his building blocks and began to construct a tower.

The Doctor turned back to the console and finally finished fixing the broken lever when something on the screen caught his attention. A small warning that meant he was being traced. Of course that was impossible. Nothing could trace the TARDIS.

"Obviously a problem with the TARDIS," the Doctor muttered to himself. The TARDIS chattered annoyed that the Doctor was assuming it was something wrong with her.

"Well no one can track you!" The Doctor replied huffily. The TARDIS bought something up on the console screen. It wasn't a tracking signal; someone was trying to make a phone call. "What on earth?"

Rose Tyler woke with a start, cold sweat dripping down her face. She'd had another nightmare. The past week she'd been able to dream of nothing else but Jack being taken and wolves trying to get him back.

She was sure it was a sign. But when she'd talked to the Doctor about it he'd said she was probably just starting to become paranoid about something happening to her child.

Rose had agreed and just gone along with it, but inside she was still worried. If it was just normal paranoia why had it started two years after Jack's birth?

Wiping the moisture of her face Rose swung her legs out of bed and padded across the room in her star covered pyjama's towards the console room. She knew the Doctor would be in there with Jack.

The Doctor had been a bit edgy recently. Rose had decided that he just needed an adventure and was going to suggest they find a baby sitter; her mum would be more than willing, while they went off to find trouble.

Of course they'd have to grab the chance while they could. Rose was already harbouring another very big secret and doubted whether she'd be able to leave the TARDIS once she told the Doctor.

He'd been reluctant to have another child especially after everything that had happened during her pregnancy with Jack, but Rose knew the Doctor wouldn't feel regret when he found out Rose was pregnant again. If she was pregnant. She really needed to stop getting her hopes up. She'd been here before and found that she was just a couple of days late for her period.

The sadness she felt when she realised she wasn't pregnant was enough to make her feel sick. It hadn't been this hard with Jack. But maybe because they'd had other things to think about they hadn't really been hoping to hard.

Either way, Rose had stopped telling the Doctor every time she thought she was pregnant and had vowed to wait until she reached one month before mentioning it.

As she entered the console room she found Jack playing with his building blocks and the Doctor staring in confusion at the screen on the console.

"Something up?" Rose asked as she picked Jack up for a hug. The Doctor looked up and smiled faintly.

"We're receiving a phone call," he said in a mildly annoyed tone.

"To the TARDIS?" She asked puzzled as she propped Jack on her hip and wandered over to the Doctor.

"Mm," the Doctor tapped a few keys on the console before looking at the screen and frowning again. It wouldn't be Jackie, she phoned either Rose or the Doctor's mobile and Mickey would've done the same so who exactly was phoning the TARDIS?

"Well…" Rose paused for a moment. "Could it be someone who needs help?"

"They wouldn't be able to phone," the Doctor said. "They'd have sent out a distress signal. No, whoever's trying to phone us has technology way beyond their time. No one can phone the TARDIS."

"Except you," Rose said watching him carefully. "Could it be a Time Lord?"

"I told you Rose," the Doctor said turning cold. "There isn't anyone else. Only us."

He glanced fondly at Jack and Rose bit her lip frowning at him.

"Sorry," she said quietly. "I just thought-"

"I know," the Doctor replied looking at her apologetically. He hadn't meant to snap it just hurt still to talk about his race with such hope when he knew there were none left.

"Are you going to answer it?" Rose asked after a minute, Jack's head resting on her shoulder as he too looked expectantly at the Doctor.

"I could, but the last time the TARDIS received a phone call was when the empty child Om-Comed me," the Doctor said thinking carefully. "Still, nothing can get into the TARDIS so I suppose it can't hurt."

The Doctor pressed a few buttons to open up the line and a woman appeared on the screen.

"Hello," the Doctor said grinning goofily and waving.

"Good morning Doctor," the woman said not smiling and the Doctor's own smile faded. No one good ever knew his name, only his enemies did. "My name is Yvonne Hartley. I'd like a word with you."

"About?" The Doctor asked disliking 'Yvonne' more and more by the minute.

"About you, Rose Tyler and your son Jack," Yvonne replied smiling, but the smile didn't reach her eyes.

Rose looked worriedly at the Doctor. How did this Yvonne woman know about them?