AN: RAW! I hope I scared you. This is the last chapter, and I might continue if I ever feel the need, but I think it can end here.


Passepartout was not sure what was happening.

When the man had sprung out of the door, Passepartout was sure that he was going to attack, but instead he became a basket case.

Passepartout was stupefied; he watched the man slide down to the floor. And Passepartout finally put his hand on the man's shoulder, trying to bring a little comfort.

For some reason his gut told him he should be wary of the man, and Passepartout will listen to his gut, but his brain told him that the man was of no danger, at least for now.


Rebecca had dispatched her opponent and she turned to see Passepartout trying to comfort a man that was shaking.

Rebecca sighed. She was not sure what had happened but he seemed to be no threat.

"Passepartout stay here." She commanded and walked into the room of the duke.


Phileas was sure that Jules had lost some weight since the last time he had seen him, but that was not that long ago.

How could a week make someone lose so much weight anyways?

Phileas had gotten out of the house and onto his horse with Jules. He was not absolutely sure how he had gotten Jules and himself onto the horse but he had.

Phileas saw the Aurora half a mile away from his horse. He could only assume that Passepartout and Rebecca had made it here all right.

Jules was compliant the whole ride, and if Phileas had not known any better he could have sworn that he was dead, but the small rise of his chest and a moan now and then disproved all those worries.



Mike was not sure what to do. He could just leave at this moment and they would never know what had happened. He just hoped the overdose doesn't mess the kid up too much.

But then he really did want to see what would happen if there was an overdose.

But Jules would recognize him, he knew that. They would kill him then, no matter what he would be dead.

Then there was Tom to think about. O Tom, you lucky bastard, why do you always get the easy job? Getting hurt and what not

Mike looked up ahead and he saw that Rebecca was kneeling down next to someone.

"Passepartout, I think I should go." Mike said, "My family will be worried about me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, umm…" Mike reaches into his jacket and pulls out the bottle that he had taken out of the cabinet and fed to Jules, "You'll understand this later." he said as he gave Passepartout the bottle.

Mike spun around and started running in the opposite direction.


There were dark circles around his eyes and he was pale. Rebecca stared at his emaciated form and put her hand against his forehead.

He was burning up. Rebecca picked up a towel and dabbed the sweat off.

He moaned painfully and Rebecca felt her heart wrench at the sound.

"Sweetie," she murmured and gently touched his cheek.

He leaned into the touch, softly whining when she pulled away.

"Jules, what happened?" She asked not expecting any kind of answer.

His breathing began to become labored and he started to breathe in gasps. His eyes flew under his lids and he let out a soft groan. His body began to tense up.

"Passepartout!" Rebecca shouted.

Passepartout came in immediately closely followed by Phileas.

"What's happening to him?" she asked.

"I do not know Miss Rebecca." Passepartout said distractedly.

Passepartout touched Jules's forehead. Jules suddenly began to seize.

Passepartout's hands flew into action and he held Jules down. Phileas followed suit and began to hold Jules's lower body down.

Jules's body seized and he thrashed on the small cot. Passepartout and Phileas were trying their best to stop him from hurting himself.


Mike watched with amusement as the three tried to stop their friend's seizures. It was funny. He really did not expect this to happen.

Mike had doubled back and was currently hiding in the trees to see what was happening. He had no idea why. But he really did not like the boy. He had finally decided that, that was the problem. He didn't like Jules therefore Mike was doing everything to make him suffer.

Although he had not done much as of yet, he will continue his plans to annoy and hurt Jules.

Mike decided to return to the duke's house. He was a bit worried for the duke and he was unsure of what had happened after he had left.


Jules was lying unconscious on the bed in the spare room of the Aurora.

Passepartout looked at the bottle that Mike had given him before he had run off.

The poison was a simple one and Passepartout all ready administered the cure for it. But it seems that Jules must have been given more than the normal amount, because Passepartout had never seen anyone react this way to the poison.

All Passepartout could do was wait.


Phileas and Rebecca properly disposed of the duke's body. The blood stains would have to be dealt with later.

"What happened?" Rebecca inquired, now that there was nothing left to do.

Phileas seated himself in his favorite chair and picked up his copy of Times, "I found him."

"Yes, that is very nice." Rebecca said, "How about you tell me how?"

"I went down into the cellar that the bloody idiots left open and I carried him out." Phileas said only slightly raising his voice.

"Great help you are," Rebecca mumbled, "I am going to see how he is doing."

Phileas muttered something but Rebecca could not catch it.

"Passepartout how is he?" Rebecca asked.

"He should be waking up soon. There might be complications involving the poison he was given, but I cannot tell what they could be."

Rebecca nodded, "What did they give him?"

"Usually, when given this poison, the person has delusions and hallucinations but…" Passepartout was cut off from his explanation as Jules quickly jumped from the bed and was currently in the far corner of the room.

He was breathing quickly and he seemed afraid.

"Jules," Rebecca walked slowly towards him, "Its okay now."

Jules looked ready to bolt but he stayed still, Rebecca took this as a good sign.

"Come here," Rebecca soothed, "Come on," she was at Jules's side now. She reached her out her arm and took Jules by the shoulder and gently guided him back to the bed.

Although he was not in the least calmed by her, at least he was not running.


"Jules would you like anything?" Passepartout asked.

Jules shook his head, and suddenly stood up. Before Rebecca or Passepartout could stop him he had ran out of the room.

Jules ran down the spiral staircase and into the parlor.

He found who he was looking for.

"Fogg, what were you thinking?" Jules demanded. Rebecca and Passepartout had entered the parlor but Jules took no notice.

"Should you be in bed?" Phileas answered, completely avoiding the question.

Jules seethed crossing his arms before him in an oddly comical fashion.

"Would you mind, Verne, telling me what you are referring to?" Phileas finally said.

"Why didn't you listen to me?" Jules inquired, "You just had to be the hero, didn't you?"

"And you are upset because…" Phileas prompted, utterly unsure of where this talk was leading to.

"When I told you to leave, why didn't you?" Jules's voice was becoming softer.

Phileas was confused. No he was beyond confused. He was mystified, bewildered, and absolutely lost. Although his voice did not show it, "Verne, explain to me what you are talking about, and please do this in laymen's terms."

Jules shot him a puzzled look but explained slowly, "Today, where the duke told me to go to bargain for your lives, we were all there. Remember?"

"Yes, I recall that." Phileas said just as slowly.

"Why didn't you just leave me there?"

Phileas held up his hand, stopping Jules from continuing. Phileas rubbed his eyes and looked back at Jules. "What are you talking about, man? We did leave you. We had no choice. And I am sorry, but why don't you remember?"