"Do you want a drink?" Jack asked as he, Charlie and Rose watched the Doctor playing with the kids in the back garden.

"Nah, I'm fine," Rose replied, grinning as the Doctor tickled baby Jack. He wasn't so much of a baby anymore. He had not long celebrated his fifth birthday and looked cuter with every year he gained.

His three year old brother Joshua giggled as he chased after his dad. A third child was also running round the garden. Four year old Rory was Jack and Charlie's foster son, though they were planning to adopt, especially when they saw how well he got on with the others.

"He's the biggest kid of the lot," Charlie said, nodding at the Doctor.

"You've only just realised?" Rose giggled.

"But he's good with them," Jack smiled slightly, linking his fingers through Charlie's.

"You two should come for a trip on the TARDIS sometime," Rose said as Joshua ran over to her. She scooped him into her arms to 'save' him from the Doctor monster. "You could bring Rory."

"Well…" Jack glanced at Charlie. "It's almost certain that we can adopt him now, and we were thinking he ought to know about your roots."

Rose grinned.

"You're more than welcome," she said.

"Thanks," Charlie said.

The Doctor wandered over than, his son in his arms, Rory following after him, trying to help Jack escape.

"What are you lot laughing about?" The Doctor asked, setting Jack down ho ran off again with Rory.

"About maybe taking the kids on an adventure sometime soon," Rose handed Joshua over to the Doctor.

"Take this lot? In the TARDIS?" The Doctor asked incredulously. "The universe won't stand a chance!"

"Won't stand a chance!" Jack shouted, running round the Doctor's legs.

"Won't stand a chance!" Rory shouted too.

"Your mother's a saint compared to these three!" The Doctor continued earning himself a light smack of Rose. "You should see the bruises they've given me!"

"You're a Time Lord, get over it!" Rose stuck her tongue out at him.

"And so are these two," the Doctor said indicating his two sons. "You wait until they start learning what stuff they can do."

"Talk about domestic," Jack muttered to Charlie.

"They'll be like any other family before you know it," Charlie grinned in reply.

"I don't think we could ever be a normal family," the Doctor grinned, wrapping an arm round Rose, watching as the three kids began running round the garden once more, playing 'Autons and Gelth'.