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"Okay, split up. We want to find this craft as soon as possible!" Commander William Riker called the instructions to his away team, shouting over the wind and rain and wondering how he had gotten stuck with this mission.

A shuttlecraft that had gotten trapped in the planet's gravitational pull had crash-landed around here. Unfortunately, the storm's interference made it impossible for the ship's scanners to determine if there were any survivors or the exact location of the craft. So Captain Picard had sent down an away team consisting of Riker, Data, Worf, and Geordi.

Riker moved to the south, blinking his eyes constantly, trying to get the rain out. He saw Worf twenty paces to his right, his enormous head bowed against the string wind.

Twenty paces to his left; Geordi was moving fast. For once, Riker envied Geordi of his VISOR, which not only kept the rain out of his sightless eyes, but could scan the entire area in front of his for life signs.

Moving next to Geordi, going faster then anyone, was Data. His tricorder was out, looking for energy readings that would indicate the direction of the wreckage.

Just then, a tremendous force knocked Commander Riker to the ground. A grunt of pain from Worf, just barely audible over the wind, indicated that he too had been knocked from his feet. Will Riker got up and looked through the rain, squinting in order to see the outline of Data, who had been able to keep his feet.

Geordi was nowhere in sight.

Riker signaled to Worf, remembered that he probably couldn't see him in the rain, and called, "This way!"

He slipped and slid to the spot where his officer had disappeared, and immediately knew why he could no longer see him. He, Data, and Worf were standing on the edge of a cliff. One that Geordi had doubtlessly been thrown over.

Data was already starting to climb down the cliff face. "I shall search for Commander La Forge, you will then be able to continue the search."

William Riker nodded his consent. "Data-be careful." He started to back away from the cliff, so that he could continue with the search, but not before he heard Data respond, "But sir, I am always careful."

They had barely gone ten paces from the edge of the cliff before another shake threw Worf and Riker back to the ground. No sooner had Riker regained his feet for the second time in five minutes then his com badge chirped, "Enterprise to away team." Riker tapped it, wiping rain and mud from his face. "Commander Riker here."

"Commander, we are reading increasing seismic activity down there, prepare to beam up." Picard's voice was crisp and business like, leaving no room for argument.

Thirty seconds later, Commander Riker and Worf were back on the Enterprise, but there was no sign of Data or Geordi."

He looked at O' Brian, who answered his unasked question. "I'm sorry sir, there's to much activity. I couldn't get a fix on their signals."

Captain Picard walked into the transporter room. He took in the men standing inside, and the fact that there should be two more. "Commander Riker, please accompany me to my Ready Room, if you have no injuries." Riker shook his head "no" and followed the captain back to the bridge.

Seven minutes later, he was finishing his report, "…he must have been thrown over the edge of the cliff."

For the first time, Picard interrupted him. "Do you know his condition?" he was disheartened to see his first officer shake his head.

"No, I couldn't see him at all. Data went down after him, but I don't know if he was detached from the cliff after the second tremor." He saw Picard nod, and had to add, "Sir, I would like to lead another away team down there."

Picard shook his head. "I can't send anyone down there until after the storm has passed." He softened his voice before saying, "There's nothing you could have done, Will."

Commander Riker nodded and went back to the bridge, not believing the captain for a minute.

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